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Employee Turnover: It’s Time to Focus on Retention


Imagine having to turn new clients away due to employee turnover and staffing shortages. Retention, what’s the big deal? Employee retention will continue to be a top priority for business owners as they compete to gain and retain top talent.

The Best Staffing Industry Conferences Of 2020


Recruitment and staffing industry conferences are a great opportunity to interact with some of the top authorities and innovators in the industry. There’s no better way to keep your finger on the pulse of the staffing world than by diving into a great event – even if we have to change our expectations as to how they’re delivered and experienced. StaffingTec 2020 Technology Conference & MatchMaker Meetings. NAPS 2020 Annual Conference. Staffing Hub Live!


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The Tech-Driven, Collaborative Future of Healthcare Staffing

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Source: Roman Motizov / Shutterstock. Before COVID-19, the 2020 U.S. At the same time, HR leaders require increased aid to improve healthcare staffing efforts in terms of hiring, retention, and engagement. Optimizing Healthcare Staffing with Digitalization.

Fostering Hiring and Finance Team Collaboration During Times of Constant Change

ClearCompany Recruiting

These departments have many overlapping goals and deliverables, such as: Keeping staffing levels and compensation spending controlled to support business growth or consolidation scenarios. Forecasting the proper hiring plan and staffing levels when growth resumes.

Starting a Staffing Agency: Should you be using a recruitment CRM?


If you find yourself asking the question “Should my staffing agency already be using recruitment CRM?” Conversion, retention, and ROI. In terms of retention, a recruitment CRM helps your business display progress easily, showcase results, and keep track of client preferences.

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5 Ways to Decrease Hiring Costs When the Economy Reopens

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5 Ways to Decrease Hiring Costs When the Economy Reopens One of the critical challenges that businesses will face as the 2020 economy reopens will be recruiting and hiring new talent on tightened budgets.

Recruitment trends: 10 experts share what’s in store for 2020


Tailored to temp & contract recruitment; source, place and manage contractors with ease & speed. Talent Sourcing. Recruitment trends: 10 experts share what’s in store for 2020. Or, “What will the year 2020 bring for my industry?” January 10, 2020.

The State of the UK Staffing Sector: Was September a turning point?

The Staffing Stream

For many, September was touted as the month that things would start to get back to “normal,” However it brought a mix of local lockdowns, further changes to the job retention scheme and various government announcements that will continue to reshape the business environment in the UK.

Master Seasonal Staffing Demands with Technology

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Source: Willyam Bradberry / Shutterstock. Staffing Efficiency. Given the difficulty in accurately forecasting staffing needs for the holidays during the summer, on-demand hourly work platforms are a way to avoid over-hiring.

Why is Direct Sourcing Critical To Optimize Your Temp Workforce?

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Although contingent labor plays a critically role in achieving business objectives, enterprises lack strategies such as leveraging employer brand to attract talent, building employee referrals and other web-based talent attraction channels, talent retention frameworks in their temp labor ecosystem.

HR Tech Tools That Can Influence Staffing Firms In 2020

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The HR tech industry will experience continued growth and evolution in 2020. In this article, I am pinpointing a few HR Tech tools that every staffing professional should implement to have an effective, efficient, and expert workforce in 2020. . . It can improve employee retention and ensure high-quality candidates that can be the right fit for the job.

How HR’s Digital Transformation Will Elevate the Candidate/Employee Experience in 2020

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The importance of creating a positive candidate experience will grow in 2020, reflecting an ongoing job seekers’ market with continuing low unemployment. That same study also found companies with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%.

Maximize Redeployment Rates to Boost Your Staffing Agency’s ROI


But despite the obvious movement today’s workforce is making, most staffing agencies haven’t gotten the message: redeployment should be front and center to play a strategic role in an agency’s business model. . Why Candidate Redeployment Equals Easy Revenue for Staffing Agencies.

HR Tech Tools That Can Influence Staffing Firms In 2020

Recruiting Blogs

The HR tech industry will experience continued growth and evolution in 2020. In this article, I am pinpointing a few HR Tech tools that every staffing professional should implement to have an effective, efficient, and expert workforce in 2020. . . It can improve employee retention and ensure high-quality candidates that can be the right fit for the job.

The Ultimate Guide to Healthcare Recruiting and Staffing

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Special Considerations with Healthcare Staffing. As a staffing organization, either internal or external to a healthcare facility, you want to make sure you’re maintaining multiple pools of candidates. There are also healthcare-focused HR platforms you can use for staffing.

How to Retain Employees in a Post-Covid Landscape

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The bottom line: employee retention remains as important now as ever. Prioritize employee retention initiatives. Retention initiatives can be a more powerful investment when compared to the downside associated with attrition. Covid-19 Staffing

Onboarding: Adapting to a New Normal

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Source: De Repente / Shutterstock. Still others are simply looking to satisfy their typical staffing needs. Moving forward includes moving forward with staffing needs. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Learning & Development business hiring pandemic staffing

Employee Turnover: How to Keep Employees from Leaving After an M&A

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Source: Vitalii Vodolazskyi / Shutterstock. Here are six actionable tips to consider when facing an M&A while navigating the risks involved in employee retention: 1. Offer A Retention Agreement or Incentive. Employee retention is a struggle for many companies.

What Is Retained Search and Is It Right For My Company?

4 Corner Resources Staffing Blog

If you’re thinking of hiring a recruiting agency, you’re probably comparing the different recruiting models they might use and the staffing agreements you might enter into. As we mentioned, in a retained search agreement a fee is paid upfront to secure the staffing firm and launch the search.

Candidate Experience with JobTalk


A positive hiring and onboarding experience is also where talent retention starts. What are some of the consequences of candidates having a negative experience with an employer, recruiter, or staffing agency during the hiring process? Are we there yet?

4 Ways a Paycard Loyalty Program Drives Positive Behaviors and Benefits Your Bottom Line


Paycards reduce paper checks, which minimizes fraud, theft, and fees for staffing agencies. Now that you understand the many reasons staffing firms should offer a paycard and the most important things to consider when choosing a paycard provider for your staffing agency, we’re excited to share how a staffing paycard loyalty program can drive positive behaviors in your temporary workforce, while simultaneously benefitting both your bottom line and your clients’!

Recruiting Metrics: 37 Ways Talent Acquisition Teams Create and Measure Success


Human resources departments can make the case for better employee retention efforts by comparing those costs with the cost of new hire training. The number of hires required to meet your hiring/staffing goals as a recruiting division. Sales/Staffing Ratio. Applications by Source.

15 Must Read HRTech Stories From Summer 2020

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August 11, 2020. August 5, 2020. July 27, 2020. July 27, 2020. ?. Google joins multiple other companies who press for remote work until September 2020 or beyond, including Facebook and Microsoft. July 21, 2020. July 21, 2020. ?. July 20, 2020. ?.

How to Advance Diversity & Inclusion in Your Contingent Workforce — and Why It Matters

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Leaders also partner with suppliers who share their D&I values, including having a strategy to capture candidate diversity profile, supplier outreach to diverse candidate sources, and percentage of diverse candidates within their talent pool.

How the Candidate Journey Impacts Your Brand

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On the other hand, ensuring candidates experience a highly tuned journey is the best way to protect your brand, attract new talent, and increase retention across your talent pool. PREMIUM CONTENT: Developments in Data Privacy: 2020 Global Update. Retention and redeployment.

Applicant tracking system guide: From A to Z


Give you a headstart on employee retention with better screened and qualified candidates. Another route altogether is an open source applicant tracking system. The three main categories are enterprise, staffing agencies and SMBs. Table of contents.

How to Balance Speed and Quality When Making Hiring Decisions

Glassdoor for Employers

They’ll either conduct quick job searches or partner with staffing agencies to expedite that process for short-term gain. Unfortunately, fast hires do little to help long-term retention or build organizational continuity. Good things take time — especially in recruiting.

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8 Benefits of Using Internships as a Recruiting Tool

4 Corner Resources Staffing Blog

For employers, an intern recruitment program can offer a reliable channel for training skilled workers and sourcing future talent. Improved Retention of New Hires Want to improve your new-hire retention rate? The one-year retention rate?

Tools 79

Satisfy Candidate Expectations with the Latest Technology

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Source: / shutterstock. Want to learn more about trends in recruiting, retention, and the role of technology in workforce management? Access “ 2020 Staffing Imperatives: Workforce Strategies Every Employer Should Know ,” or contact Aerotek now.

How Trevor Jenkins Makes a Difference Through DEI

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Black Tech Jobs—A platform used for targeted searches/job postings and to engage the organization around its staffing model; the platform is augmented along with other internal recruiting efforts.

7 Ways To Hire Faster By Nurturing Candidates

4 Corner Resources Staffing Blog

If you’re not using Slack as a sourcing channel, you’re missing out on a diverse and highly skilled pool of workers. In a study on employee retention , Glassdoor found that 74% of its users read at least four reviews on a company before forming an opinion about it.

The Top HR Job Titles, Explained

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A recruiter manages the full scope of talent acquisition activities: identifying hiring needs, writing job listings, advertising job openings, sourcing candidates through various channels, screening applicants, conducting interviews and weighing in on hiring decisions.

Turnover Rate: What Is It? and How to Get It Under Control


Understanding turnover rate is essential to creating a talent acquisition and retention strategy that allows you to be proactive in sourcing and hiring and helps you avoid scrambling for talent at the last minute. Image source: OfficeVibe.

Attract Top Candidates With These 11 In-Demand Perks and Benefits

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By providing the best insurance plans possible, your employees will feel like you actually care about their overall health and well-being — leading to improved job satisfaction that results in increased employee retention rates and productivity.

Balancing Act Part 2: When Negative Client Employment Brands Complicate Things

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When it comes to recruiting efforts, staffing firms must understand and promote a client’s brand, because it affects all stages of the talent acquisition process, from sourcing to interviewing to onboarding to engagement to retention. Marketing Staffing

Strategies for Culture Change Management that Works

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Tips For Successful Culture Change Management Align Your Culture with Your Business Strategy If your company culture and your business strategy are at odds, you’re setting yourself up for a very dysfunctional workplace that can turn into a retention and recruiting nightmare.

Top 5 HR Blogs That You Need to Read in 2020

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Best HR Blog about Retention. Source: hrtechnologist. Source : HRbartender. . Best HR blog post about HR Trends in 2020. HR trends Organisations Need to Prepare For in 2020. Source: talentlyft. . Source: candidatezip. . HR Tech Tools in 2020. Source: Recruitingblogs. This blog pinpoints a few HR Tech tools that every staffing professional should implement to have an effective, efficient, and expert workforce in 2020. . .

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A Look at the State of Talent Management in Manufacturing


Companies find themselves juggling new demands regarding worker safety and managing staffing issues related to quarantines or shutdowns. . The future is bright for U.S. manufacturing in many ways. Manufacturing remains a major factor in U.S.

7 Classic Marketing Principles You Can Use to Attract Talent

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When employees feel aligned with their company’s values, it breeds greater engagement , which drives both productivity and retention. . Breathe new life into your staffing strategy with creative solutions from 4 Corner Resources. Hiring Recruiting & Staffing

Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


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