3 Fundamentals in Keeping Your Nonprofit Employees Engaged

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As the leader of a nonprofit, you’re pulled in a lot of directions. Running a nonprofit organization is no simple task! Here are three essential mindsets nonprofit organization leaders must maintain in order to keep your workers happy and engaged. While generous bonuses and raises may be difficult to produce on a tight and constantly shifting nonprofit budget, it’s not only monetary rewards that can keep your organization’s employees feeling fulfilled.

WorldatWork and Main Data Group Partner to Offer Members Access to Executive Pay Module

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WorldatWork, the nonprofit professional association in compensation and total rewards, has launched a partnership with Main Data Group. Benefits Administration


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3 Ways to Close the Widening Gender Pay Gap


Help increase that number by looking out for all types of discrepancies in compensation. According to the Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s nonprofit organization LeanIn.org , women request promotions and raises just as frequently as men, yet on average are still promoted more slowly and paid a smaller salary. Intelligence Uncategorized compensation pay gap salary wage gapSome may find it hard to believe that in this day and age, women are still being paid less than men.

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How Nonprofit Organizations (NPOs) Can Hire Great Employees


Hiring is always a challenge but nonprofit organizations face additional hurdles when searching for great employees. According to Nonprofit Quarterly , an estimated 14.4 Here are a few more to be aware of: Compensation can be lower – Since most people stand to earn more in the for-profit sector, compensation is often a candidate’s main deterrent to accepting a job with a NPO.

Vaccine PTO Credit

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One such incentive in the American Rescue Plan (ARP) is a tax credit for small businesses and nonprofits that offer paid leave for employees to get vaccinated. Benefits and Compensation Coronavirus (COVID-19) HR Management & Compliance COVID-19 EEOC GINA Paid Time Off PTO vaccine

How One Company Supports Employees with Mental Health Issues

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She adds that the company’s initiative comes with the support of a nonprofit “that’s very much focused on mental health. The nonprofit they work with helps them understand these signs and what to do when they see them.

Student Loan Assistance Boosted by Recent Legislation

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Benefits and Compensation employees news PSLF taxesThe first 3 months of 2021 have been packed with major nationwide events, including significant news surrounding management of the $1.7 trillion in student loans.

The Juggling Act of Salary Planning for 2020

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It’s HR’s favorite time of the compensation cycle when organizations begin thinking about their salary budgets for the coming year. Between compliance with federal/state regulations and ensuring that annual compensation planning processes run smoothly, to say HR has a lot on its plate is an understatement. What steps are you taking to communicate compensation changes (regulatory or standard process) to your employees?

Burnout Crisis: Why Companies Should Invest in Wellness Programs Now More Than Ever

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Journey also operates corporate programs with organizations ranging from Facebook, Disney, and Nike to charter schools, hospitals, and nonprofits. Benefits and Compensation HR Management & Compliance employees Google wellness Work/ Life workplace stressIt’s no secret that the modern workforce is plagued by high levels of employee stress and burnout. According to the American Institute of Stress, an alarming 94% of the American workforce experienced workplace stress in 2019.

Is Training Time Paid? DOL Reiterates Standard Position

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Chiefly, when is the time compensable? The letter involved a nonprofit hospice care provider with a variety of clinical staff, all of whom need continuing education units (CEUs). The DOL considers the hours to be compensable. The latter will typically result in compensable time.

Salaries Are Up—Workers Rejoice! (Or Not.)


Earlier this week, World at Work, a nonprofit association of compensation and total rewards professionals, reported that its 2018–19 Salary Budget Survey showed a 3.1 percent average salary increase budget for 2018 in the U.S., barely breaking a four-year streak of 3 percent per year from 2014 to 2017.[1] 1] But given the impact of inflation, […]. The post Salaries Are Up—Workers Rejoice! (Or Or Not.) appeared first on Bersin by Deloitte. Leadership & Succession

The Role Men Can Play in Fostering a Diverse Workplace


Male support is essential to a diverse workplace, global nonprofit Catalyst reported. When not addressed or recognized, this bias clouds reviews, compensation and promotions among women and minorities. In today’s cultural landscape, men may find it difficult to know where they can help promote workplace diversity. And that’s only counting the men who are already in support of equality.

High Unemployment is Not an Excuse to Avoid Hiring Process Improvement

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That meant candidates received multiple job offers, employers boosted their total compensation packages and some jobs went unfilled for long periods of time.

New Law Allows Employers to Make Temporary Changes to FSAs

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On December 27, 2020, President Donald Trump signed the Economic Aid to Hard Hit Small Businesses, Nonprofits and Venues Act into law. Benefits and Compensation benefits employees health President Donald Trump

Learning Corner with Jeffrey Pfeffer: Get Out of Your Own Way on Your Path to Power

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Possessing political skill—the ability to develop and wield power effectively—among other things positively predicted job performance , employee support, and dimensions of career success including total compensation, promotions and career and life satisfaction.

Years of Service Awards: How to Make Employee Anniversaries Unforgettable

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Relying on compensation to keep employees around is naïve. Ask the award recipient’s department, family, or friends for tips on where to donate, and commemorate the employee’s milestone by contributing to that nonprofit.

3 Ways to Cut through the Chaos and Attract Great Talent

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However, for organizations with tight budgets like cause-based nonprofits, state & native governments, and academic establishments, competitive against the non-public sector supported compensation alone is troublesome to try to.

Supreme Court Upholds Broad Exemption to ACA Contraceptive Mandate

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Later, the exemption was expanded from houses of worship to include religiously affiliated nonprofit organizations. Benefits and Compensation ACA exemptions HRSA rulesThe U.S.

Summer Hammons: Finding Her Way into Diversity, Equity, and Belonging

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Shortly after graduating college, she was offered an administrative assistant position with a nonprofit. Compensation is reviewed firmwide to ensure there are no pay inequities.”.

DEI Strategies Start at the Top

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Give them the title and the opportunities to shine and create impact; don’t expect them to create impact without the title or compensation that would be offered to their white counterparts.

Why Use Retained Executive Search Firms?

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Retained executive search firms can be expensive, often charging as much of 33% of total executive compensation. There is a significant number of nonprofit executive search firms and academia search firms. From private equity specialists to nonprofit and mission-based organizations.

The Next Gen of Top Performers Won’t Come from the Ivy Leagues

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Her experience includes leadership roles in private and public companies, board positions for nonprofits and municipalities, building high-performance teams, and driving sustainable growth. With $1.5

Apprenticeships: A Game Changer for Talent Pipelines

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Historically, both the apprentice and teacher had clearly defined obligations from the start, compensation during training was guaranteed, and most apprentices would begin their careers when training concluded. At my nonprofit — which matches tech companies with trained individuals — we’ve seen that these programs have a lasting positive impact not just on the bottom line, but also on employee recruiting and retention. Apprenticeships have been around since the Middle Ages.

What are Retained Executive Search Firms?

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Retained executive search firms can be expensive, often charging as much of 33% of total executive compensation. There is a significant number of nonprofit executive search firms and academia search firms. As alluded to earlier, a retainer is expensive – fee structures will vary from firm to firm, but 33% of total executive compensation is not unusual. From private equity specialists to nonprofit and mission-based organizations.

12 Companies Ramping Up Their Diversity & Inclusion Efforts - and How You Can Too

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What Employees Say: "Great benefits for compensation and health." - Current Employee. Following our review, we once again made appropriate pay adjustments as part of our annual compensation cycle.

Innovative Approaches to Attracting Talent

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And with more and more states and cities enacting pay equity legislation (including Massachusetts), it is important to know that you need to review compensation against not only the market but also gender-specific compliance rules. Top candidates want to work for organizations that make a difference, whether they are for-profit or nonprofit. It is no secret that there is a “war for talent” in the business world to attract the best and the brightest.

How HR Leaders Can Earn—and Keep—a Seat at the Leadership Table

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Not only must HR manage the administrative processes affecting compensation, performance, and workplace safety, but it is also often tasked with the tall order of creating an employee engagement plan—or, in layman’s terms, a company culture.

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4 Tips for Conducting Remote Interviews


“The typical telecommuter is a 49-year-old college graduate — man or woman — who earns about $58,000 a year and belongs to a company with more than 100 employees, according to numbers culled from the Census Bureau’s annual American Community Survey… “The most complete definition is someone employed full time at a private, nonprofit or government organization, who works at least half the time at home.”

How Are Business Leaders Improving Diversity in Industrial Manufacturing?

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That means more than just revising company values and putting out a press release – it means creating specific training programs, new policies, and quantifying goals for hiring, promotion, compensation, and other factors.

Best of the Bay: The Bay Area?s Top-Rated Workplaces in 2018


Salesforce is a cloud computing company that earned high employee ratings for its culture as well as compensation and benefits. This same concept reflects a strong culture of service , with the company operating on a 1:1:1 model: it donates 1% of its technology to nonprofits, commits 1% of the employees’ time to community service and gives 1% of its equity to nonprofits. The company received high praise for its compensation and benefits packages as well as work–life balance.

Inside the Benefits KNF&T Offers That You Won’t Want to Miss Out On

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We regularly review compensation to make sure our hourly rates are competitive with market conditions. . If no clients need you on a given day, you can work for us or a nonprofit organization. .

18 Ways: How to Find your Dream Candidate for 2017

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Niche Job Boards: Instead of putting your job listing into the mix of the huge job sites, you can target ideal candidates by using smaller, niche job boards that service specific business sectors and categories such as creative, media, nonprofit, start up, technology, etc. Community Outreach: Approach a nonprofit organization for assistance with sourcing candidates. After all, these days companies are judged on more than just the financial compensation given.

Staffing News Of The Day, October 24, 2012

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A new law authored by Assemblyman Das Williams will target unethical contractors who intentionally underreport and/or fail to report the hiring of new employees in an attempt to avoid paying full workers’ compensation premiums. The Lawton Group aligns with local nonprofit second chance for “Doing Well By Doing Good” Campaign. OSHA’s Top 10 Violations for 2012 announced at National Safety Council Congress & Expo. NSC].

Hiring and Retaining a Dispersed Workforce

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There’s a lot of competition among employers, with more offering compensation and benefits packages designed to give the changing workforce exactly what it wants (Source: Entrepreneur article, 2018). Remote work is no longer a thing of the future — it’s very much how we work now.

NonprofitMegaphone: An All-remote Company Empowering Non-Profits

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Hiring remotely gives us access to a much larger talent pool of potential applicants, meaning we can bring on people who not only share our work ethic but also our mission of empowering nonprofits. Our guest today is Grant Hensel, CEO, NonprofitMegaphone. Grant, lots of startups leverage remote work and freelancers at the very beginning to save costs. Is this the case with NonprofitMegaphone, too? When I started NonprofitMegaphone, I structured our work environment to be fully remote.

Company Culture Top Driver of Employee Satisfaction

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three industries stand out as having the most variance among the aforementioned workplace factors: Government, nonprofit and education. are slightly more likely to prioritize work-life balance while male employees are slightly more likely to prioritize compensation and benefits — however, these gender differences are small. Company Culture Senior Leadership and Career Opportunities Top Drivers of Employee Satisfaction.

How HR Certifications Can Impact Career Trajectory

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Globally, human resource certification is seen valuable on career trajectory and salary compensation for HR professionals. For the most part, it does offer HR professionals a boost in salary compensation. Nonprofits - 24.5%. PayScale’s salary and demographic information have seen multiple resumes having at least one HR certification. With upcoming trends and technology emergence, there has been a growing need for HR certifications among human resource professionals.

IWD 2020: Tips for Engaging and Retaining Female Talent

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Compensation cloud software company, beqom recently sought to understand which gender-related issues are impacting the workplace. As younger women, we can remember being passionate about nonprofit causes and had activities outside our academic lives that brought us great joy,” says Koehler.

Important Aspects of Rural Telehealth Program Development

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Depending on the model, startup costs may include distance clinical staff compensation and on-site clinical and other staff training, telehealth platform and related costs, equipment and maintenance, and telehealth technical support. verbaska/123RF.com. Coming to a Rural Town Near You.

Perk Up: The Best Employee Benefits for Attracting and Retaining Talent

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When faced with two offers with equivalent monetary compensation, candidates can be swayed by a robust benefit offering. Money talks, but benefits may do more than salary to help you stand apart as an employer of choice.