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The Surprising Strategy Behind Turkish Aerospace’s Early Careers Recruitment Program

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Bringing awareness to career possibilities To bring awareness of aerospace careers to kids ages 11-14, tactics included an e-magazine (more advanced than the version for ages 6-10), development seminars, field trips and a career festival. Anybody can participate and watch our seminars. This event.

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Watch Our Virtual Seminar with Boeing


Boeing and PowerToFly recently partnered to present a virtual seminar for engineers on January 30th. You probably know Boeing as the world's largest aerospace company. They're also a leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense, space and security systems, and service provider of aftermarket support.


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Coca-Cola’s “Be Less White” Diversity Fiasco


One slide from the seminar simply said “Try to be less white.” The diversity seminar titled “Facing Racism” that triggered Coca-Cola’s backlash was hosted by Robin DiAngelo on LinkedIn Education. ” Coke’s “Be Less White” Training Goes Viral. It’s no longer live on the site.

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The Savage UK Recruitment Director Masterclass

Greg Savage

That’s why the Greg and Chris Savage Owner and Manager ‘Savage Growth Accelerator’ Master Class is no ‘normal’ seminar. This is no time for ‘business as usual’ if you want to grow profits, fast. It gives you a unique ‘action plan’ for growth in disrupted times. And you will leave it with a prioritised ‘Growth […].

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Expert Seminar: Ace Your I-9 Compliance in 2023

Speaker: Guest Speakers

Learn to navigate changing guidelines and ask your most pressing questions at WorkBright’s I-9 Expert Seminar on April 13th at 11AM MDT / 1PM EDT. Changes are coming to Form I-9 that will propel many employers out of compliance this year.

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2024 Strategies for Hiring in Higher Education


The first advice given to many of the organisations looking to correct this is to introduce training programmes and seminars. acting in a way that does not align with their subconscious biases, can make much more of a difference than those annual seminars. Mentoring programmes specifically for diverse talent is one way to achieve this.

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4 Ways to Handle Candidate Negotiations like a Pro


Recruiter negotiation seminars advise that you think carefully about the framing of your language and images. Negotiation seminar facilitators recommend including a salary bracket in your job ad to increase your chances of attracting the right-fit candidates. Over 73.3% Allow your employees to have paid vacation days and sick days.