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4 Ways to Hire the Best Grads from the Class of 2019

TalentCulture - Recruiting

Survey data from National Association of Colleges and Employers indicate that employers plan to hire 16.6% more members of the class of 2019 than were hired from last year’s graduating class, making the forecast the best hiring outlook since 2007. Members of Generation Z, or those born between […].

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Nontraditional Grads: Who They Are & Why You Should Recruit Them

ClearCompany Recruiting

CareerBuilder found that 74% of employers are planning to hire a recent college graduate this year, an increase from 2016’s 67%. In fact, it’s the highest outlook since 2007. Spring is in full swing and that means new grads are crossing the stage and finally starting a career in a field for which they have real passion.

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Top 6 Strategies For Hiring During A Recession


As economists struggle to make sense of conflicting data points, companies and hiring teams are moving to proactively build resilience into their hiring strategies. Since the last economic downturn, active job seekers and employers alike have learned that hiring during a recession is a different ball game.

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How I Hire: Nathaniel Talbott CTO of Spreedly

Stack Overflow

As one of the founders of Spreedly, Nathaniel Talbott has been growing the company's team since 2007. We caught up with Talbott to talk about his current role, how Spreedly 's hiring process has changed as they've grown, and the challenges he faces day-to-day.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Recruiting: How to Prevent Bad Hires

NPA Worldwide

The firm is a longtime NPAworldwide member, having joined in 2007. He shares some tips below to help avoid bad hires. Executive recruiting has a clear goal in mind: hire the best person to fill a job opening. But we all know that sometimes the process leads even the best hiring manager or recruiter astray. Don’t do this.

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Seasonal Hiring – Don’t Let It Be Your March Madness

ExactHire Recruiting

Seasonal hiring. The two busiest times for this type of hiring for many companies are before the summer and before the winter holidays. Its okay to be picky when hiring, even for seasonal staff, because the other option is having to retrain (or release) a new employee halfway through the season.

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Gen Z Recruiting Trends: How to Effectively Engage and Hire the Next Generation of Workers

Recruiting Daily

As younger children, many watched their parents and older siblings experience one financial setback after another while struggling through The Great Recession in 2007, then record-high unemployment rates in 2020. Here are three current recruiting trends to more effectively engage and hire Gen Z workers. . And who can blame them?