Will Recruiters Exist in 2027?


In 2027, I don’t know if the job title will continue to be ‘recruiter’. What do you think the job will look like in 2027? The post Will Recruiters Exist in 2027? Ten years from now, will machines replace the recruiters?

What to expect in 2027? Predicting the Future of Recruitment


It is often widely accepted that the sphere of recruiting is more about the human element than it is about technology. Do you agree? What will recruitment look like in 5 or 10 years? Candidates Hiring Talent Social Media Source

72% of Employers Expect Talent Acquisition Roles Will be Automated by 2027

The Hiring Site

While it may be tempting to assume that automation only effects manual labor intensive jobs, that’s not exactly the case.

The Future of Work is More Human Than You Might Think

The Muse

Three predictions about work in 2027 from WeWork, The Muse, Google, and more. Employer Resources

Stop Hiring. Start Contracting: Why Freelance is the New Full Time


Kasriel predicts that “by 2027, the majority of the US workforce will be freelance,” and points to a study from McKinsey Global Institute, that suggests freelancers could add $2.7

How to Prep for the Age of AI in Recruiting

Linkedin Talent Blog

In 2027, HR and recruiting will look way different, and artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots will play a big part in that disruption. They’re already starting to make an impact today—in a decade, they’ll be essential tools.

Lances for Hire: Are Companies Prepared for the Self-Employed Workforce?


million Americans currently freelance—that’s 36 percent of the US workforce —and projects this growth to reach over 50 percent by 2027.

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