Q&A with 2020 Recruitment Marketer of the Year Chloé Rada

Rally Recruitment Marketing

And what career tips can we learn from the 2020 Recruitment Marketer of the Year? If you’d like to learn more about the Rally Awards, view our independent panel of peer judges and see all of the other 2020 award winners, you can take a look at the Rally Awards website.

2020 Trends in Hiring Recruiters Need to Know Now


Staffing companies always need to be up to date on new hiring trends so that they can effectively do their business. Down below, you are going to find four hiring trends that all staffing companies need to know about, so keep reading to find out more.

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Top Staffing Industry Challenges in 2020 & Beyond


2020 was arguably the most challenging year in recent history. Staffing firms were forced to pivot to keep up with the ever-changing times. Top Staffing Industry Challenges of 2020. It’s no surprise that acquiring new business was a top challenge for 2020.

3 Keys To Scaling Your Staffing Agency in 2020


Staffing agencies in 2020 and beyond will need to focus on scaling their operations both in terms of numbers and skills. So to keep your staffing agency afloat, here are a couple of key aspects to focus on when scaling your business.

The State of Hiring in the Construction Industry in 2020


But how does that affect hiring for the industry and securing work on projects that might be few and far between? What Does That Mean For Hiring? It’s not surprising that some recruitment companies might not want to hire during this uncertain time.

The Modern Staffing and Recruiting Website: 2020 and Beyond


In truth, most aspects of staffing, marketing and technology have evolved dramatically in the past 20 years – and websites have experienced some of the most sweeping transformations. Speaking of which, the number-one place that staffing companies lose people is in the application process.

Recruiters are being fired at the rate of 1 in 3!

Greg Savage

Latest research from Staffing Industry Metrics tells us exactly how many recruiters were fired in March, April and May this year. Coaching recruiters Coronavirus Management Hiring Recruiters Hiring Trends coronavirus management hiring recruitersThis is not good news.

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Professional Alternatives Wins 2020 National Best & Brightest Award

Professional Alternatives

Professional Alternatives has been named one of the 2020 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® in the United States by the National Association for Business Resources (NABR). News best and brightest 2020 best companies to work for in houston houston best and brightest 2020

Recruitment smashed! Recovery underway. The facts.

Greg Savage

Figures from IBISWorld Australia suggest staffing industry revenue in Australia has dropped $4.4 Coronavirus Management Future of recruitment Hiring Trends Recruitment Recruitment Trends coronavirus management future of recruitment recruitment

Top 3 Healthcare Staffing Trends of 2020

Hospital Recruiting

Adding to that difficulty, healthcare staffing is facing shortages like it has never seen before on top of an increased patient load as more and more baby boomers reach retirement age. Daniil Peshkov/123RF.com.

4 Hiring Trends You Need to Know About in 2020


Staying on top of current hiring trends is one of the best ways to craft a successful hiring strategy. The hiring landscape is constantly changing. A huge part of this is understanding the key trends that are shaping the market; and adapting your hiring practices accordingly.

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Burning Brighter Than Ever: How ClearCompany Helped Glow Networks Streamline Their Hiring Process

ClearCompany Recruiting

The ClearCompany Talent Management Platform has helped revolutionize hiring talent and managing employees for organizations in every industry. Today, we’ll be diving into how Glow Networks streamlined their hiring using the ClearCompany platform. Recruiting Software Hiring Process

HCM Talent Technology Roundup – November 20, 2020

Recruiting Daily

HCM Talent Technology Roundup – November 20, 2020 Press play to listen to this article! Blog Posts Featured News Recruiting Sourcing Staffing Tech AI ATS Candidates Hiring HR Technology Job Market Recruiting Industry Technology

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How to Fine-Tune Your Hiring Plan

ClearCompany Recruiting

Creating a strategic hiring plan is critical to answering these questions. The first step to creating a hiring plan is assessing and evaluating your current workforce. Some ways to fine-tune your hiring strategy include: Rework your job descriptions.

Hireology State of Hiring – June 2020 Check-In


It’s hard to imagine that 2020 is officially halfway over. In this Hireology State of Hiring, we take a look at the trends seen in the first half of the year, and how they will influence plans leading into 2021. Making your hiring process work for you.

Elevate 2020: Week 1 Recap


Elevate 2020 kicked off this week, and although the event was much different than previous years, we still had an impactful session and roundtable that led to great actionable takeaways for the people operations side of the automotive retail industry. Staffing levels have changed.

Our Anticipated Trends in Staffing & Recruiting in Q4 2020 and Into 2021


The way we live and work has changed, and the way we recruit has also changed, and Q4 2020 and 2021 are new territory for all of us. We’ve taken a look at the trends in staffing and recruiting from this seemingly unpredictable year. .

How to determine the quality of a potential hire


How to determine the quality of a potential hire. With that kind of money devoted to a single opening, it’s no wonder recruiters view time to hire as a viable metric. That said, time to hire doesn’t always align with another important metric: quality of hire.

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Top 5 Best Job Search Apps for 2020

Professional Alternatives

As a top staffing agency , we recommend that you do your research to be sure you are investing wisely –in terms of both time and money – before you commit, but that takes time. The post Top 5 Best Job Search Apps for 2020 appeared first on Professional Alternatives.

Fostering Hiring and Finance Team Collaboration During Times of Constant Change

ClearCompany Recruiting

These departments have many overlapping goals and deliverables, such as: Keeping staffing levels and compensation spending controlled to support business growth or consolidation scenarios. Forecasting the proper hiring plan and staffing levels when growth resumes.

Hiring Predictions for 2021


As a business owner, predicting the outlook for hiring in 2021 will help you understand and analyze your company’s recovery. What will hiring in 2021 look like for businesses? This is totally understandable when you look at the industries doing the most hiring during Covid-19. .

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Top Background Screening Trends in 2020

Recruiting Daily Advisor

In 2020, employment background checks are trending toward increasing complexity, added controversy about screening social media behavior, and the need to ensure corporate compliance with important new laws that vary by state and sometimes even by city.

6 Post-Pandemic Hiring Trends for 2020 and Beyond

4 Corner Resources Staffing Blog

The pandemic has changed hiring as we know it, from the volume and type of candidates we’re seeing to how we interview, hire and onboard them. Hiring managers have had to adapt at lightning speed, reimagining entire staffing strategies within the space of a few months. .

Staffing Software 101


Do you think that staffing software sounds good in principle, but you are unsure where to start with it or if it is relevant to your business? Staffing software can revolutionize how your company operates from the inside out. The post Staffing Software 101 appeared first on AkkenCloud.

HCM Talent Technology Roundup – November 27, 2020

Recruiting Daily

HCM Talent Technology Roundup – November 27, 2020 Press play to listen to this article! Vettery Acquires Hired, Will Merge Products Job-matching platform Vettery acquired Hired, a job board focused on technology talent.

How To Reduce Your Cost of Hiring an Employee in 2020

4 Corner Resources Staffing Blog

According to Glassdoor , the average cost of hiring an employee for a U.S. Hiring costs are part of doing business. . Then there are the costs associated with hiring the wrong employee; these can be even steeper. So, what is the true cost of a bad hire? Employers Hiring

Job Talk: How to Find a Job With a Staffing Agency

iMPact Job Talk

In this Job Talk episode, we discuss the benefits for candidates and employers to work with a staffing agency to help find a new job role or candidates for open positions. The post Job Talk: How to Find a Job With a Staffing Agency appeared first on iMPact Business Group.

Recruiting in 2020: The Industry Breakdown


Let’s break down what Healthcare , Tech , Finance and Staffing industries are looking for in recruitment this year, and how the right recruitment technology can help. . In 2020, healthcare staffing revenue is expected to grow by 4% , reaching a whopping $18.1 Staffing.

HCM Talent Technology Roundup – October 30, 2020

Recruiting Daily

HCM Talent Technology Roundup: October 30, 2020 Press play to listen to this article! Its new module, SmashFlyX On-demand Interviewing, automates one-way video and audio screening in an effort to streamline the work recruiters and hiring […].

3 Things Top Companies Can Do To Hire More Women in 2020

Recruiting Daily

3 Things Top Companies Can Do To Hire More Women in 2020 “Women overtake men as a majority of the US workforce,” announced a headline in The Wall Street Journal recently.

HCM Talent Technology Roundup – June 12, 2020

Recruiting Daily

Blog Posts COVID-19 Featured Hiring Human Resources News Recruiting Sourcing Staffing Talent Acquisition Technology Trends guest post HCM technology industry news mark feffer Recruiting News

Staffing Industry Trends: Avionté RAW – Real Analytics Week 49


2020 Staffing Industry Statistics: Week 49. This week’s staffing industry statistics: Week 49. Both of these trends should be positive for staffing firms. I believe hiring will continue in Q1, even if assignments/hours growth tempers.

The State of Hiring Post Quarantine


With so many Americans laid off or furloughed, and a large number of firms freezing their recruitment processes , the staffing industry has faced challenging times and hiring practices are uncertain. . Trends in staffing processes. Supporting your staffing firm post- COVID-19.

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HCM Talent Technology Roundup – October 9, 2020

Recruiting Daily

HCM Talent Technology Roundup: October 9, 2020 Hit play to listen to this article! Blog Posts Featured News Recruiting Sourcing Staffing Tech HCM technology Hiring HR Technology Recruiting Industry

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HCM Talent Technology Roundup – July 24, 2020

Recruiting Daily

HCM Talent Technology Roundup – July 24, 2020 COVID-19 Forces LinkedIn Layoffs Disruptions to recruiting and hiring have forced LinkedIn to lay off about 6% of its workforce, or some 960 employees.

New Research Reveals the Polarized Realities of Recruitment in 2020

Recruiting Daily

New Research Reveals the Polarized Realities of Recruitment in 2020 The new 2020 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Talent Acquisition is now live, created by Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR industry analyst. Here, their analyst team shares some of the key findings on Recruitment in 2020 with us.

Staffing Industry Trends: Avionté RAW – Real Analytics Week 47


2020 Staffing Industry Statistics: Week 47. This week’s staffing industry statistics: Week 47. I believe many companies are just waiting to get through the Holiday season before hiring internally again. Staffing Industry Market Growth Trends.

How to Calculate Your Staffing Agency’s Burden Rate & Bill Rate


If you’re moving into a leadership role at a staffing agency, or thinking about starting your own shop, there are three key terms you need to understand to price your services properly. Staffing agencies in neighboring counties will have different burden rates for the exact same job.

Top 4 Reasons to Use a Recruitment Agency for Your Staffing Needs


Doing it alone can be an expensive and time-consuming process to get right straight away- so you should consider hiring additional people who will help you to achieve these goals. Here’s why you should consider using a recruitment agency to help to fulfill your staffing needs.

Temporary Staffing Pros and Cons

4 Corner Resources Staffing Blog

Temporary staffing dates back to the 1940’s, when businessman William Kelly began outsourcing professional services like administrative and clerical work. Temporary staffing can be a viable strategy to reduce hiring costs and bridge staffing gaps during uncertain times—but is it right for you?