10 Unique Candidate Screening Questions You Should Always Ask

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The “how to’s” the “do’s and don’ts” and, of course, the “best practice” articles that flood the internet. Pre-recorded video interviews have the ability to screen out the candidates who aren’t right for your company without lengthy phone screens or face-to-face interviews before the right stage in the process. Learn how to get better results out of your screening process by personalizing your process. Screening Candidates candidate sourcing

Screening Candidates Through Social Media


But social media can be an important part of the hiring process, even after a candidate has made it past the résumé review, telephone screen or even the first interview. When looking at a candidate in this context, Ellis recommends following this course: Stick to the top three to five platforms , such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The downside there, of course, is that the long-term value conflicts with your need to hire someone now.


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How to screen Groovy developer skills


How to verify Groovy skills in the screening phase? Screening a Groovy developer using their resume. Technical screening of a Groovy developer’s skills using an online coding test. A guide to screening Groovy developer skills.

How to screen machine learning skills


So let’s delve a little deeper into machine learning and the best ways to screen a machine learning expert. How to verify machine learning skills in the screening phase? What to take into account when screening a CV? Do you need to hire someone with machine learning skills?

How to screen Node.js developer skills 


is an open-source, cross-platform, JavaScript runtime environment that executes JavaScript code outside a web browser. Open source experience should also be discerned as an additional benefit since Node.js is one of the most open-source friendly platforms that exist. screening

How to screen Data Science skills


In this article, we’re going to break down the meaning of data science, data scientist skills and give you our advice on how to best screen for a data science position. What type of experience is important to look for in a data scientist (commercial, open-source, scientific, academic)?

How to screen Angular developer skills


In this post, we will focus on Angular developer skills, what Angular is, and how to screen a developer for Angular skills. Angular is an open-source framework with highly advanced JavaScript support and is a part of the JavaScript ecosystem. Node.JS - Mongo - Course report.

Event Sourcing with CQRS


Keith Redmond , VP of SaaS Engineering at Fenergo , shares his insights on how to utilize Event Sourcing with CQRS in your application development. . What is Event Sourcing? And Event Sourcing isn’t trying to be a silver bullet. This is where Event Sourcing becomes very useful.

How to Advance your Talent Sourcing Skills


How can you advance your talent sourcing abilities when you are in the game for awhile? How can a seasoned Recruiter excel and advanced in the craft of talent sourcing and research? You will need to continuously learn and improve on talent sourcing to make placements. .

Should Your Business Screen Employees Using Social Media?

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On top of this, an increasing number of organizations use it to screen potential job candidates. Source: Who is Danny / Shutterstock. Whether you’re looking for full-time workers, internship positions, or volunteers, social sites can help you screen more effectively.

Where Should Beginners Start in Talent Sourcing?


One common question that I do receive is from new Recruiters and Sourcers wanting to learn more about Talent Sourcing and where to start. “Where should beginners start in Talent Sourcing?!” source: Finding a news related source on Google. #.#. Talent Sourcin

Candidate Experience: A Crash Course for Modern Recruiters


Due to an unprecedented demand for more foundational candidate experience content, we’ve created the first-ever candidate experience crash course. Candidate experience refers to how job seekers perceive and react to employers’ sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding processes. Interviewing and screening are major parts of candidate experience.

Unscientific Assessment: How To Use Phrenology for Screening and Selection

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My research uncovered some weird and wonderful ideas about how to read into physical phenomenon to figure out what someone’s really all about, or what we in this industry refer to as shortlisting, screening and selection. Most of these ideas, of course, were total rubbish, but so too is the pseudoscience being peddled by most of the vendors operating in the assessment space today, too. A Better Way of Spotting Talent: 10 Steps to Screening Success.

Why Diversity Recruiting & Sourcing Just Makes Sense

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And it was quite the crash course in running a corporate diversity recruitment program. Diversity Recruiting & Sourcing: Lessons Learned. So, of course I said yes and joined the committee. Why Diversity Recruiting & Sourcing Is A Business No Brainer. Of course you would. I’ve written about candidate engagement before, and I will reiterate: sourcing and identifying prospects is only half the battle. Last summer I found myself up against a deadline.

How to source top software development candidates during and after COVID-19


There are many companies still hiring, particularly technology companies seeking engineering talent , and recruiters at such companies are adapting their strategies for sourcing and hiring. Tech recruitment in London: Luring and sourcing top tech talent.

Candidate screening process in IT recruitment – 11 tools for technical recruiters


After sourcing, candidate screening process in IT recruitment is the second most time-consuming stage. There are several different assessment and screening tools which help you get through your IT recruitment process smoother and these tools will save your time and money. In case of IT recruiting it is not only a matter of confirming information in a resume or verifying behavioral or decision-making traits but also it often includes technical screening.

How to Screen Candidates for Culture Fit


A person’s values, beliefs, taboos and the like are frequently not immediately obvious – so how do you screen for cultural fit? Screen before you interview. Of course, involving employees doesn’t have to start at the interview process; it can go back as far as your sourcing, too. The post How to Screen Candidates for Culture Fit appeared first on Recruiterbox Blog. Hiring for cultural fit has become a praised and controversial topic throughout the years.

The Ultimate List of Candidate Sourcing and Recruitment Tools

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How Sourcing Tools Work. Sourcing tools work in two different ways, generally. Think Google Chrome extensions that let you scrape data on the fly to record and track down any potential candidates you encounter during the course of other work. Candidate Sourcing

10 Methods for Screening Candidates - Which Is The Most Efficient?


You screen them before making any decisions. Here are some of the most common methods for screening candidates, some tips to on how to get them right, as well as their pros and cons. Resume screening Let’s kick things off with an old school technique. Here’s some of the information you can get from a CV while screening candidates. Source: LiveCareer Length – If you get several hundreds of applications per position, you don’t have time to spend half an hour on each.

How Machine Learning is Actually Impacting the Hiring Process


From ongoing skills shortages and tackling unconscious bias, to new technologies and record employment; hiring professionals are under pressure to source the right candidates, in the right way. Of course, AI and machine learning can never take away the entire task of writing your job adverts; this still requires a human touch. Screening Resumes and Assessing For Cultural Fit. How is Machine Learning Actually Impacting Hiring?

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Anti-Social Recruiting: Why Sourcing Best Practices Are BS

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My very first job title ever was as a “sourcing analyst,” which had the necessary gravitas at the time to make me not feel bad compared to my B-School buddies who selected, rather than scrounged, for their gigs. This role was, essentially, how sourcing is still largely defined: name generation and verification. Of course, this was in 2005, and the explosion of publicly available personal information that’s so ubiquitous today was, at the time, still in its infancy.

Innovative Talent Sourcing Meets Today’s Hiring Needs


The modern workplace has experienced a two-fold transformation that affects talent sourcing. Our focus today is how to adapt your talent sourcing. How To Adapt Talent Sourcing For Non-Traditional Employees. Rethink Job Requirements In Your Talent Sourcing. A good ATS can help you screen non-traditional candidates. We’ve already mentioned screening questionnaires and structured interviews.

The 11 Most Important Sourcing Best Practices


In today’s hyper-competitive talent market, sourcing is probably the most valuable recruiting skill for anyone concerned about hiring high quality candidates. With that in mind, we’ve put together the 11 most important sourcing best practices to help you identify and approach candidates on any medium you choose. Differentiate between sourcing and recruiting. If you want a high performing sourcing team you need to clarify their responsibilities from the outset.

Course TSPK101- Expanding Your Technology Vocabulary For Business Use


Things like importing their talent profile from LinkedIn, requesting and approving vacation on their smart phone or using SharePoint to crowd source ideas from multiple internal and external stakeholders to complete a project. For all of you who would like a crash course on the essential technology terms* you need to know for your next meeting; this blog post is for you! Android is designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Sourcing: Employee Referral Solicitations

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It’s one of the best low-hanging-fruit “direct sourcing” techniques out there. Of course, we have to be aware of non-solicitation agreements, so check into that before you go nuts; although I can picture one of you hard-core sourcers telling us we’re not a real recruiter if we haven’t had at least one attorney-signed, Cease and Desist letter sent to us. Real-time sourcing. The post Sourcing: Employee Referral Solicitations appeared first on Recruiting Toolbox.

The Top 12 Free and Open Source HR Software Systems for Your Small Business


When drowning in this software deluge, cost becomes an easy lifeline to grab onto, which is why the prospect of free and open source HR software is so enticing. If you only have a few employees, are on a tight budget, and are willing to compromise on some premium features, then a free or open source HR software system may be a perfect fit. The top open source HR software options. The “My Tasks” view in Bitrix24 ( Source ). Jorani : Open source absence management.

Predictions on Talent Sourcing in 2030


Of course, sometimes technology has a double side effect on things for example excessively using social media and smartphones. Will sourcing and recruiting jobs become automated in the future? I wanted to create a list of dozen or so predictions on the future of talent sourcing in the next decade. Below are my thoughts on talent sourcing in 2030: Remote & virtual based teams: Employees can work virtually anywhere as long they have a wifi and cell phone connection.

Top Sourcing Tools: The Ultimate Collection


To support this growing need, we’ve seen a fantastic ecosystem of new tools and technologies evolve to make sourcing far more efficient (and far smarter). We’ve broken down 13 sourcing tools that every recruiter should consider, and collected a number of our favourite sourcing articles and resources from around the web. From start to finish, our aim has been to make sourcing and engaging talent totally seamless. Sourcing

Automated Sourcing – Find, Zap, Engage


so I’ll go ahead and close the poll and see what the what what what our audience is thinking about when it comes to the time they spend finding people and sourcing so Doug and David here are the results and everybody else so the majority of the folks are saying that they’re not spending enough time or and actually quite close in second place is too much time so any feedback or reactions to those to those answers Doug .

Why Using Sourcing Technologies Strengthens Your Recruiting Department

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Savvy HR leaders understand that without the right tools, it can be difficult for recruiters to source, recruit and hire the talent an organization requires. Today’s technology provides an efficient solution to recruit talent by using AI-driven sourcing.

How to screen iOS developer skills when you hire iOS developers – guide for IT recruitment


What do I need to know to screen iOS developer skills? Luckily for you, we’ve prepared all the information you need to effectively screen iOS developer skills. By the end of the guide, you should be able to walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to interviewing and screening iOS developers. Most importantly, you’ll find out what kinds of tests you can use to screen your iOS candidates so that you only invite the best ones to interviews.

4 Tools for Improving your Response Rates when Sourcing Passive Candidates

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The vast swathes of resources for recruiters online, from free tutorials on Boolean Sourcing (like this basic one here and this more advanced one here ), to great white-papers , the search has technically never been easier. It sits in the top right corner of your screen when you are on sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. The post 4 Tools for Improving your Response Rates when Sourcing Passive Candidates appeared first on Social Talent.

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20 Creative Sourcing Strategies for Attracting Passive Candidates


Before we get into the creative sourcing strategies, there are two commonly-asked questions that we need to answer. There are also some advantages to sourcing passive candidates. Question 2: Why should I use creative sourcing strategies? Below are 30 creative sourcing strategies that will help you attract passive candidates. Source: Typeform You could even showcase the culture through short videos about your team. Source: Aquity Scheduling 2. Source 10.

The 6 proven steps to master full life cycle recruiting


Sourcing. Screening. 2 Sourcing. You now know what your ideal candidate persona is, so it’s time to get started on the sourcing phase of the recruiting life cycle. Determine your candidate sourcing strategy. Web sourcing . Social sourcing .

How to screen SQL developer skills to find the best – guide for IT recruitment


You receive many resumes and cover letters – now it’s time to begin screening process. That’s why it is so important to plan your screening process of SQL programming skills and choose such methods that will support IT recruiters in doing it as accurate as possible. Below you will find all the crucial information on how to screen candidates fast and effective. How to verify SQL programming skills in screening phase?

Recruitment Trends That Are Still Relevant in 2020


It still is that, of course. But more and more it’s becoming someone who is tech-savvy and understands how to look at different data sources and come to conclusions about what the data is saying. What does it mean about the source of hire?

3 Hacks That Will Improve Your Phone Screens

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You’ve worked your sourcing magic and have a list of candidates you want to talk to. Now, it’s time for the phone screen. Listen for high performer signals like “I” and “me” during the phone screen—high performers talk about themselves because they have lots of great experiences to draw from, while low performers do not and thus are more likely to give abstract or hypothetical answers that merely describe what “you” “he” “she” should do.

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Is HR Ready For More Advanced Tech?


Those are all transformative actions that can change the course of the talent you acquire, as opposed to transactional elements like top-of-funnel sourcing and moving around interview times. Is your team feeling like they might be ready to adopt tech to make their jobs more efficient?

How to save time on recruiting with pre screening

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By employing some basic pre-screening methods, you can make sure that by the time your candidates reach the interview stage, you are only left with the cream of the crop. Instead, you go straight to the source. You want to include all of the role's responsibilities, of course, but the job description should also list the proper education needed, experience in a similar role, skills, attitude and anything else you can think of.

[Video]7 step formula to hire top tech talent


Find out why you should, Start sourcing creatively, focusing on quality over quantity. Start using an automated technical screening platform. CVs can be misleading and this type of pre-screening typically results in losing good candidates. The steps we’ll cover in this video can be applied to all of the stages of the recruitment process: sourcing, screening, interview, offer, and hire. Step #1: Start sourcing creatively, focusing on quality over quantity.

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