Lever’s Top Recruiting Blog Posts of 2018


As we wrap up 2018 and head into the new year, it’s fun to look back at the past year to see what we’ve accomplished and learned. We’ve hired some of the most talented professionals on the market, and have been named a Best Place to Work by Fortune. We’ve continued to build out a recruiting platform that helps over 1500 of the world’s most innovative companies source, interview, and hire top talent.

Diversity Job Fairs: Will You Hire Anyone?


An organization that hires to fill a spot or two to meet its diversity needs or an organization whose overall culture is built to foster diversity and inclusion? Most would want to choose the latter because these organizations will not only value an employee’s diversity but also provide infrastructure and opportunity to translate employees’ diversity into creativity and innovation. How are diversity job fairs different from traditional job fairs?


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3 Drastic Ways to Improve Diversity Hiring


The smiling faces in those pictures were as diverse as an ad for United Colors of Benetton. Diversity FeaturedI was on a Fortune 250 company’s website recently and clicked over to its careers page. A career talent-acquisition professional, I’m always curious to see what the company’s career page looks like and how it compares with the rest of the site. When it loaded, I was presented with multiple pictures depicting a “typical” workday at the company.

5 Tips for Recruiting a Diverse Workforce


A lot of focus is placed on how to create diverse work cultures, but having a diverse workforce also largely depends on your recruitment efforts. Here are five tips for improving your diversity recruiting: Advertise the opening on diverse networks. Instead, connect with advocacy groups, community organizations and career networks aimed at diverse professionals to better advertise open positions. Ensure management is diversity-focused.

Hard to Hire: Third-Party Recruiting & the State of Talent Acquisition Report

RECRUITER ENGAGEMENT PLATFORM HARD TO HIRE: 2018 THIRD-PARTY RECRUITING &. Introduction About this Survey The Realities of Today’s Hiring Landscape So What’s a Hiring Manager or Recruiter to Do? Today the hiring landscape is more. hiring market is more.

6 Best Workplace Diversity Trends For 2018


A big focus in recruiting in 2017 was workplace diversity. Workplace diversity is defined as: understanding, accepting, and valuing differences between people of different races, ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, disabilities, and sexual orientations, as well as differences in personalities, skill sets, experiences, and knowledge bases. Here are the 6 best workplace diversity trends for 2018. Adopting a more diverse definition of diversity.

The Diversity Trailblazers Changing Hiring for Good

Social Talent

At SocialTalent, we are dedicating the month of June to the topic of Open-Minded Hiring. The idea that embracing a diverse talent pool right throughout the hiring process is beneficial to a company and its employees should be no surprise (we hope). As well as bringing candidates to your door, open-minded hiring will also; enrich the wider workforce, enhance the company’s corporate reputation, contribute to a diverse leadership team, and attract a vast talent pool.

How can your technical hires be more diverse?

Recruiting Daily

It’s no secret that the IT industry has a talent shortage, but just how short the shortage, and how lacking in diversity the sourcing and staffing efforts have been, is startling. Manpower’s 2018 Group Talent Shortage study honed in on the tech-industry numbers: 47 […]. Blog Posts Featured News codesignal d&i diversity hiring hiring coders inclusion interviewing Recruiting Sourcing tech technical hiring

How to Write Job Descriptions to Attract High Performers and Diverse Talent

Rally Recruitment Marketing

With some small but significant changes to your template, you can use job descriptions to attract higher quality and more diverse applicants. I didn’t think they would hire me since I didn’t meet the qualifications, and I didn’t want to waste my time and energy.”. Keeping the required qualifications to a minimum will invite a more diverse applicant pool. Search for similar jobs as if you are your own future hire.

How a lack of diversity hurts profits


The verdict is clear: If you’re not a diverse company, you’re going to fall behind. Research shows that diverse workforces are intricately linked to the overall success of an organization, including its profits. When it comes down to it, non-diverse companies stagnate. Here’s more information on how a lack of diversity hurts profits: Link to profits. So why exactly does diversity improve a company’s bottom line?

The “Must Attend” Recruiting Conferences of 2018


How to Get More Diverse Candidates from Pipeline to Hire. Speakers: Lou Candiello, Diversity Engagement Leader for Military & Disability Talent at Dell; Susan Graye, Talent Acquisition Manager, Veteran and Diversity Programs at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Glenn Gutmacher, Vice President, Diversity Sourcing at State Street Corporation . in recruiting tech, case studies on employer branding, and developments in diversity recruiting. and Hiring.

Webinar Recap: Six Steps to Better Diversity Hiring


Even today, there is quite a bit of confusion over what diversity hiring really is. There is a mistaken perception that the goal of diversity hiring is to increase workplace diversity for the sake of diversity. In reality, the goal is to hire the best qualified candidate, regardless of race, religion, gender, etc. . During the webinar, discussed reviewing how to effectively audit your hiring process to assess and improve on your current strategy.

JazzHR 120

3 Ways to Encourage Diversity in the Hiring Process

Undercover Recruiter

Diversity continues to be a hot topic in the modern workplace, as organizations seek to establish and develop practices that ensure they hire employees with a wide range of professional backgrounds. With the benefits of a varied workforce well-documented, hiring managers and senior decision-makers are investing time and budget into ensuring they can attract and. Recruiting David Morel diversity hiring process Tiger Recruitment

Workplace Diversity: How To Attract and Retain Amazing Talent

Social Talent

Employers are continuously changing how they approach diverse candidates. After all, it’s a fact that diverse companies perform better. Having a diverse workforce creates innovation and adds creativity. Furthermore, it’s important that you showcase your diverse workforce any way possible. Here we look at diversity initiatives and how you can shape your hiring process around diverse candidates so you can hire amazing talent!

Weekly Diversity and Inclusion News: September 19 - 25, 2018


9 steps to hire a more diverse team. DiversityUse your privilege to help others.

Supporting Diversity with Inclusive Employee Benefits and Perks


Diversity and inclusion efforts are finally beginning to get the attention they deserve, and 35 percent of hiring decision makers expect to increase investment in this area. For some, investing in sourcing a diverse candidate pool is the most worthwhile investment while, for others, software or training to combat unconscious bias will make the biggest impact. Diversity & inclusion

Weekly Diversity and Inclusion News: August 8 - 14, 2018


Hiring practices with unintentional bias. 5 ways to bring more diversity into your organization. Diversity

Why a diverse workforce requires diverse management


Underrepresentation in leadership can make diversity efforts feel hollow and forced. Having wide representation in staff will fall flat without corresponding diversity within management and executive roles at the company. Let’s take a closer look at why a diverse workforce requires diverse management: Closing the gap between intention and reality. Research indicates that diversity in leadership teams is lacking. The benefits of diverse leadership.

How to Build up a Gender Diverse Pipeline Through the Grace Hopper Celebration

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Increasing employer brand awareness among women in tech is essential for companies looking to advance from a Diversity & Inclusion standpoint. Partnering with the AnitaB.org , the organization that presents Grace Hopper, is essential— and I’d venture to say critical—for Diversity & Inclusion programs for two reasons: Employer Brand Awareness. We pulled from interns, full-time employees, recruiters, and folks on our Diversity & Inclusion team.

Weekly Diversity and Inclusion News: November 21 - 27, 2018


Hiring for. diversity. ? Diversity9 ways to retool your process.

Guest Blog: The Three Step Approach to Long Term Diversity


In response to this pressure, many have employed a number of different diversity programs with varying degrees of success. But what result characterizes success for a diversity program? diversity efforts, it’s commonplace for businesses to choose diversity programs without researching their effectiveness, and furthermore fail to track the progress of the programs they’ve implemented. How To: The Three Step Approach to Long Term Diversity. Diversity Task Force.

Embracing diversity in recruiting


The United States gets more diverse by the day, which means the workforce is becoming more diverse as well. Companies that work actively to make their recruiting and hiring practices more diverse are positioning themselves well for a future where. Recruitment Industry Trends diversity recruiting diversity recruitment

Weekly Diversity and Inclusion News: August 22 - 28, 2018


10 ways to attract diverse talent. The benefits of hiring someone outside your industry. Diversity

Weekly Diversity and Inclusion News: July 4 - 10, 2018


How to implement diversity training the right way. 3 hiring mistakes managers should avoid. Diversity

7 Strategies to Hire Diversity of Thought In Your Organization

Achievers - Recruiting

If you want to be ahead of the competition, and bring in more innovation, then think with a diversity of thought mindset. Here are seven winning strategies to ensure you hire employees that bring diversity of thought and ideas. They may be conscious of recruiting people across the diversity spectrum, but are they looking for people who are the “exact right fit” meaning people who think exactly like you? Develop relationships with diversity related organizations.

Open Minded Hiring Leads to Richer and Diverse Talent Pools

Social Talent

We’re blue in the face highlighting the benefits of practising a more open and inclusive hiring strategy. Diverse companies consistently outperform non-diverse companies. Nikki Hayford , beloved SocialTalent presenter and founder of Unikseek has worked tirelessly to help companies become more open-minded in their hiring practices. The benefits of open-minded hiring. There are so many advantages of a more inclusive hiring structure.

4 Trends That Hold The Key to Successful Recruitment in 2018 (LinkedIn Report)

Social Talent

This year, when LinkedIn interviewed industry experts about the state of hiring, four trends rose to the top: diversity, new interviewing tools, data, and artificial intelligence. Following these trends, LinkedIn surveyed nearly 8,800 recruiters and hiring managers to get an idea of how the trends will impact them. Diversity. This came in as the top trend, with 78% of talent leaders, globally, finding that diversity impacts how they hire.

Can a White Guy Lead Your Diversity & Inclusion Efforts?

Fistful of Talent

As an HR professional, that means supporting diversity and inclusion efforts where I work and supporting them in the community in which I live. ” Many CEOs view HR’s seat at the table as an opportunity to improve the diversity of the executive team and therefore feel that the seat is best suited for the token woman, an ethnically diverse candidate, or both. Aren’t we judging the diversity and inclusion book by its cover?

25 Things to Know About Tech Recruiting as You Plan for Q2


How are you doing on your 2018 goals? General Tech Hiring Trends. #1: 1: Dice’s own 2018 Salary Report showed how specialized skills are driving up the salary market. #2: IoT is very important, undoubtedly, but that doesn’t necessarily mean companies are hiring for it at scale just yet. #4: 4: Hiring processes are increasingly revolving more around the candidate’s previous experiences in addition to the skills noted above. Diversity on the Rise. #16:

Dice 182

How to Lean Into Hiring with Lever


Diversity & inclusionFive years ago, Sheryl Sandberg published her bestseller, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. Since then, her book has inspired millions of women to achieve their ambitions and overcome workplace inequalities through its practical advice and wisdom.

How To 159

Greenhouse Raises $50 Million, Touts Diversity Offering


Hired, for example, just raised $30 million. Diversity FeaturedGreenhouse , a popular applicant tracking solution, joined a growing number of its peers raising money lately. Phenom People recently raised $22 million. I could go on, but the gist is recruitment remains hot and the number of firms looking for a piece of the pie is growing.

Could Hiring Boot Camp Grads Help Boost Diversity in Tech?

Undercover Recruiter

We’ve all been inundated with disappointing statistics about the persistent lack of diversity in the tech industry. Could Hiring Boot Camp Grads Help Boost Diversity in Tech? Employer Recruiting Alex North Boot Camps coding degree diversity TechnologyAnd with development positions on the rise nationwide, there is a clear need for employers to look at less traditional funnels when recruiting tech talent.

SHRM 2018: Hiring for Culture Add in the Age of Diversity

Stories Incorporated

A few good things happened to me at the SHRM 2018 conference. But, he spoke specifically about culture fit vs. hiring for culture add, a topic we’ve been talking about at Stories Inc. This surprised me: Startup companies that focused on solely hiring for culture fits were more likely to survive those that recruited based on skills, or a combination of skills and culture fit. Hiring for Culture A dd. Hiring Strategy.

Weekly Diversity and Inclusion News: April 18 - 24, 2018


Women in tech, 7 ways to reduce bias in hiring, & more. Diversity

AI may actually be a positive game-changer in diversity recruiting

Recruiting Daily

Over the last few years, two significant trends stand out: artificial intelligence (AI) and diversity and inclusion (D&I). Blog Posts Featured News Technology advanced tech AI d&i diversity diversity and inclusion hiring inclusion oleoo Recruiting Sourcing tech tech stackAs a discipline, recruiting is particularly buzzy, driven by innovation in strategies and technologies alike.

Weekly Diversity and Inclusion News: April 11 - 17, 2018


Ad wording key to diverse tech hires. Diversity3 ways to further gender equality at work.

Weekly Diversity and Inclusion News: February 7 - 13, 2018


IBM sues over Microsoft’s hiring of chief diversity officer. 3 reasons diversity does not solve for inclusion. Diversity

Hiring with Diversity in Your Company

Newton Software

What is Diversity Recruitment? Hiring for diversity is the process of removing unconscious bias from the recruitment process, resulting in a candidate pool that possesses a wider variety of skill sets, educational backgrounds, and experiences. On the surface, diversity in hiring may sound like a simple concept, but in practice, it’s quite difficult to completely remove unconscious bias from a company’s recruitment efforts. Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace.

It’s Time For Companies To Act On Diversity Fatigue

Social Talent

At SocialTalent, we’ve dedicated the month of June to the theme of open-minded hiring. With the topics of diversity and inclusion becoming more prominent in the tech world, as well as international Pride month, it’s the perfect time to cast an eye on our organisations and ask if we are being as inclusive and committed to diversity as we think we are. What is diversity fatigue? Diversity VS Inclusion? Does your company have a diversity issue?

Weekly Diversity and Inclusion News: January 3 - 9, 2018


5 mistakes that can sabotage diversity hiring. DiversityJob interviews without gender.