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Effectively Using Your ‘Digital Real Estate’ to Attract Talent

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There’s a ton of real estate in the e-mail space, and if you aren’t using that space effectively, you could be losing candidates’ interest before they’ve even read the job description. Benefits Outside of Recruiting.

Remote Onboarding for Staffing Agencies – Best Practices


Last year, virtually onboarding new hires went from a rarity to an absolute necessity for businesses all around the world. How can staffing agencies get remote onboarding right? Onboarding New Hires As Remote Employees. Personalize Onboarding for Each New Hire.


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How to Calculate Your Staffing Agency’s Burden Rate & Bill Rate


If you’re moving into a leadership role at a staffing agency, or thinking about starting your own shop, there are three key terms you need to understand to price your services properly. Staffing agencies in neighboring counties will have different burden rates for the exact same job.

The Many Ways to Give Back to the Staffing Community

The Staffing Stream

In the staffing world, there are a number of opportunities to partner with workforce development nonprofits to give back to the community. Doing so helps build your organization into a better business, and there is more than one way a staffing company can exercise this philanthropy.

5 Essential Skills Every Staffing Industry Professional Needs for Success in 2020


AI, robotics, and automation have all made their mark on retail, real estate, and even HR in recent years. And, as we head into 2020, staffing industry professionals are also seeing significant changes here.

How Pro R.E.A. Staffing helps its clients hire with confidence


a staffing agency focused on the real estate sector, was looking for ways to help clients hire with confidence. That way, hiring managers can make decisions with full confidence that candidates have the required skills to do the job, and do it well. Additionally, reviewing thousand of résumés is not an efficient use of anyone’s time, and it slows down the entire hiring process. A new way of hiring. They can hire with confidence.

Legal Hiring in 2019: What Managers Need to Know

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The start of a new year is a great time to hire new legal staff. If you’re like many law firms and corporate legal departments in the United States, that’s good news, as litigation and other specialty areas are driving organizations into hiring mode in the beginning of 2019. But 91% of hiring managers said it is challenging to find the skilled legal professionals they seek. Benefits Get an Upgrade. Uptick for In-House and Flexible Hiring.

Accounting Firms: Top Companies to Consider When Switching Jobs

Professional Alternatives

The accounting industry is growing around the world, with a number of accounting firms offering positions with different responsibilities, pay, title, and benefits. Many of these companies are starting to ramp up their hiring efforts for accounting jobs.

The Evolution Of Recruiters: The Nature Of Hiring Has Changed


Sure, it’s a term generally reserved for real estate transactions, yet it seems to bear striking similarities to the current state of employment. We’re deep in the thick of a paradigm shift where characteristics such as entrepreneurialism, intrapreneurialism, supertemps and the freelance economy have changed the nature of hiring. Similar shifts are taking place in real estate. The same is true of staffing professionals. Human Resources and Hiring

How to Accurately Calculate Your Recruiting Cost Per Hire

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Many people don’t think about it, but there’s a cost associated with hiring new people to fill roles in any company. This applies regardless of whether you’re doing everything bespoke and in-house, or you’re hiring a company to handle recruiting for you.

Highest Rated CEOs During the COVID-19 Crisis

Glassdoor for Employers

Common trends among the Highest Rated CEOs During COVID-19 include: prioritizing work-life balance, taking care of employees' overall well-being, offering flexible and/or remote working policies, establishing strong health benefits and maintaining frequent, clear communication.

Your Guide to Hiring Million Dollar Talent

The Hire Talent

Your Guide to Hiring Million Dollar Talent. The FACT-Driven Hiring System includes: Creating the Framework for identifying and attracting your ideal candidates is the foundation of your hiring efforts. It all starts with developing The FACT-Driven Hiring System. Benefits.

How to Hire and Train Top Performing Virtual Assistants with Anne Lackey

The Hire Talent

In this episode, we sat down with Anne Lackey to discuss how you can hire and train the best virtual assistants. They solve these issues by taking the guesswork out of hiring virtual assistants and placing the best VA’s for your company. You hire an accountant.

Why Most HR People Hate Recruiting


In fact, on , Liz Ryan lumps HR people in with lawyers, parking enforcement officers, used car salespeople, real estate agents, debt collectors and bouncers as professionals who have a bad rap. Mayhew also lists such responsibilities as handling compensation and benefits, job safety and training and development as belonging to HR people. Improving staffing was last on the list. For expert recruiting help, please don’t hesitate to give Hire Value Inc.

Business survival planning in a crisis: Lessons from the front lines


Kevin – whose Maine-based family-owned lumber business was hit hard by the housing and mortgage market collapse of 2007-2008 – regrets that he didn’t do enough to keep the boat afloat at the time: “One of the biggest lessons for me is to manage in real time.

Is Remote Work Here to Stay?

Media Staffing Network

Many feel that this is the most desirable benefit that a company can offer. They state that real estate alone is $10,000 per employee. Companies who embrace this benefit enjoy reduced cost of employment, less turnover, fewer sick days, and increased employee retention. As we continue to strive to add more Millennial and Gen Z workers to our teams, this is an excellent benefit to offer. Hiring Managers Job Seekers RecruitingBy Laurie Kahn.

Content Roundup: 3 Recruiting Articles to Read in September 2018


Companies are reporting anywhere from 20 to 50 percent of job applicants disappearing during the process, recruiting and hiring teams are scrambling to find answers. You’re seeing job candidates with more options,” says Dawn Fay, district president of staffing firm Robert Half in the New York City area. The phenomenon has caused companies to rethink the hiring process. Others have decided to expect a few “ghosts” and hire more staff than required.

The More Recruiting Changes, The More It Stays The Same.

Recruiting Daily

And we continue to talk about the exact same things in an endless cycle of recognizing the problem, but failing to find any real solution. The mechanisms of hiring really haven’t changed all that much over the course of history – of course, entrapment and enslavement had a much higher acceptance rate than most modern comp and benefits plans, but with way worse employee engagement and satisfaction. In my 18 years of staffing, I’ve learned a lot.

11 Stats You Should Know If You are Recruiting Contractors in the U.S.

Linkedin Talent Blog

Co-authored by Christopher Lawrence Recruiting contractors has become a popular way to hire: 20% to 30% of the workforce in the US and the EU-15 are independent workers, according to the McKinsey Global Institute , 42% of U.S. executives plan on hiring more of them in the coming years, and some experts are estimating they will make up fully half of it a decade from now. Expect a lot of competition of you’re hiring talent in those areas, along with other technical skills.

Steps to Take Before Seeking a New Job in the Legal Industry

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Furthermore, approximately ninety-seven percent of major law firms in Florida and across the country made a lateral partner hire within the past five years. Your self-assessment should also contain a pros and cons list addressing the benefits and risks of pursuing a new job.

Culture Marketing: Creating A Culture That Rocks

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And, speaking of healthcare, who can forget some of the recruiting promotions and staffing stunts that have gone on in this sector over the last two decades or so? People – What processes have you put in place to ensure the organization is hiring only right-fit talent that reflect your brand? “Find people who are competent and really bright, but more importantly, people who care exactly about the same things you care about.” – Steve Jobs.


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Joining with Recruit allows Glassdoor to accelerate its innovation and growth to help job seekers find a job and company they love while also helping employers hire quality candidates," said Robert Hohman, Glassdoor CEO and co-founder, who will continue to lead the company. "I I look forward to leading Glassdoor through this exciting new chapter, and to exploring ways to use our combined resources and assets to benefit job seekers, employees and employers once the deal closes.". “I

Attractive-People-Only Job Board Opens

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As ridiculous as it was that eHarmony moved into the hiring sphere , yesterday an even more outrageous plot was unveiled. The Telegraph broke the press release that is launching an online staffing tool in which employers can advertise openings to BeautifulPeople’s database of 750,000 attractive people, who in turn can apply directly through the site.

Attractive-People-Only Job Board Opens

Staffing Talk

As ridiculous as it was that eHarmony moved into the hiring sphere , yesterday an even more outrageous plot was unveiled. The Telegraph broke the press release that is launching an online staffing tool in which employers can advertise openings to BeautifulPeople’s database of 750,000 attractive people, who in turn can apply directly through the site.

How to Choose an External Recruitment Agency

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So here it is… There are many perfectly good reasons for engaging with an external recruitment agency when you need to hire someone for your business, but there are also many risks and pitfalls that can prove costly, if you don’t go about it the right way. Mostly small, to be fair, because for an industry famed for its low barriers to entry (no Real Estate licence required here folks, just a phone and an internet connection) there are new firms popping up on a daily basis.

All Good In the Hood: How Recruiting Can Live Side by Side With HR.

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If you’ve ever worked in this weird little corner of the business world, you already know the fact that the point of hire becomes a point of contention, since each respective faction works exclusively on different touch points in the employee experience (which, of course, inevitably starts with the candidate experience). The collective property value of our professional real estate pretty much depends on it, and I, for one, don’t want to end up underwater.

Contingent Search - Still A Very Flawed Industry

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I just refuse to believe, or even understand, why staffing firms and their customers still bang their heads against this rock, both complicit in the madness. At a time when the contemporary staffing business was coming into vogue (80's) things were different, right? Smaller companies just follow along because it's common knowledge that staffing firms will work for free. At least 3 of the firms that pay salaries, benefits and related expense are losing money from the get-go.

Analysis On How Audit Will Change More In Coming Years?

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In big companies, internal audit departments are adequately staffed. Vacancies Are Increasing According to the hiring trend of companies and our observation, the number of vacancies in internal auditing is rising. This situation is problematic for the organizations (especially banks) who wants to hire candidates with more experience and less budget. Recruitment of internal auditors in this sector is currently biased towards replacement hires.