Shift Your Perspective on Compensation

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Knowing what is important enables you to offer creative compensation packages. Creativity pays off because you will hire and keep better employees. And retaining employees is always less expensive than the costs of recruiting, hiring, and training new ones.

Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Compensation and Benefits


An attractive compensation and benefits package is one of the best ways to recruit new hires and retain current staff, but being too generous is obviously a strain on the budget. The post Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Compensation and Benefits appeared first on JazzHR Notes.

New Survey: Company Mission & Culture Matter More Than Compensation

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Performance: The company recognizes performance and rewards results through compensation, recognition and promotion, and it handles underperforming employees tactfully and strategically. How to Hire Employees Who Value Culture.

Recruiting High Performers: Compensation Out, Compassion In

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They’re more productive, highly driven, can save you money on hiring and, if you can keep them around long enough, they have the potential to do great things for your organization. They’re still trying to attract high performers with compensation , and this isn’t the way to go about it.

People, HR & Analytics

Speaker: Rodney B. Bolton SPHR, CEO, HR BIZZ

Through analytics you can make better decisions about all aspects of HR strategy, including which candidates to hire, which employees are doing well, who's receiving adequate compensation and how employee retention can be improved.

Compensation Tips for Hiring in a Candidate Drought

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Hiring for open positions today is harder than ever. They’re often either well-compensated and happily employed or juggling […]. The post Compensation Tips for Hiring in a Candidate Drought appeared first on Naviga Recruiting & Executive Search.

2019 Sales Compensation – The Ultimate Guide

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Do you want to create a results-oriented sales compensation plan that will motivate your sales team and grow your business quickly? The post 2019 Sales Compensation – The Ultimate Guide appeared first on Naviga Recruiting & Executive Search.

Compensation Consultant job description


Use this Compensation Consultant job description template to advertise your open roles and hire qualified HR professionals. Compensation Consultant responsibilities include: Developing and administering compensation programs. Ensuring compensation practices adhere to labor legislation. The post Compensation Consultant job description appeared first on Recruiting Resources: How to Recruit and Hire Better.

What Is Equity Compensation?


Equity compensation is a form of payment an organization can offer employees to partake in ownership of the firm. As with every compensation decision you make, it’s critical to weigh the pros and cons of offering equity to determine whether it’s right for your company.

Linking Compensation & Performance Management


The overarching goal of the compensation strategy is to make sure an organization has the right amount of money necessary to motivate the types of performance needed to achieve the business strategy. To that end, compensation should tie into the overall performance management strategy. These critical objectives can be achieved by: Standardizing pay practices and basing the compensation system on benchmarks. Providing competitive hiring scales.

Why All the AI Research You’re Reading is Dead Wrong

Speaker: Ben Eubanks, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Principal Analyst at Lighthouse Research & Advisory

Compensation Analyst interview questions


Ask these Compensation Analyst interview questions as part of your hiring process to evaluate candidates for your HR department. The post Compensation Analyst interview questions appeared first on Recruiting Resources: How to Recruit and Hire Better.

4 Compelling Advantages of Total Compensation Statements


Total compensation statements provide a broken-down look at all of the components of employees’ compensation. Here, we look at some of the ways compensation statements can benefit your organization.

How to structure employee compensation


Pay structures define employee compensation for different jobs or groups of jobs. Here’s our guide on why and how to set up a pay structure: Why you need structured employee compensation. Determine the form of your employee compensation structure.

Here’s a new approach to working with compensation for different roles

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Hire three top performers, pay ’em like 8, and get the results of 10.” ” That quote is from this podcast interview, and, well, the actual quote would be: I always tell my clients, hire three rock stars, pay them like eight, and you get the result of 10. Blog Posts Featured News a-players compensation financials High Potentials HiPos hiring money payment Recruiting Salary Sourcing

How to Recruit, Hire, and Compensate Interns in 2019

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According to information highlighted by SHRM , hiring interns goes back to the guilds of the Middle Ages, when apprenticeships were highly sought after and prestigious. Below are some tips for how you can go about hiring and compensating interns in 2019.

Employee Compensation and Development


Your employee compensation and development policies help you explain how you reward your employees and motivate them to achieve even better results. Contents: Compensation status. The post Employee Compensation and Development appeared first on Recruiting Resources: How to Recruit and Hire Better. Use our template as part of your complete Employee Handbook. Download this template in a.doc format by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

Compensation and Benefits Manager job description


Use this Compensation and Benefits Manager job description template to advertise your open roles and attract qualified candidates for your HR department. Compensation and Benefits Manager responsibilities include: Designing fair and attractive bonus programs. Ensuring our compensation plans comply with the relevant legislations. The post Compensation and Benefits Manager job description appeared first on Recruiting Resources: How to Recruit and Hire Better.

How to Develop a Strong Foundation for Your Compensation Plan


Employers can add many attractive programs to appeal to candidates looking to improve their employment opportunities, but adding all the “loyalty builders” in the world won’t work if an employer does not first have a fair and competitive compensation structure.

The Top-Rated Workplaces for Compensation and Benefits


And in today’s world, compensation is so much more than just a number — it also includes the added benefits offered to you by your company, such as health insurance, wellness, time off, bonuses and more. In addition to being necessary for us to make a living and provide for family or retirement, compensation affects whether or not we feel valued at our jobs and acts as a powerful talent attractor. In short, investing in competitive compensation is an investment in your firm.

CREAM: The Truth About Compensation Negotiation.

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If you ever see anything to the ‘DOE’ throwaway in a job ad, or if you ever hear a hiring manager or recruiter answer your comp question with either a lateral to HR (“we do a personalized comp study”) or some ambiguous reply about a “range,” they’re lying.

Total Compensation vs. Total Rewards 


You may already have a general understanding of how total compensation differs from a total rewards system, but sometimes, the terms are mistakenly interchanged. Total Compensation. Speaking of consistency: total rewards systems take a more consistent approach than total compensation.

Tips for Including Compensation on a Job Description


Compensation can be a tricky subject for most employers, especially when it comes to hiring. The post Tips for Including Compensation on a Job Description appeared first on CareerPlug. Most candidates want to know. Read Post.

Compensation Considerations in Attracting Top Talent


Consider how compensation planning and management factors into every facet of an individual business. Famed management consultant Peter Drucker once wrote that only 1/3 of hires are actually successful. Request a Compensation Planning Demo.

How to Design a Fair & Equitable Compensation Program


In order to develop a compensation program that’s both fair and equitable, employers need to take into account internal factors as well as external market data. Here are the two main components you can use to design a fair, equitable compensation program: Salary Ranges. If ranges aren’t broad enough, you could impose limits on yourself, making it impossible to hire workers with high-demand skills.

4 Stats About Developer Compensation You Need to Know

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This might make you think that giving developers whatever they want is the key to winning at developer hiring, but the 2017 Developer Hiring Landscape highlighted showed us that developer compensation is a much more complicated challenge to tackle. Developer HiringWhile salary is usually not the only deciding factor for many candidates, it is one of the most important job evaluation criteria for programmers.

How Do Your Compensation Practices Stack Up?


Each year, PayScale releases a Compensation Best Practices Report with great insights for business leaders to learn and grow from. Offering competitive compensation packages has been known to improve retention rates. The post How Do Your Compensation Practices Stack Up?

Cash Is King: How (And When) To Have That Compensation Conversation.

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Sometimes, companies will even come in well under what you’re currently making, with the hopes that you’ll trade compensation for the false hope of professional fulfillment. Cold, Cold Heart: What “Career Coaches” Don’t Get About Compensation.

Washington policy update: August 2019 Benefits and Compensation Bulletin


full-time employees, part-time employees, seasonal employees, new hires that have not met a permitted waiting period, salaried workers, employees in the same geographic location, etc.). Compensation and Rewards ACA benefits Excepted Benefits HRA health insurance HRA ICHRA

How to Build Your Competitive Compensation Plan in 5 Steps


While recruiting, engagement and retention get all the headlines, you can see how compensation plays a vital role in each of them. With a competitive compensation plan in place, you will better allocate available budgets to right people and places within your organization.

How to Communicate Compensation to Improve Employee Engagement 


Creating a compensation plan that rewards top employees is an excellent way to drive performance. It shows your most committed, dedicated team members that they are valued and appreciated, and that as long as their hard work and commitment continues, they will be fairly compensated.

Building a Top Notch Compensation Policy


Compensation is a key component of any company’s overall budget. How you compensate your employees affects your turnover, productivity and of course, your organization’s profit. In most businesses, the compensation plan is left to the HR Department to enforce (i.e. This frustrates those tasked with hiring when the compensation plan is either confusing, uninspiring or flat out not competitive.

A Quick Overview for Administering a Fair, Equitable, & Compliant Compensation Program


A strong compensation program is one that’s fair, equitable, and compliant with new labor laws. Here, we’ll briefly take a look at some simple yet powerful tips you can follow to administer a fair, equitable, and compliant compensation program. When employees feel that they’re not being compensated fairly due to pay compression, it can quickly lead to a spike in voluntary turnover rates. Labor laws change quickly, and it can be difficult for compensation teams to keep up.

Washington policy update: January 2019 Benefits and Compensation Bulletin


Here’s a quick roundup of recent legislative and regulatory developments relating to employee benefits and compensation. IRC 401(a)(17) Compensation Limit. Highly Compensated Employee Compensation Limit. Compensation and Rewards 401(k) plans ACA compliance

How to Hire Your First 10 Employees

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One of the hardest challenges you’ll face when building your startup is hiring your first 10 employees. Remember that these early hires will also fill the leadership positions in your company as you scale. Within reason, the more you vet potential hires, the better off you’ll be.

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How to Identify Your Top Performers to Create an Engagement-Boosting Compensation Plan  


While there are many strategies that work to drive employee engagement, the fact is that compensation is extremely valuable for showing employees that they’re appreciated, which keeps them engaged and motivated. How are they currently being compensated?”.

68% of employers plan to increase compensation levels for current employees


Sixty-eight percent of employers plan to increase compensation levels for current employees, and 46 percent planning to increase starting salaries for new employees. While the economy has been slowly improving since the end of the Great Recession, the recovery hasn’t been perfect.