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The Power of Belonging: Consumer vs. Candidate


According to IBM , Brand Belonging is “the set of experiences that fortify individuals’ sense of self through involvement in something greater than themselves.” What is Brand Belonging to a candidate? As organizations work towards a more efficient hiring model, it’s important not to make candidates guess when looking for a good fit. Where does the overlap exist between consumer and candidate? Everyday Enrichment: How does this relate to the careers experience?

17 Crucial Recruiting Statistics for 2016


Recruiting statistics. Doesn’t sound like the subject of a particularly exciting blog post does it? Looking at recruiting statistics helps us Understand how our industry is moving forward, pretty essential for guiding your outlook, strategy and decision-making process. Here are the HR and recruiting statistics and best practices that you need to know in 2016: Employer branding matters: the statistics. We live in the age of the passive candidate.

5 Ways to Turn Rejected Candidates Into Allies


However, there’s an untapped resource that many companies fail to utilize in their marketing tool kit: rejected job candidates. They expect to have an amazing experience with your company no matter how they interact with it. One company discovered that by simply providing a better hiring experience, they could increase their profit margin significantly. Virgin Media dove into their hiring statistics to see that 18% of their rejected job candidates were also customers.