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33 Candidate Experience Lessons Shared by RallyFwd™ Speakers

Rally Recruitment Marketing

At our first virtual conference, Let’s RallyFwd to Humanize the Candidate Experience , the Rally community was fortunate to have amazing speakers share their hard-earned candidate experience lessons with us. I hope their lessons provide you with the inspiration to continue improving the candidate experience at your organization! Treat candidates like you would treat your mother. Remove what makes it hard to be a candidate.

7 Big Impact Recruitment Marketing Ideas We Learned at RallyFwd

Rally Recruitment Marketing

At RallyFwd , we heard from a number of outstanding Recruitment Marketing practitioners from companies of all sizes and industries. A common theme that came up is that many of us either only have a small amount of time to dedicate to Recruitment Marketing tasks or are working as a solo Recruitment Marketer without a team. They also created local interview guides to customize the experience further. Recruitment Marketing


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What Is Candidate Experience, and How Does It Show up Throughout the Recruitment Process?


between February 2018 and February 2020. . Throughout the strong market, recruiting professionals have had to focus on approaching the most qualified job candidates as consumers with plenty of opportunities to choose from. But what is candidate experience?

How to Evolve Your Employee Generated Content Using Technology

Rally Recruitment Marketing

When it comes to the job hunt, what candidates want from employers hasn’t really changed; however, what they do want is their specific questions answered about what it’s like to work for a company in the specific role they’re applying for. . Candidate Experience Recruitment Marketing

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How Improving The Candidate Experience Will Supercharge Your Pipeline


One inevitable metric that you’re certainly held accountable for is making sure that you’re attracting and sourcing the best available talent for open positions in your organization—which means. Recruitment Industry Trends candidate experience recruitment marketingAs a leader of your company’s HR department, you’re responsible for ensuring that your team consistently hits its key performance benchmarks—which can sometimes be a daunting task.

Talemetry Joins SAP® PartnerEdge® Program to Enhance Results-Driven Recruitment Marketing Capabilities for Enterprise Organizations


May 27, 2020 – Talemetry , a leading enterprise recruitment marketing platform, today announces it has joined the SAP® PartnerEdge® program. Talemetry is designed to make recruiting organizations and talent acquisition professionals more successful. SAN MATEO, CALIF. –

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Candidate Experience Mapping


Recruitment marketing is, in a way, designed to hold the candidate’s hand and lead them right to your company. A great recruitment marketing campaign is one that finds its way to the most appropriate candidates. In doing that, a good recruitment marketing strategy essentially guides the right candidate towards the role and the company. Why map the candidate journey? What does candidate experience mapping look like?

Talemetry Joins SAP® PartnerEdge® Program to Enhance Results-Driven Recruitment Marketing Capabilities for Enterprise Organizations


May 27, 2020 – Talemetry , a leading enterprise recruitment marketing platform, today announces it has joined the SAP® PartnerEdge® program. Talemetry is designed to make recruiting organizations and talent acquisition professionals more successful. SAN MATEO, CALIF. –

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5 Clear-Cut Ways To Improve Your Recruitment Marketing

Social Talent

Marketing has exploded in the past few years and interest in learning new marketing techniques have surged. This is especially the case with recruitment marketing. The recruiters of today are a hybrid breed that are eager to learn. Nowadays, recruiters want to reach their target audience through the quickest methods available to them. A lot of which can be done through various recruitment marketing strategies and techniques! Recruitment

How to Tell the Difference Between Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing


Both concepts are candidate-facing, but your company won’t reach top talent unless you integrate them with your overall TA strategy. In response, businesses are moving away from traditional methods of candidate attraction (public job boards, cold outreach) in favor of more employer brand-focused efforts that target talent before they apply. These brands find ways to take the internal narrative of satisfied employees and turn it into the external narrative that attracts candidates.

How to Build an Award-Winning Candidate Experience


The Talent Board , a non-profit organization whose mission is to build quality candidate experiences, started the CandE Awards in 2010 to recognize and celebrate companies that go above and beyond to ensure candidates are treated well throughout the recruitment process. Both employers and recent candidates participate in surveys to demonstrate each organization’s recruitment process and the quality of their candidate experience.

Fear and Loathing in HR and Talent Acquistion

Fistful of Talent

The dirty little secret of great HR and TA is that you see and consume your marketing elements and departmental policies/processes much more frequently than anyone else. . If you wanted a 20,000 manual that answers every question in a single source, you’re at the wrong site). Candidates and employees come and use the element, and it’s probably 2-3x as good as what they’ve known elsewhere.

The Ultimate Inbound Recruitment Marketing Guide


Instead of chasing candidates and scrambling to fill requisitions, imagine having a steady influx of top talent, eager to work at your company. Take a page out of your marketing colleagues’ playbook and apply the principles of inbound marketing to your recruiting efforts, to build the candidate pipeline your talent acquisition team needs to quickly fill open roles. Read on to learn the components of a successful inbound recruitment marketing program.

2018 Recruiting Checklist for Directors of Talent Acquisition


01/03/2018 // By deanna kane // Candidate experience. Is your team looking to recruit and hire top-notch employees? This recruiting checklist will help you re-focus your recruitment marketing efforts, improve your company’s candidate experience and make top talent actively pursue your brand. Re-engage Passive Candidates. Recruiting checklist pro tip: Develop a re-engagement plan that will keep your company top of mind.

Recruitment Marketing: What are you Measuring ?


We keep saying that the old recruiting metrics don’t work for the new recruiting world. Specifically, traditional metrics are not enough to measure recruitment marketing performance, and help companies use their resources in the most efficient way to build an employer brand and attract the best candidates. Recruitment marketing is an acknowledged priority for most talent acquisition teams. or “are our events driving candidates to apply?”,

Recruitment Marketing: Leverage Technology to Find and Engage Passive Candidates


Follow these useful tips to help improve your recruitment marketing by incorporating marketing automation techniques into your plan. Build Talent Pipeline Hiring and Recruiting Hiring Efficiencies all industries candidate experience hiring managers hiring trends sourcing passive candidates

How to Pick the “Perfect” CRM for Your Company

Rally Recruitment Marketing

In my first New to Recruitment Marketing blog post, How to Create a Recruitment Marketing Role at Your Organization , I mentioned that I’d share the process we took at Appian to find the “perfect” Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) platform for our new Recruitment Marketing function. Recruitment Marketers, Recruiters, Sourcers, etc.). Map out your candidate journey. Recruitment Marketing

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Webinar Q&A: Hard-to-Fill Roles, Fulfilled!

Rally Recruitment Marketing

If you couldn’t attend the webinar last week, you can get a recap of some of the key points on our blog post, Top 7 Ways to Attract Candidates to Your Hard-to-Fill Roles. Kelly is responsible for recruitment, retention and employer branding at Northside Hospital , where she manages a team of 40. Social Recruiting & Content . Do you use Pinterest or Instagram for recruiting? Who takes the lead on social recruiting at your organization?

4 Tactics Your Hiring Team Can Learn from Army Recruiters


Nowhere are the stakes higher for recruiters than in the military. Though they may not be actively engaged in combat, Army recruiters have one of the toughest jobs in the military. In 2018, US Army recruiters were tasked with enlisting 70k new recruits by the end of the fiscal year. With unemployment at record lows, the US Army has revamped many of its traditional recruiting practices in order to hit these ambitious goals.

Job Board Summit 2018: Most Valuable Tweets


Based on recruiting, The Job Board Summit looks into new technology, recruiting, recruitment marketing and much more. Jackye Clayton (@jackyeclayton) July 26, 2018. Recruiting market comparison UK bs USA #Jobg8Summit Chris Russell (@ChrisRussell) July 27, 2018. Ben Forstag (@BenForstag) July 26, 2018. 71% of candidates start their job search online. Matt Charney (@mattcharney) July 26, 2018.

Why We Can’t Ignore Our Talent Engagement Strategy

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Job advertising, employer branding, careers sites, social media, recruiting events—there’s a never-ending amount of Recruitment Marketing initiatives that we’re juggling. And I’m not talking specifically about sourcing, although that’s important too. I’m referring to what happens after we attract a candidate to follow us on social media, attend our recruiting event, visit our careers site, join our talent network or apply for a job.

Staffing & Recruiting Leaders’ Priorities For 2018: New Bullhorn Report


Bullhorn recently published their 2018 North American Staffing & Recruiting Trends Report , a survey of more than 1400 staffing professionals. This is likely due to the tension between the potential opportunities presented to staffing agencies vs. the challenges they face in 2018. I’ve highlighted some important findings on recruiters’ priorities for 2018 from Bullhorn’s report below. Ownership of candidate experience.

In-House Recruitment Expo: Key takeaways from 2018 IHRE at Telford


In October 2018, I visited Telford in England for the first time, to attend the In-House Recruitment Expo Summit. 9 to share their ideas, challenges and best practices around recruitment. InHouseRecExpo (@InHouseRecExpo) October 9, 2018. During my time attending seminars and masterclasses, in between presentations and visiting exhibitors’ booths, here are my biggest takeaways from the 2018 HR summit at Telford: 1. Same goes for an engineer versus a marketer.

ERE Sourcecon 2018 (Fall) Recap: Most Valuable Tweets


One of the more engaging, recruiter-based, HR conferences of the year is ERE’s Sourcecon. They go into depth on everything recruiting including a Hackathon. Topics covered the past couple of days included: Technical sourcing. Post-apply candidate experience and tools. Recruiting hacks. Candidate marketing. Recruiting neurodiversity. Jim Stroud (@jimstroud) September 25, 2018. Bryan White (@bmwatx) September 26, 2018.

Recruiting for overseas jobs: Tips for sourcing and securing tech talent across continents


Recruiting, and especially recruiting for overseas jobs, isn’t just about tracking down the right candidate, it’s also about creating a great candidate experience —and making sure you hire the right candidate before anyone else. With competition like that, imagine sourcing talent for your local startup. Where would you turn to find candidates for specialized positions? Sourcing tech talent in Singapore.

The Top 100 Applicant Tracking Systems in 2018


The first pie chart below shows the ATS market share of the top 20 ATS’s. Top ATS Market Share. Here’s the full list of applicant tracking systems (109 in all) by market share. ATS Market Share. CRI (Candidate Resources). Note: The applicant tracking system list above has 109 ATS’s in it and ends on row 78 because a number of ATS’s tie for market share. ATS Market Share by Hiring Volume. 119 in 2018.

The Surprising Way to Increase Careers Site Traffic

Rally Recruitment Marketing

In Recruitment Marketing, getting qualified candidates to apply to your roles is the name of the game. But how do you get more, and if not more, better, candidates to apply? However, none of them is a Recruitment Marketing channel that you have complete control over.

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Recruitment Marketing Software For a More Successful Recruiting

Recruiting Blogs

Recruitment Marketing Software is a software program designed to attract top talent. Recruitment Marketing Software utilizes an innovative idea of applying marketing methods to recruitment process in order to find, attract, nurture and engage candidates and turn them into job applicants. What is Recruitment Marketing Software? Benefits of Recruitment Marketing Software? Who uses Recruitment Marketing Software?

Tap into the Power of Recruitment Marketing, Part 1


There’s broad consensus that recruitment marketing is essential for any company looking to capture the attention of the strongest candidates in the market, but do you know why that is? Avature’s Lina Hoelker partnered with Kirsten Tolfree-Dart of Rethink Group to explore the market trends driving the need for recruitment marketing. In this blog, we focus on the market drivers requiring recruiters to adopt agile marketing techniques.

5 Ways Sprint Shakes Up Recruiting Landing Pages


Visual and candidate-facing, career sites are one of the most tangible indicators of a mature recruitment marketing strategy. A great career site informs candidates about your jobs while. The post 5 Ways Sprint Shakes Up Recruiting Landing Pages appeared first on SmashFly Blog. Candidate Experience Talent Pipelines career site experience customer story sourcing strategies sprint

7 Habits Killing Your Talent Pipeline, and How Recruiters Can Bring Back the Candidate Bench


In the countryside of Geneva lives the largest scientific experiment humans have ever undertaken. And that’s what worried James Purvis, Head of HR at CERN when he entered recruitment at the lab 12 years ago – no one was applying. So what can you, as a recruiter, take from CERN’s journey to hiring success? Yes, it’s true that this organization is exceptional, yet their methods for building their candidate pipeline are largely universal. No candidate pool is guaranteed.

ATS vs CRM: What’s the Difference and Why You Need Both


Don’t lose great talent to the competition because of bad recruiting software—here’s why your hiring team needs a TA solution that makes no compromises. Recruiting is changing on a fundamental level. Conversations about the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning replacing human jobs are at the forefront of our social consciousness, and recruiting is becoming exponentially more difficult in this economy. measuring the candidate’s level of activity or engagement).

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Talemetry and Indeed Join Forces to Enhance Recruiting Efficiency


New Partnership Empowers Employers to Streamline the Candidate Application Process and Drive Application Conversion Results. Vancouver, BC, July 26, 2018 – Talemetry , the leader in results-driven recruitment marketing, today announced a strategic partnership with Indeed , the world’s number one job site. Candidates can now apply to open jobs directly on using Indeed Apply, Indeed’s easy, mobile-optimized application process.

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3 Tips for Cold-Pitching Passive Jobseekers Using AI

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Cold-pitching candidates on social media sites, liked LinkedIn ® , is common practice for many recruiters. You do a quick search, find candidates that seem like they’d be a good fit for the role, and then message them via InMail. Seems easy enough, but what if the candidate isn’t currently looking for a job or is content with the one he or she is currently in? Source: Peshkova / iStock / Getty Images. Support Mobile-First Recruiting.

The recruitment process: 10 things you need to master to succeed


We’d love to tell you that the recruitment process is as simple as posting a job and then choosing the best among the candidates who flow right in. There are 10 main areas of the recruitment process that, once mastered, can help you: Optimize your recruitment strategy. Attract the best candidates – and more of them, too. What is the recruitment process? Recruitment Marketing – find and attract better candidates. Recruitment Marketing.

The most common recruiting challenges and how to overcome them


But, most recruiters would gravitate to a few common recruiting challenges. Here are the 8 common recruiting challenges we hear most often, and solutions to overcome them to make your hiring more effective: 1. Attracting the right candidates. If you’ve ever tried to discover the right candidate in a pool full of unqualified talent, you’ll know that your options are limited. Include a yes/no question asking candidates if they have one. Recruiting fairly.

The Best Recruiting Software of 2018


With the end of June just around the corner, so ends the first half of 2018. The last six months have flown by, but not without shaking the recruiting industry first. Over the course of 2018, thus far, recruiting automation has shaped and changed recruiting practices making hiring smarter and faster than ever. In fact, at the close of 2017, 62 percent of talent acquisition professionals were planning to spend money on AI-powered recruiting software.

How a Recruitment Brand Can Impact the Bottom Line


04/26/2018 // Recruitment Marketing. Cultivating an attractive recruitment brand does more for your organization than keeping your candidate pipeline stocked with high quality talent—it can lower your talent acquisition costs, increase productivity, and make a significant contribution to your company’s bottom line. Your colleagues in the marketing department might describe this kind of activity as “inbound recruiting”. Recruitment Marketing

A Framework for Agile Recruiting Implementation


It makes sense, as agile brings concrete, measurable improvements to the companies who use it: According to VisionOne’s 12th Annual State of Agile report, 71% of them are better able to manage changing priorities, for example, and 62% have improved their delivery speed or time to market. Agile recruiting implementation : How do you do it? She achieved that by implementing a fully agile recruiting methodology in her team. . When does agile recruiting fail? Sourcing

Requirements for a Continuous Candidate Engagement™ Strategy


With near perfect unemployment, candidates have more choices and are increasingly in control; they choose you, not vice versa. As we talked about in last month’s blog, The New Model for Modern Recruiting: Continuous Candidate Engagement™ , the recruitment model of the past, which was built on administrative efficiency, recruiter-centered processes and transactional relationships, no longer applies. That’s where Continuous Candidate Engagement ™ (CCE) comes in.