Sports Are Back, But Is School? Navigating School Reopening Options with Employee Leave

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It has live sports, and, well, finally, so do we. Beginning in late July and early August, major American sporting leagues began their return to action, including the MLB, NBA, NHL, and MLS. The post Sports Are Back, But Is School?

Contender or Pretender? Identifying Both in Sports and at Work

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It’s a recurring segment in sports media, and a fun talking point amongst fans, where the debate is whether a team is “for real,” particularly early in the season. Obviously, in sports, there are always upsets and surprises, but the more information you compile the more accurately you are able to predict who will be the top teams heading into the playoffs at the end of a grueling regular season. Identifying Both in Sports and at Work appeared first on Recruiting Daily Advisor.


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Where Have You Gone Joe DiMaggio? HR Needs a Hero

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It is my favorite professional sport and although I am famously a Met fan, I want to talk about Joe DiMaggio, a NY Yankee, and heroes for a few minutes. Professional sports led the way with shutting down for COVID in March when the NBA suddenly hit the pause button.

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The 5 Best Voluntary Benefits to Offer Your Employees

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Employee benefits. With so much value tied to benefits, employers that go beyond standard perks and offer relevant voluntary benefits to employees create an environment that builds up and cares for its workforce. 5: Student Loan Benefits.

How much does sports contribute to the UK’s economy?

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Some news correspondents are forecasting another great year for UK sports. 2020 is set to bring us another worldwide celebration of sport with the Olympics in Tokyo, so you’d be forgiven for thinking 2019 might end up being something of a lull for the sporting world to recharge. Even a ‘quiet’ year has so much going on in the sporting world then. With that in mind, just how integral is the sporting industry to the overall UK economy? Sports funding.

Through Hell and High Water: Your People Strategy

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They must also communicate the benefits of their innovative approaches and have the stamina to stand up to the critics. Change Management Current Affairs Driving Productivity HR & Sports Innovation Kathy Rapp Leadership Managing People Metrics Performance Sports Talent Strategy current affairs sports

The Family That Sweats Together: Wellness Benefits Aren’t Just for Employees

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As an added benefit, families that exercise together build closer bonds , improve social development, and boost emotional management skills, which have the benefit of eliminating family stressors that may contribute to poor work performance. A good virtual-fitness provider will have content that covers a wide range of interests, whether high-impact interval training, yoga, running, or exercises designed to prepare kids for their next sports season.

Attract Working Fathers with Paternity Benefits

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Expecting Fathers Expect Paternity Benefits. For instance, 65% of new fathers are more concerned about the benefits their employers are offering, with health care leading the way. Better benefits, cited by 37% of new fathers, would also help keep these workers around. According to Indeed’s findings, 80% of new fathers say they would benefit from having more flexibility on what time they arrived to work in the morning. HR Salary & Benefits

How to Land The Best Sports Management Jobs through Networking

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Networking is vital for any career field, but when pursuing highly competitive sports management jobs , the value placed on your professional network is even greater. The more people your candidate connects with and maintains an ongoing relationship with, the more opportunities your candidate will have to find new jobs in sports and learn new information. Let’s take a look at some tips for expanding your network in the sports industry: Get In The Right Mindset.

HR In The New World Of Work – Through The Lens Of A Customer

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Nike is the biggest sports footwear and apparel company in the world, commanding $34.4 Are customers impressed with “top workplace” awards or do they want more flexibility in their benefits choices or where they work? Nike has been in the headlines lately. Emerging from those headlines is the story of a significant loss of opportunity within a key segment of Nike’s customers. billion in revenue last year.

4 Benefits of Recruitment Marketing (And 6 Ways to Get Started)


What are the benefits? To answer these questions, first consider the benefits of digital advertising to begin with. With the right kind and quality of content, customers can do a substantial part of your job for you, even without the benefit of a salesperson. In the meantime, here’s a look at some of the benefits. It gives details about titles, salaries and benefits, and it usually provides a vague idea of what the day-to-day is like.

4 Benefits of Recruitment Marketing (And 6 Ways to Get Started)


What are the benefits? To answer these questions, first consider the benefits of digital advertising to begin with. With the right kind and quality of content, customers can do a substantial part of your job for you, even without the benefit of a salesperson. In the meantime, here’s a look at some of the benefits. It gives details about titles, salaries and benefits, and it usually provides a vague idea of what the day-to-day is like.

BIG Benefits of Small Talk In The Workplace


Benefits of small talk. It’s the small talk; niceties with the receptionist every morning, a mid-morning break with a colleague, stopping by someone’s desk for a chat; about the everyday things; the weather, sport, going on holidays; that matter, and that shouldn’t be trivialised. The post BIG Benefits of Small Talk In The Workplace appeared first on Rezoomo Blog. I once worked in Japan. In many ways, it was an ideal job, and I was paid very well.

Your Clients Will Notice Good Wages, Benefits, And That Treadmill

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In fact, I began thinking about this topic after reading an article about a local car dealership that topped a magazine’s list of ‘best-to-work-for’ stores because of, among other things, ‘dog days,’ when employees can bring their pets to work, gym and sports league memberships, and setting up an endowment to help employees in need. No benefits. And even in a business model where margins don’t allow much if any benefits for temps, we do as much as we can for them too.

The Three Waves of Coronavirus

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Yeah, shelter in place (states in lock down) and self quarantine is a little like Thanksgiving for months – only without sports on the television or the turkey!

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Corporate Culture Week Exclusive: Improving Employee Engagement (Part 2)

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Ways to improve teamwork could include teambuilding activities, employee outings, or activities like clubs or sports employees can voluntarily join. These can be prioritized through providing related benefits, wellness programs, and health insurance as a start.

The Employee Perks That Actually Work

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Establish benefits that will actually matter to your employees, then share them with potential applicants you’re recruiting to help turn them into new hires. Admittedly, a sports car or exotic Bentley convertible isn’t a cheap investment. Related: How to Create an Ideal Employee Benefits Package. Hiring & Recruiting Employee Retention & Benefits Perks Culture Employee Engagement BenefitsPing-pong tables are not a recruitment strategy.

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How You Can Develop a Curious Workforce — and Reap the Benefits

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HBR cited increased innovation, reduced group conflict, more candid communication, and better team performance as benefits of curiosity, and then offered five tactics to bolster the trait. Leaders who champion curiosity will find it has other benefits as well. Curiosity is a magnet for valuable new information and a battering ram for self-imposed limits,” says Molly Fletcher , sports agent turned corporate change agent. Curiosity fares poorly in the business world.

Please Just Give Me a Turkey: Employee Gift and Tax Considerations

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For tax purposes, the key question is whether the gift will be considered a “ de minimis fringe benefit.” What Is a De Minimis Fringe Benefit? A de minimis fringe benefit is so small that accounting for it is unreasonable or impractical.

What Is Employee Social Health?

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It’s one of the many benefits beyond a paycheck that most of us derive from the workplace. Encourage interactions outside of the workplace, such as sports teams or other social teams or clubs that meet for nonwork activities. Have you heard the term “social health”?

The Future of Corporate Wellness: How to Engage Remote Employees in the COVID-Era

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Employers can take a number of other steps, including educating employees on the benefits available through their employee assistance program (EAP) and health plan and developing programs that focus on mental and emotional wellness.

The Patriots, Underdogs and Business

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Admittedly, stories of sport are “first world problems,” but this scenario contains some poignant parallels to the world outside the sidelines, so let’s dig for a few. Core HR and BenefitsAs the New England Patriots of the National Football League advance to their 3rd Super Bowl in 4 years, I’m presented with some internal conflict.

Staffing News of the Day, January 23, 2014

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Raiderettes sue team for being paid $5/hour while other NFL cheerleaders petition the internet for a livable wage [Black Sports Online]. Jobless benefit applications remain mostly flat , ticking up by only 1,000 [ABC News]. sues the security firm that gave clearances to Edward Snowden & the Navy Yard shooter, among 665,000 other inadequate checks [Bloomberg].

Staffing News of the Day, June 16, 2014

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Canada’s Workplace Safety Insurance Board spies on clients & in some cases cuts off benefits [The Star]. Who’s actually to blame when Amazon, Uber, or Google “ magic” results in injury or death ? Gizmodo]. Jobs that are allegedly permanent are getting less permanent , affecting almost 20 percent of U.S. workers [NY Post]. Missoula County to pay four clinic employees $189,000 to settle wrongful discharge lawsuit [Missoulian].

Ping Pong Can’t Save You Now

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Cortapasso: Ping Pong, yoga, in-office manicures, and the like are great, but they alone won’t make a difference in retention—unless, maybe, you own a sporting goods store. Make sure your leadership team is aware of these trends, especially with younger employees, and how making this investment will benefit the company. HR Management & Compliance Learning & Development Talent Employee Benefits Employee Retention Training

Lululemon Expands Full Paid Parental Leave

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Considering those statistics; sports apparel company Lululemon is making a statement with its recent decision on family leave. is beefing up benefits to attract and retain workers, offering full-time employees three to six months of paid parental leave.”. Holman adds, “the gender-neutral benefit awards three months of paid leave to full-time workers who have been at the yoga wear company for two years.

Grand Slam: Acing The Candidate Experience.

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There's nothing quite like the world of sports to get us thinking in terms of winners and losers. The victor doesn't vanquish, after all, and there are notable monetary and social benefits to being second-best and third-best — even to have made it at all. Wimbledon and The World Cup have brought out our global competitive sportsmanship once again. We may find ourselves identifying with Ricky Bobby's mantra: "If you ain't first, you're last.".

8 Office Wellness Programs Your Company Needs to Try


Only you can know if your company’s culture is going to jump at a competitive, gamified sports system or if once a month massages are more their speed. Hub is a fully-integrated platform for wellness information, programs, and benefits, and connects all your employees through a communication feature. Talent Management benefits HR benefits package office wellness wellness package wellness software

3 Industries Providing Recruitment Marketing Inspiration

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Sports. Sports. Even though we don’t have nearly the budget that major sports leagues do, we can still take inspiration from their recruiting playbook. The sports recruiting team at Rice was going after a 3-star quarterback, JT Granato, who also happened to be a cat lover.

How Employers are Celebrating Black History Month

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The stories are not your typical “I love working here because” — but rather, they talk about real life experiences of Black people — from redefining colonized beauty standards to solving sustainability issues to promoting inclusion in sports.

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Recruiting Your Future: Learning through Succession Planning

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Sports teams are so good at recruiting for their future. Not only do you have to convince top management of the benefits, but you’ll need smart and effective managers in order to properly train and develop associates while fostering different learning activities. Let’s learn from the sports pros- look at what your team needs to accomplish (win football games) and work with your recruiting partner to hire people that will help you achieve that goal now and in the future.

Sports 215

Hiring Former Athletes as a Recruiting Strategy – Genius or a Cop-Out?

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The first rule of hiring jocks is as follows: If you live in a limited geographical area where sports affiliation runs high and the position you’re hiring for is focused on meeting the public and opening doors, the jock hire with ties/a career at the local Division I might make a lot of sense. If you’re not hiring for name recognition (school or individual), hiring a jock only provides benefits if the following things are at play as a result of their development as an athlete : 1.

5 Tips for Regaining Our Stride in Post-COVID-19 World

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Life is a team sport. Softball coach Sue Enquist is credited with saying, “Life is a team sport. Going forward, we should benefit from having practiced the lost art of patience and enhanced our listening skills so we could really communicate with coworkers and others.

What’s the Value of Negative Motivation?

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Study Suggests Yelling Can Get Results, At Least in Sports. We would also caution that a leader must weigh the short-term benefits of such an approach against the long-term impact of potentially decreased morale, which can impact engagement, productivity, recruitment, and retention.

SCP Hot Jobs!

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120-150K plus bonus and benefits. 100-150K DOE plus bonus and benefits. High-level Executive Assistant to support the CEO of a thriving investment firm that focuses on sports, entertainment, and technology. 110K DOE plus bonus and benefits. 80-120K DOE plus bonus and benefits. 80-115K DOE plus benefits. Executive Assistant to support the CEO of a global advisory-focused investment bank.

How to Create a Virtual Internship Experience to Remember

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We wouldn’t be able to have team activities like intern dinners, bowling or going to sporting events together. One section discussed the benefits and resources that would be available to them as an employee.

How To 221

4 Ways Employee Engagement Has Improved in the Past Decade


Below, we’ve outlined benefits of tapping into the latest workplace technology to drive employee engagement. While the circumstances surrounding coronavirus are unprecedented, in normal circumstances, many employees would also benefit from a flexible work environment.

What Is Applicant Tracking Software?


Maybe your office isn’t quite as exciting as the NBA (or maybe you’re like me and find your job way more interesting than sports), but your hiring process isn’t so different than a draft pick. Talent Management Applicant Tracking Software benefits of applicant tracking software buying applicant tracking software candidate filter digital storage interview scheduler jobs board management requisition manager social media integration talent management software

2020 from New England Viewpoint: It Was ‘Wicked Awful!’

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New England’s Sports Teams Pile on Fans’ Sadness. In the world of 2020 New England sports, the Patriots struggled and joined the heavily favored Boston Celtics and Bruins in being unceremoniously bounced from their respective playoffs.

How Staffing Professionals Can Adapt to the New Normal

The Staffing Stream

Think along the lines of permanent social-distancing at sporting events, movies, and restaurants, in addition to frequent mask-wearing and constant application of hand sanitizer. On the flip side of this, staffing companies might benefit from pulling out of industries that are expected to continue suffering as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, like hotels, travel, and entertainment. Staffing firms also might consider offering such unique benefits to their own staff.