4 Guidelines for Optimal Job Application Conversion Rates

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Despite your efforts to write engaging job descriptions, post them far and wide and publicize your amazing corporate culture, your click-to-apply ratio is dismal. The post 4 Guidelines for Optimal Job Application Conversion Rates appeared first on ExactHire.

3 Types of Interview Questions NOT to Ask

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There are many guidelines and resources to help you choose the best interview questions. By exploring this advice, interviewers can benefit of others’ experiences and research. Some interview questions waste time or.

How Office Culture Should Influence Recruitment


Organizational Culture: “The values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization.” — Business Dictionary. An anthropology cliché tells us that culture is to humans what water is to fish. Your workplace most definitely has a culture.

Fit Happens: How To Hack Hiring For Culture.

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Company culture, supposedly the end-all be-all of recruitment marketing and employer branding, the single most critical competitive differentiator when it comes to attracting and hiring top talent, is one concept we all agree is important. There’s No Accounting for Culture.

Help! My Company Culture Sucks

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You’ve come to the realization that your company culture is less than stellar and you feel some responsibility to fix it. Or possibly you’re growing quickly and the culture you loved seems like it’s slipping away with every new hire. Developing and maintaining a healthy corporate culture is hard work, but there are steps you can take to move your culture in a positive direction. What do they think of your current culture? You’ve taken the first step.

Changing People’s Mindsets Won’t Change Company Culture

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8 (or to later replays), to hear my heartfelt letter about the challenges with company culture in the Bay Area and how to overcome them. The technology industry has long struggled to create inclusive corporate cultures.

Illegal Interview Questions – Don’t Ask These

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Interviews have been around for a long time, dating back to ancient times when you would start as an apprentice for your desired trade and work your way up over time. However, what we would call the “modern” interview did not come about until 1921 when more college-educated individuals were entering the workforce and a system was needed to filter through the influx of candidates. Most everybody has seen a list of what topics you can and can’t discuss during an interview.

How to Write an Interview Script – Actionable Tips for Recruiters and HR Teams


No matter how technically advance the hiring process gets, there’s one element that never gets left out – the job interview. Even though interviews are reserved for only the top applicants, arranging and conducting them can be quite a lengthy and complicated process.

How Disheartened Staffing Pros Finally Achieve Interview Experience Consistency

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The time when you sit down at your desk and review all the feedback you’ve received from the candidates you interviewed. Hearing all the positive things they have to say about your interview process gives you that bump in confidence you need as a staffing professional.

Recruiting for Culture Fit? There’s One Big Problem With Your Strategy, and It Starts With the Letter D


In our search for similarity in those around us, research shows that eighty percent of employers named “hiring for cultural fit” as one of their top priorities. Zappos instituted a culture fit interview to test for compatibility. You may not know what “culture fit” should mean.

How to Gauge A Candidate’s Culture Fit


The repercussions from hiring an outcast range from high turnover, to frequent conflicts, to having the outcast write an entire revenge book about what a bummer your culture is. Wake up sheeple, it’s time to interview for personality fit. Be Honest About Your Culture.

How I Stumbled Upon the World’s Greatest Interview

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Imagine a job interview that achieves the following: Accurately predicts on-the-job performance, motivation, cultural fit and potential. Minimizes every type of interviewer bias , like race, gender, appearance and age. How I discovered the best interview process.

5 ways hiring software helps you comply with the EEOC


Get interviewers on the same page. When it comes to the interview process, hiring managers may have unconscious biases that can affect how they view and evaluate candidates. Culture RecruitingComplying with the EEOC is a major concern for businesses of all types.

What Recruiters Get Wrong When It Comes to Interviews

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One area where I do think the criticism of our profession is warranted is in how we set up and manage the interview process. We all understand we are a “people” business, but seem to forget the whole “people” thing when it comes to interviewing. Interview Questions

How to Determine if a Candidate is a Cultural Fit

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Disregarding the importance of cultural fit is one of the biggest mistakes a hiring manager can make. Cultural misfits will underperform, regardless of their talent” says Lou Adler , CEO of The Adler Group. “If How to Determine Cultural Fit. Ask ‘soft’ interview questions.

How to Determine if a Candidate is a Cultural Fit

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Disregarding the importance of cultural fit is one of the biggest mistakes a hiring manager can make. Cultural misfits will underperform, regardless of their talent” says Lou Adler , CEO of The Adler Group. “If How to Determine Cultural Fit. Ask ‘soft’ interview questions.

Candidate Coaching Benefits The 3 Most Important People in The Recruitment Process

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Candidate coaching is the practice of a recruiter taking the time to sit down with their candidate and fully preparing them for an upcoming interview. A candidate that has been thoroughly briefed and prepared by a recruiter is more likely to have an enjoyable interview experience.

Hire For Integrity By Focusing on Business Ethics

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You assess for skills and cultural fit. You even involve your team in the interview process , so everyone has a say in who joins the team. Hiring a team of ethical employees who value your culture of fairness and diversity is crucial to the success of any business practice.

The Question Is Not Whether You Can Do The Job, It’s Whether I Want To Have A Beer With You

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The study, titled “Hiring as Cultural Matching: The Case of Elite Professional Service Firms,” is published in the December issue of the American Sociological Review. in sociology from Harvard, spent two years interviewing 120 professionals involved in hiring at elite U.S.

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How This Recruiter Prepped a Candidate for an Interview (and Raised the Bar for Recruiters Everywhere)

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When coming in for an interview, the majority of candidates are nervous (unless they have the swagger of Harry Potter). As such, you'll interview with PM's working on any number of our various products. Cultural fit. Sample questions to assess cultural fit: Why Google?

Candidate’s Want Companies that Align with Their Political Beliefs

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You may not be, but potential candidates are—as 58% of respondents in a new survey would not interview at companies that publicly promoted political beliefs they did not support. Employers should foster an open dialogue and put guidelines governing political expression in place.

Hiring Principles: The One Document Every Recruiting Leader Needs to Make

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What role did they play in screening, interviewing and selling? Some companies care heavily about where a person went to college and the companies they’ve worked for, others care more about the candidate’s interview performance and work samples. Do you interview them?

Glossary of IT terms for Tech Recruiters


Culture. Culture. represents a change in IT culture focusing on rapid IT service delivery through the adoption of agile, lean practices in the context of a system-oriented approach. Tech language and IT terms are not easy if you are a non-coder.

Authenticity in an era focused on Artificial Intelligence


Quality candidates hold traits and qualities that might fit the company culture that a resume submitted online will not show. An interview can show employers what candidates learned from previous experience. The requirements in job descriptions are guidelines, not rules.

Hiring from the Ground Up


If you must hire these people, take them through the same interview and vetting process you would anyone else and use an ATS from the beginning. During my first interviews, I told candidates the good things about the job. It’s because culture is not as important as cultural alignment.

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Building A Sales Team, Part I: Hiring


They look great on paper; they make a killer impression during interviews; yet six months later, they fail. Based on this experience, map out sales guidelines. When you eventually train salespeople (Part II), they will need documented, specific guidelines on how to sell your product. Kindness matters because that’s our company culture; you must play nice in the sandbox. We invite 25 to interview and hire one or two of them. Hiring Culture

“New Year, New Me” – How about the real you?

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So they began looking for “group norms” instead, which is the intangible stuff – “unwritten rules” or things described as part of “team culture” – and found overwhelmingly that the key uniting factor was psychological safety. We stop conducting interviews, and simply get to know people.

CEO Robert Hohman Talks About the Glassdoor Mission

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There was plenty of information online about what jobs were available, but there was almost nothing about the culture of a company, or how much they paid, or how their interview process worked.

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Avoiding the Negative Impact of a ‘Bad Hire’

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Organizations that want to eliminate the cost of a bad hire should standardize the interviewing process and provide hiring managers and recruiters with the right tools to ask questions and evaluate candidates.

10 Traits to Look Out for in Every Candidate Before You Hire Them


That’s how you get enviable, positive company culture that we all aspire to. Are they brash with your receptionist but well-mannered with interviewers? Does he or she maintain eye contact and pay attention during every step of the interview? Interviewing

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How to Uncover Your Company Values and Use Them to Attract Talent

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They should become a part of your EVP and template for interviewing job candidates. Though they have likely had a heavy hand in building the company and hiring the people who form the culture, every individual brings their own set of values to the organization.

How to Build a Diverse Workforce


A good place to start is to develop and implement an equal opportunity employment policy in accordance with the Federal EEOC (US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) guidelines. Create a Positive Culture.

Beacon Communities Says Death to the Performance Review


They realized their company culture and values were different from other organizations that have made the transition. The conversations are themed to work preferences, job fit, stay interviews, and goal setting.

Hiring from the Ground Up


Hiring for a startup may be very different than hiring for a large organization, but if anything it’s even more crucial, because while I have to follow the same guidelines and rules as ConAgra or Edelman, my resources are stretched further, my “skin in the game” is much more and every payroll, including that of “mismatched” employees comes directly out of my pocket. During my first interviews, I told candidates the good things about the job.

Why Your Company Needs Employer Branding & How To Get Started

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You then risk letting others control the perceptions of your company as an employer and attracting candidates who may not actually be qualified or culturally fit for the roles you’re hiring for. Careers Site Take a look at your careers site and ask yourself how easy it is to navigate your careers site, and to find the information a candidate wants to know about your company, such as your culture, teams or job opportunities?

Forget Skills. Hire for Attitude First

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Here’s how it works, what your small business stands to gain, and some guidelines to follow. But by looking at applicants with basic competencies who possess traits in line with your small business’s mission and culture, you may discover someone worth training to fill the vacancy.

8 Questions With Will Staney On Starting Proactive Talent Strategies & The Evolution Of Recruiting

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You can also listen to the full interview on SoundCloud below. And it’s actually a funny interview story because I went into the meeting, started talking about my experience and what I heard about the company, and at the end totally pitched a different job to them. We also do trainings, and these include social sourcing and interview trainings for recruiters and hiring managers. This created a really amazing culture.

5 Ways MENA Recruiters Can Improve Employee Retention

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In addition, the policy should also outline guidelines for managerial staff. d) Conduct interviews with internal applicants. It is as important to conduct an interview with an internal applicant as it is to conduct one with an external applicant.

Candidate Experience: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Brand Aesthetic

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And jobseekers do not hesitate to consult multiple sources—whether it’s LinkedIn ® , Glassdoor, or family and friends—to get more insight into a prospective employer’s culture, which means your brand is being showcased in more locations than you think.

10 Things You Need to Know to Recruit, Ramp and Retain Sa.

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They are great predictors for high quality hires and will really help you when interviewing. Salesforce.com, HireVue and Chatter, for example, can house tips and tricks, guidelines and lessons from reps so that you don’t have to re-create the wheel every time a new hire faces an issue or needs resource help. Culture is possibly the biggest influencer in retaining your employees. I love this quote because it hits at the core of what culture is.