Lessons Learned from United Airlines: How You Can Embrace HR as a True Leadership Partner


United Airlines faced a variety of scandals in 2017. From a passenger being dragged off a plane to a child being kicked out of a seat, to several pets dying on board, United Airlines needed to figure out a way to improve customer service and reshape its reputation.

Can You Hear Me Now? Hiring a Competitor’s Star or Day-Old Bread?

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In the Talent Acquisition world, hiring a big name player from a competitor can be a huge “get,” or it can backfire. I thought hiring stars was what we want.” First, the good hire. United Airlines recently hired a top exec from American, and it led to a Fortune article titled, How a New Hire Added $1.5 Billion to United Airline’s Market Cap. billion on news that it had hired Kirby as president, away from rival American Airlines.

How Southwest Airlines Built a Stand-Out Employer Brand in 5 Steps

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At Talent Connect 2017, she described the work Lippincott did with one company in particular — Southwest Airlines —to help refresh the company’s employer brand in order to resonate with employees and customers. Image from Southwest Airlines.

Your ATS Will Never Help You Hire


Like airlines, wireless service, or cable companies, there are no good choices, only a least horrible choice. Hiring ProcessLet’s start with the obvious: no one likes their ATS. This necessary evil was once the best way to manage and track a candidate through the interview process, but in the last 15 years, everyone’s ATS has grown arms, reaching into so many aspects of how we attempt to attract and engage talented prospects.

Tip #2 From Best Place to Work Winners

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Learn more: For more on what it takes to become a Best Place to Work, check out this blog post from Southwest Airlines about how Best Places to Work starts with hiring the right people. Employer Branding Recruiting Hiring Employment Branding Best Places to Work southwest airlines

How Customer Data Can Inform Your Hiring Strategy


With data, hiring managers and human resources departments no longer rely on intuition or assumptions to match the best candidates to a position. This is making hiring more efficient and precise. “It’s “Hiring is not magic. Data Can Improve the Quality of Hires.

Summer’s Hottest Cities for Hiring

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We took a look at our jobs database to find out where job seekers are most active in order to identify this summer’s Hottest Cities for Hiring. This summer’s Hottest Cities for Hiring are: 1. job searches each week, Chicago is a clear pick on our list of the hottest cities for hiring.

Staffing News of the Day, October 25, 2013

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Nectir brings contract, contract-to-hire, & direct hire services to newest branch in Houston, TX [PR Web]. Sue the rude: Southwest Airlines agent who was publicly shamed on Twitter sues customer [ERE].

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Staffing News of the Day, September 17, 2013

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How hiring and HR build customer service cultures at Mayo Clinic, Four Seasons hotels, Apple and Southwest Airlines. A slower than expected economic recovery is complicating plans by the feds to reduce their stimulus spending, as hiring tapers off and consumers cut spending.

The problem with hiring for ‘culture fit’


In the 90s, hiring for culture fit hit the mainstream. Southwest Airlines famously screened job candidates based on their willingness to provide offbeat, fun experiences for passengers. Instead of being a strategy for hiring and keeping talented people, culture fit is often seen as a convenient way of discriminating against otherwise qualified people. maybe you should hire for "culture shakeup". Culture fit is trending again—but not in a good way.

The Golden Rule of Recruiting: Building an Authentic Hiring Brand


Hiring the best people and retaining top talent are on the minds of every HR professional and leader out there. Southwest Airlines does fun-loving customer service. The post The Golden Rule of Recruiting: Building an Authentic Hiring Brand appeared first on ConveyIQ.

The Top-Rated Workplaces in 2019


Following Adobe, we see a few familiar names: social media giant Facebook and Southwest Airlines rank second and third, respectively, with Facebook placing in the top five for the third year running and Southwest Airlines placing in the top five for the fourth year in a row. .

Dice Report: Atlanta Attractive to Tech Employers


On any given day, there are more than 2,800 technology jobs on Dice in the ATL, from companies in a variety of industries ranging from airlines and retailers to healthcare providers and tech firms.

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Top 4 Considerations for Hiring in the UAE

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With the Dubai Expo 2020 expected to create more than 200,000 jobs across various sectors and nearly half of Middle East firms planning to hire for new posts ahead of the event, the need to source local and international talent is at the top of the agenda for recruiters.

Quality of Hire: The Name of the Game at #ERE15


This year’s ERE Recruiting Conference was all about quality of hire, which will be a key trend for 2016. A Staffing.org survey found that CEOs rated quality of hire as the most important performance metric.

Quality of Hire: The Name of the Game at #ERE15


This year's ERE Recruiting Conference was all about quality of hire, which will be a key trend for 2016. 1/2: Great example about @FlyFrontier finding no difference in quality of hire of candidates who hadn't been employed for >6 months #ERE15 — BountyJobs (@bountyjobs) October 27, 2015.

Thoughts on this EVP? + Embracing imperfection + Scaling culture + Adversity metrics + Surviving a mass shooting


Read this (not HR related): This in-depth article on what happened to the Malaysia Airlines flight that disappeared is extraordinary. Culture Employer Branding Hiring HR Newsletter HR UncubedHi folks, What is with the rain in NYC these past few months?

5 Steps to Writing Good Employer Brand Content

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Companies like Southwest Airlines, for example, have excelled at this and if you've ever taken a flight you'll see it by the upbeat, fun-hearted nature each and every employee has. Taking the stories of their employees and what its like to work for Southwest Airlines has allowed them to build a culture that is unbeatable. This type of content makes Southwest Airlines a best in class company to work for.

In Europe, Launch Tinder to Join the New Mile-High Club


But for one German airline, there is still another horizon: right swiping. Starting this week, a German airline has taken a novel approach to recruitment by creating their very own Tinder profile , in hopes of landing candidates for various positions, both in and out of the cockpit. Imagine if United or American Airlines got the way of your San Francisco booty call. That might be bad PR for airlines that can’t afford much more of it.

7 Hiring Rules That Richard Branson Lives By

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And, he credits much of his success to one thing: hiring the right people and, as a result, building unstoppable teams. Below are the seven hiring rules he has followed to hire people who will drive Virgin to ultimate success: 1. New hires don’t have to ‘fit’ in right away.

5 Tips: Driving Excellent Customer Service Through Strategic Onboarding


Terrific customer service is important, especially if you are in the services business, like the airline industry, financial services, consulting and more. Strategic onboarding plays a critical role in preparing new hires to provide outstanding service. Measure new hire service levels.

A Recent Hire at TempWorks

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Graduating from the U of M in 2008 with a Bachelor's Degree in HR Development, Colin went to work as a Recruiter for a regional airline. In recruiting it helps to have a long-term lead nurturing plan in place, and in the case of Colin it was long-term indeed. I first got acquainted with his extended family back in 1995 when my kids and Colin’s cousins became good friends in school.

Recruitment & The Battle to Tackle The Gender Pay Gap

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Airlines seem to be the biggest culprits when it comes to gender pay gaps. And one standout airline is that of Ryanair, with men earning 72% more per hour than women. When looking at the airline industry, the majority of the pilots hired are predominantly men.

3 Examples of Great Organizational Culture You Can Learn From


Southwest Airlines hires service-minded, fun-loving individuals. Southwest Airlines began flying with just four planes in 1971, and has grown to employ more than 52,000. Managers are encouraged to hire for attitude and train for skill. Hire for cultural fits.

How and Why to Attract Former Felons in Your Job Postings

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at the lowest rate (3.9%) in 19 years, companies like Apple, Boeing, McDonalds and Delta Airlines are hiring former felons. Two-thirds of HR pros said their organization had experience hiring individuals with criminal records. With unemployment in the U.S.

18 Undeniable Reasons You Need an Applicant Tracking System


ATS has saved 20 percent of companies precious time during the hiring process. The following job categories run the risk of automation in the next 20 years: telemarketers, 99%; accountants, 94%; real estate agents, 86%; airline pilots, 55%.

SilkRoad Connections 2018 Agenda Spotlight: Talent Acquisition


Source of Hire – SilkRoad’s Justin Dennis – Tuesday, May 1. SilkRoad’s Top Sources of Hire Report is back with an analysis of millions of applications, and hundreds of thousands of interviews and hires. New Hire Orientation, the Southwest Way.

The Truth About Older (50+) Salespeople

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They also have a more difficult time finding new jobs because younger sales managers have five basic fears about hiring someone older than themselves: They are Un-coachable. Most companies make previous experience in the same industry their main criterion for hiring.

Clients Tell Us What They Look for in Agency Partners

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Clients looks to recruitment agencies to make the hiring process as pain-free as possible. We provide compliance processing, all automated, including a sophisticated ID checking solution used by banks and airlines.

Here’s The One Big Takeaway From LinkedIn’s Most Popular Job Posts

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Yes, people who claim that a company’s brand isn’t a huge game changer when it comes to recruiting and hiring the best talent simply don’t know what they’re talking about. Corporate Sales Account Manager – Southwest Airlines. Or, that companies like HBO, Southwest Airlines, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Michael Kors, and the BBC made the list?

4 Different Types of Jobs That Let You Travel the World

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Dozens of airlines serve customers around the world, and these airlines all hire flight attendants to tend to passengers’ needs. This gives you free time to explore new locations periodically, and the airline typically covers your food and hotel expenses while you are traveling.

3 Examples of Great Organizational Culture You Can Learn From


Southwest Airlines hires service-minded, fun-loving individuals. Southwest Airlines began flying with just four planes in 1971, and has grown to employ more than 52,000. Managers are encouraged to hire for attitude and train for skill. Hire for cultural fits.

Pounding the Pavement: Experiencing the Candidate Experience As A Recruiter

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It helped me to be in the shoes of the person in the drive-through when ordering some Wendy’s or the overloaded airline hostess struggling to make a bunch of cranky people happy. So, I picked up the phone and called someone who I knew would hire me in 30 seconds.

3 Less Obvious Ways to Elevate Your Customer Experience

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Invest In Your Hiring Process. A great way to attract the right people is to share your company story and values early in the hiring process. Many job simulations are now mobile friendly, making it even easier for you to attract and hire the best new talent.

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Not a Whole “Lotto” Thought Went Into That Decision, United

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You’ve all read about United Airlines replacing bonuses with a lottery and trying to tie it to their Core4 mission to become “known as the most caring airline in a highly-competitive industry” It didn’t go over so well. “When I win the $100,000 drawing…I am going to hire some young kid to write my 84,000 teammates each a check for $1.19 In fairness, the airline industry is still largely rule-based and for a good reason – safety.

International Recruitment Is In Your Reach

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A valuable international recruitment partner will be able to find top talent, screen the candidates, and manage the interview and hiring process. As a recruiting firm, have you considered working internationally but haven’t “pulled the trigger?”

Do You Know Why You Want It?

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The founders of Southwest Airlines knew people would love to fly with them because they built their airline on the Why they wanted to fly, rather than just getting to their destination through crappy service.