Top Staffing Industry Challenges in 2020 & Beyond


2020 was arguably the most challenging year in recent history. Staffing firms were forced to pivot to keep up with the ever-changing times. Top Staffing Industry Challenges of 2020. It’s no surprise that acquiring new business was a top challenge for 2020.

Professional Alternatives Wins 2020 National Best & Brightest Award

Professional Alternatives

Professional Alternatives has been named one of the 2020 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® in the United States by the National Association for Business Resources (NABR). News best and brightest 2020 best companies to work for in houston houston best and brightest 2020


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How Has Recruiting Changed In 2020?


Things look very different from the start of 2020, and many agencies are wondering which way they should turn next. In this post, we take a look at some of the ways recruiting is changing in 2020. . The post How Has Recruiting Changed In 2020?

Healthcare Staffing: 3 Benefits of Integrating Hiring and HR Systems


Healthcare staffing has never been more challenging. While home health care agencies, long-term care facilities and other healthcare organizations already faced staffing shortages prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, the pandemic has further increased the demand for qualified healthcare talent. .

5 Employee Benefits to Keep Top Talent

Professional Alternatives

One of the best way to show your employees that you truly care about them and their success is through benefits and perks. Here’s five employee benefits to attract and keep those top performers: — Best Employee Benefits to Hold Onto Top Talent.

5 Benefits of Taking a Marketer’s Approach to Your Recruiting Strategy


Read on for the top five benefits of recruitment marketing. Likewise, recruiters can develop candidate personas that align with their company culture and staffing plan. . The top benefits of recruitment marketing include: Enhanced brand resonance.

Staffing Software 101


Do you think that staffing software sounds good in principle, but you are unsure where to start with it or if it is relevant to your business? Staffing software can revolutionize how your company operates from the inside out. The post Staffing Software 101 appeared first on AkkenCloud.

Recruiting in 2020: The Industry Breakdown


Let’s break down what Healthcare , Tech , Finance and Staffing industries are looking for in recruitment this year, and how the right recruitment technology can help. . In 2020, healthcare staffing revenue is expected to grow by 4% , reaching a whopping $18.1 Staffing.

How to Calculate Your Staffing Agency’s Burden Rate & Bill Rate


If you’re moving into a leadership role at a staffing agency, or thinking about starting your own shop, there are three key terms you need to understand to price your services properly. Staffing agencies in neighboring counties will have different burden rates for the exact same job.

Top 20 Benefits Of Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Recruit CRM

Benefits of Applicant Tracking System For Agency Recruiters. He believes that this technology has made even SMBs able to carry out a competitive recruiting & staffing process. Benefits of using an Applicant Tracking System.

Managing Impact of Stay-at-Home Orders and Remote Work on Paid Leave Benefits

Recruiting Daily Advisor

If you have a policy that allows employees to carry over paid leave, you may be short-staffed next year when you are trying to recover economically from this year’s pandemic. And there’s no question paid time off is an important benefit for your employees that allows them to rest and recharge.

2020 Email Tips for Your Staffing Firm


But if you want to ensure your firm has a great start in 2020, NOW is the time to get front-and-center with your clients, prospects, and candidates. Looking for ideas to make 2020 merry and bright for your staffing agency? It’s a simple approach that benefits everyone.

Temporary Staffing Pros and Cons

4 Corner Resources Staffing Blog

Temporary staffing dates back to the 1940’s, when businessman William Kelly began outsourcing professional services like administrative and clerical work. Temporary staffing can be a viable strategy to reduce hiring costs and bridge staffing gaps during uncertain times—but is it right for you?

Debunking 5 Myths About Staffing Agencies and Recruiting Firms

Sparks Group Recruiting Blog

Staffing and recruiting firms are not what they used to be. Company Growth Strategies Benefits of Temporary Staffing Recruiting Strategies Strategic Staffing Strategies

Benefits of Switching to a Cloud-Based Staffing Software Solution

Automated Business Designs

The post Benefits of Switching to a Cloud-Based Staffing Software Solution appeared first on ABD. Articles ATS Best Practices CRM Staffing Software Solutions staffing software

Revisiting Employee Benefits, Perks, and Incentives in the Remote Work Era

Recruiting Daily

Blog Posts Featured News Recruiting Staffing Tech Candidates Company Culture Employee Engagement Guest Post Hiring Productivity Talent AcquisitionBefore the pandemic, Silicon Valley giants such as Google, Apple, and Facebook set a high bar for what the top end of company perks could be.

Accelerated Staffing Recovery Solutions

The Staffing Stream

The focus on these initiatives revolves around two specific solutions: staffing optimization and data-driven technology. Staffing optimization. PREMIUM CONTENT: Fastest-Growing US Staffing Firms: 2020 Update. Covid-19 Healthcare Staffing

The 5 Most Important Things To Focus On To Grow Your Staffing Business In 2020


The hunt for good talent is never-ending in the Staffing Business, but competition is particularly fierce right now. In spite of these difficulties, your staffing business can still see growth in 2020. So here are the five most important things you should focus on in 2020 to build your staffing business. With today’s global reach, focusing on a specific niche and benefit to customers is more important than ever.

SMB 61

How Staffing Companies Benefit From the Rise of Signup Culture

The Staffing Stream

The chaos of 2020 and the demands of a global pandemic revealed how quickly circumstances can change for everyone, and, in that wake, people want as much flexibility as possible. The conventional wisdom used to be that staffing was for people that couldn’t find full-time employment.

Job Talk: How to Find a Job With a Staffing Agency

iMPact Job Talk

In this Job Talk episode, we discuss the benefits for candidates and employers to work with a staffing agency to help find a new job role or candidates for open positions. The post Job Talk: How to Find a Job With a Staffing Agency appeared first on iMPact Business Group.

2020 Tax Form Updates You Should Know About


As an end-to-end software solution for staffing and recruiting firms, Avionté aims to be a resource for your needs from front- to back-office processes. 2020 Instructions for Form 1095-C. The post 2020 Tax Form Updates You Should Know About appeared first on Avionté.

Avionté Releases CHANGE, a Paycard Designed for the Staffing Industry


Avionté announces the launch of CHANGE, a paycard that benefits both the employee and the staffing firm’s bottom line. With CHANGE, staffing firms can create stronger relationships and increase retention with their employees and the clients they serve.

5 Steps Your Agency Must Consider When Selecting New Staffing Software


Updating your staffing software is important because technology moves fast and if you are using outdated tools, the efficiency of your recruiting agency will suffer. However, implementing new staffing software is not always easy and it can lead to a lot of disruption if not handled properly.

3 Steps to Create a Digital Job Advertising Strategy

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Since joining Appcast, Leah has helped employers, top recruitment ad agencies, job boards, RPOs, gig employers and staffing firms understand their data in the context of the job market to find ways to lower their overall cost of candidate acquisition through programmatic ad buying.

4 Hiring Trends You Need to Know About in 2020


As a result, there’s more pressure on employers and staffing agencies to be on top of their game when it comes to sourcing top talent. There are a number of reasons why temporary staffing is getting more popular.

Trends 131

4 Ways a Paycard Loyalty Program Drives Positive Behaviors and Benefits Your Bottom Line


Paycards reduce paper checks, which minimizes fraud, theft, and fees for staffing agencies. Employees also benefit greatly from paycards. 4 Ways a Staffing Paycard Loyalty Program Drives Positive Behaviors and Benefits Your Bottom Line. Talent are more likely to work with your firm if they receive added benefits. With a staffing paycard loyalty program, you can incentivize your employees for low absenteeism, therefore improving your bottom line.

Insuring Fido: Why Employers Should Offer Pet Benefits

The Staffing Stream

PREMIUM CONTENT: North America Temporary Worker Survey 2020: Temporary worker benefit choices and preferences. In 2020, more employers are offering pet insurance benefits than ever before. employers are offering pet insurance as a regular benefit.

3 Clever Ways to Boost the Brand Awareness of Your Staffing and Recruiting Business


Boosting brand awareness is something all staffing and recruiting businesses should strive to do. People will see the logo and the name of your staffing and recruiting business, and even if they don’t need to use your business now , they might need it at some point.

Staffing Tools to Help Firms Optimize Current Business Operations and Maximize Profit


The modern staffing firm is a software-powered enterprise – savvy clients require fast and headache-free placements, and better software tools to scale up effective processes are one of the main ways that firms can deliver that experience. Staffing Automation Tools.

Tools 97

6 Ways To Lower Your Employee Benefits Cost

4 Corner Resources Staffing Blog

Rather than reducing salaries or resorting to layoffs, one area some employers are eyeing as a cost-saving measure is benefits. The situation calls for employers to take a carefully measured approach that strikes a balance between controlling costs and providing adequate employee benefits.

Healthcare Recruitment 2020: The Good, the Bad and the Future

Hospital Recruiting

To say 2020 was a difficult year is an understatement. While healthcare attrition has statistically been higher than national averages (about 15% pre-pandemic), 2020 saw nurse turnover vary from 8.8% For hospital staffing overall, the report showed turnover rates at 17.8%.

Inc. 5000 Names Avionté to Its 2020 List of Fasting-Growing Private Companies for the 9th Consecutive Year


Magazine has named Avionté Staffing Software to its 2020 list of fastest-growing private companies in America for the ninth consecutive year. Eagan, MN, August 12, 2020 – Today, Inc. Companies on the 2020 Inc.

6 Resourceful Ways to Use Text Recruiting Now

Rally Recruitment Marketing

3) Healthcare staffing agency uses text recruiting to build nursing candidate pipelines faster. A large healthcare staffing company in the U.S.

The Scoop: Recruitment Trends & Industry Insights | December 2020

CKR Interactive

and investing in infrastructure to increase efficiency, redefining workforce needs in the short and long term could include relying more on non-traditional staffing models, contracting, freelance, gig workers, etc.

Future Proof Your Dealership with a Strategic Staffing Plan


Additionally, dealers’ business benefited from, among other things, consumers’ shifting car buying and mobility preferences and favorable OEM financing and incentives. Navigating the uncertainties of 2020 has been taxing on all businesses.

8 Benefits of Using Internships as a Recruiting Tool

4 Corner Resources Staffing Blog

But the benefits of internships extend beyond students. If you’re thinking of launching your own intern recruitment program or want to leverage your existing one more effectively as a recruitment tool, here are eight benefits of doing so.

Tools 63

8 Misconceptions About Working with A Staffing Agency

4 Corner Resources Staffing Blog

Maybe it’s the fear of giving up control or the idea that staffing agencies are a waste of money. Whatever it is that’s been keeping you from working with a staffing agency , it could be costing you money, not to mention all the time you could be saving by turning the hiring over to a pro.

5 Hidden Benefits of Using a Remarkable Staffing Company

COATS Staffing Software

5 Hidden Benefits of Using a Remarkable Staffing Company. Lynn Connor, COATS Staffing Software. This is key and the first unspoken benefit of using a staffing firm that provides value. That’s why so many employers partner with staffing agencies.

6 Post-Pandemic Hiring Trends for 2020 and Beyond

4 Corner Resources Staffing Blog

Hiring managers have had to adapt at lightning speed, reimagining entire staffing strategies within the space of a few months. . In a recent survey of 500 staffing professionals, nearly 90% said they’ve made adjustments to their hiring strategy in the wake of the pandemic.

How Staffing Can Endure Covid-19 & Economic Uncertainty

The Staffing Stream

Get ready for staffing whiplash. In the initial economic uncertainty around Covid-19, employers made staffing cuts to stay solvent. Here’s how staffing agencies can maximize their investments during the downturn: Keep them warm – Let your candidates know they’re top of mind.