Social Recruiting: You’re Doing It Wrong.

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Here’s the thing about being a recruiter. That’s why when I tell a story, I always feel like I have to point out that it’s true – as a recruiter, some things are just too weird to put out there without putting out a disclaimer. What the hell is social about that?

The Most Buzzed-About Social Recruiting Posts of the Week


As a branding professional I am of the belief that true brand equity is built over time through the promotion of a series of consistent messages that promote a firm’s unique offering — or value proposition.

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4 Industry-Changing Recruitment News Stories You Must See this Week – 7th November 2016

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In recruitment news this week: Introducing “LinkedIn Salary”. How will LinkedIn Salary affect recruiters? LinkedIn’s Ryan Sandler believes the new feature will provide 2 new ways to improve your recruiting experience: 1.

8 Fascinating Recruitment News Stories – 14th September 2015

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In the news this week: SHRM Survey Reveals 2/3 of Companies Made Social Media Hires in the Last Year. Two-thirds of all companies have sourced new hires in the last year from social media , that’s according to a new study conducted by SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management).

Microsoft’s LinkedIn Deal is Great News for Recruiters

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The two “social” networks had spent the last 10 years in diametrically opposed camps, one staunchly related to the place of work, and the other squarely focused on life outside work.

8 Recruitment News Stories the Industry is Buzzing About this Week – 31st August 2015

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In the news this week: NEW LinkedIn Recruiter Search Insights Surface Valuable Talent Pool Data. According to a Bersin study , one thing that top recruiters have in common is the ability to analyze and understand talent pools. RELATED: A Recruiter’s Handbook Guide to Snapchat ).

8 Completely Unmissable Recruitment News Stories this Week – 17th August 2015

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The results tell us which countries in 2014 had the most professional migrants in 2014 and the general direction in which they moved – potential indications of economic performance through 2015, but also useful information for recruiters trying to place candidates in the top 20 countries.

7 Juicy Recruitment News Stories to Sink Your Teeth Into – 16th May 2016

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In recruitment news this week: REC April Jobs Report Reveals Surge in Temp Billings. ” Speaking to Hopkins, website organiser, Michael Foster, said: “The whole scene was set up to rectify the imbalance of people who do not recruit to the media black and Asian people.

7 Incredibly Intriguing Recruitment News Stories this Week – 6th June 2016

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In recruitment news this week: Say “Goodbye” to SimplyHired. And, according to Recruitment Grapevine , LinkedIn is a possibility as a potential buyer having been active in the area (they recently bought a similar operation in Connectifer ). Managing your Recruiter seats just got easier.

9 Industry-Rocking Recruitment News Stories this Week – 14th March 2016

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In recruitment news this week: Recruiters Warn Female Candidates of Pay Gap Disparity. Female candidates are likely to earn up to £300,000 less than men over the duration of their working lives, according to a recent study by recruitment firm Robert Half.

8 Intriguing Recruitment News Stories this Week – 9th November 2015

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In the news this week: Has Facebook Accidentally Revolutionised Recruitment with its Latest Change? This week, Facebook announced a change to the way their messaging systems work , which has the potential to significantly impact recruiting on Facebook.

5 Ways HR And Recruiting Could Buck The Trend

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The same could be said for HR and recruiting to a certain extent, with different CV styles, interview techniques and website design being just some of the things that regularly change with time. Why not consider Facebook for recruiting at your company? ATS governance.

8 Intriguing Recruitment News Stories to Whet Your Appetite this Week – 18th April 2016

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In recruitment news this week: Job-Hopping is Accelerating (Particularly Among Women). This research shows us that retention is going to become an increasingly important issue in the recruitment industry in the not too distant future. RELATED: Recruitment and the Gender Pay Gap ).

9 Companies Getting Branding Right and What Talent Teams Can Learn From Them


One thing matters more than anything else when it comes to recruiting talent: A company’s reputation. Social media has permanently changed the way people communicate, yet many organizations still haven’t effectively harnessed branding on social media.

8 Industry-Rocking Recruitment News Stories to Sink Your Teeth Into this Week – 20th June 2016

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In recruitment news this week: Microsoft Buy LinkedIn for $26 BILLION. According to Nadella, it will redefine social selling. For recruiters, gaining access to the breadth of employees’ networks (for those who grant that access) could transform referral programs.

BUMPER EDITION: 8 Headline-Making Recruitment News Stories this Week – 8th August 2016

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In recruitment news this week: LinkedIn Finally Adds Video to Your Feed. LinkedIn’s latest move into video isn’t surprising, after all it has been one of the biggest growth engines for a number of other social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and most recently Instagram.

What do you want to learn at #Strive19?


What recruitment marketing topics most interest you? Social recruiting. Text recruiting. Recruitment events/career fairs. Diversity recruiting. Government/military recruiting. Campus recruiting. Sales tips for recruiters/closing candidates. What do you want to learn at #Strive19?

The 5 Pillars of Recruitment Marketing


Innovative employers are experimenting with a range of clever recruitment strategies and hiring hacks to get top talent through the door , but it might be recruitment marketing that gives companies a more sustainable framework to hire smarter and improve the candidate experience.

Coping With Facebook’s Targeting Restrictions

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This sounds scary, especially since many staffing and recruiting companies have adopted the platform as a fantastic sourcing tool. Facebook was, and still is, under tremendous pressure from the federal government and many state legislatures to stop ads that are or appear to be discriminatory.

Applying Your Recruitment Superpowers To Real Life

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After a few years in recruitment many of you will have developed superpowers of your own too. Have you ever taken stock of a way in which you fixed a problem or made a decision or found a solution and thought about how only a recruiter would do something that way?

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Staffing News of the Day, February 18, 2013

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Travel recruitment sector saw more than 100% increase in number of people using mobile devices to search vacancies [Breaking Travel News]. Dutch government plans to beat unemployment by partnering with staffing firms , calling them “a great tool” [Staffing Industry Analysts].

Staffing Experts’ Bold & Ridiculous Predictions for 2013

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Characterized by the avoidance of overhead, delayed decisions, fear of expenditures, and the hoarding of cash by companies, the Avoidant Economy will be the greatest opportunity for growth the staffing and recruiting industry has seen for decades.

How to: Navigate HR Expos to Find the Perfect Technology for Your Company

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From the CIPD Recruitment Exhibition Show in London, to SHRM 2015 in Las Vegas, to HR Tech World Congress in Paris, recruitment shows and expos are there to help your company realise the potential of technology.

The 2019 Recruitment Year in Review


Hopefully that means you’re wrapping up your recruiting strategy for the year, finding a way to spend your last few budget dollars, and congratulating your team on a job well done. Here’s Yello’s 2019 recruitment year in review: 2019: The Year of Recruitment Operations.

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How To Calculate Your Recruiting ROI

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Data Driven Recruiting: A Reality Check. That’s why even the most optimistic outlooks on the positive outcomes data driven recruiting can have must be tempered by the reality that we, as humans, make decisions that no algorithm can model or predict. How To Calculate Your Recruiting ROI.

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Crisis communications for recruitment marketers

Stories Incorporated

Recruitment marketers, likewise, should be employing crisis comms strategies to best communicate to candidates their organizations’ response to the virus, and how it impacts candidates considering your company as an employer. But crisis communications tips for recruitment marketers?

How to Use Analytics for Employer Branding

Glassdoor for Employers

It also automatically generates a shortened URL for social sharing and a QR code if desired. A good employer branding program should include a content component, such as a branded careers website, candidate and/or employee blogs, and a social media presence.

8 Podcasts Every Recruiter Should Listen To

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Recruiting Future. What to expect: Educated insights into the future of the recruitment industry from global industry leaders. This is a weekly podcast dedicated to innovation and futurology in recruitment and HR. Roy Ripper Recruiters Live Lounge. We’re recruiters.

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7 #HRTechConf Sessions That You Should Attend


And while I will have some responsibilities with the SmashFly booth (please stop by #2618) and analyst briefings, I always aim to attend at least 5 sessions at the conference to get outside of my bubble and embrace new ideas and ways of thinking about HR and recruitment marketing.

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How This New Zealand Technology Company Has Been Able to Double Head Count Each Year


Tasked with continuing this growth rate, McKaskell initially highlighted several limitations of the existing recruitment strategy and in conjunction with performing business-as-usual recruitment, she started to implement changes.

Top 5 Sessions at Hiring Success 18


Learn branding from the global trendsetters at Adidas, take on gender inequality with the founder of the SheWorx, learn to predict the quality of your hire before you make an offer, or find out how Facebook Jobs has affected recruiting from the product manager himself, Gaurav Dosi. Hear the story of Facebook Jobs: how and why it started, the impact on their two billion users, and how recruiters can benefit from this new reality. 3 things you must do to become a strategic recruiter.

How To Speed Up Hiring Process (Without Hurting Quality)


Government 53.8 There are a bunch of pre-employment assessment tools and diversity recruiting tools out there. So the number one thing to do before starting the recruitment process is to figure out who exactly you’re looking for and then write a clear job description.

Recruiting: It’s A Matter of Trust

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This song seems so relevant for the world of recruiting, because, even though it describes a star-crossed romance, it’s actually applicable to any relationship, whether it’s just beginning or coming to an inevitable end. What Trust Really Means in Recruiting.

Jobvite Launches Onboarding Solution, Fully Integrated with Leading Recruiting Platform


May 18, 2016 — Jobvite ( ), the leading recruiting platform for emerging, mid-market, and enterprise companies, today announced the availability of Jobvite Onboard at their annual customer event, Jobvite Summit ’16. Recruiters, HR teams, hiring managers, IT and facilities personnel, and new hires can all coordinate, communicate, and complete onboarding activities with ease.

LinkedIn Data Shows That Job-Hopping is Accelerating

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That’s great news because it provides recruiters like you and me with a new pool of talent to tap into. But recruiting them is merely half the battle, since they’re likely to change employers three times their first five years after graduating.

3 Things To Consider Before Committing To A Recruiting Event.

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” And if you’re a recruiting or sourcing professional, there sure are a ton of options out there; so many, in fact, that there seems to be a seasonal shift as event planners ramp up into full recruitment mode. 3 Things To Consider Before Committing To A Recruiting Event.

Happy Hour: A Recruiter’s Guide To Hooking Up.

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I’d like to think I’ve learned a lot over my years as a recruiter, but I’d like to start with a piece of wisdom I once got back in the day, and one that has since served me well. Now, some might call this the dawn of “social recruiting.”

Human Resources 2016: Year in Review

In the field of recruitment and selection, candidate experience is becoming increasingly important to companies. This shift is predicted by some HR experts to present a new challenge for recruiters and hiring managers. Top Skills Recruiters Must Have in 2017 (Infographic).

Interview: How SAP is Using Cartoons, Video Games and More to Change Recruiting Standards

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I recently sat down with Matthew Jeffery , VP and Head of Global Sourcing and Employer Branding at SAP to learn more about how they are changing the recruiting statues quo. We want to be investing in what creates the most engagement and repeat visits on social channels.

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Bad Influence: Why Industry Lists Should Kick the Bucket.

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That list, which is prominent in my mind because, well, it’s the only one I’ve made was titled 10 Recruiters Who Should Be On Your Radar #SundayShoutOu t, from the inimitable Bill Boorman. 35 Recruiting Influencers Who Actually Influence Me.