The Nonprofit Mindset: How This New Outlook Helps Business Leaders

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4 Things Nonprofits Can Teach Us About Recruiting Management


One of the greatest challenges in running a successful nonprofit involves volunteer recruitment and management. Looking at how successful nonprofits manage their volunteers can teach you a great deal about handling your own recruitment process. . Guest Blog by Christina Coons.


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3 Fundamentals in Keeping Your Nonprofit Employees Engaged

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As the leader of a nonprofit, you’re pulled in a lot of directions. Running a nonprofit organization is no simple task! Here are three essential mindsets nonprofit organization leaders must maintain in order to keep your workers happy and engaged. While generous bonuses and raises may be difficult to produce on a tight and constantly shifting nonprofit budget, it’s not only monetary rewards that can keep your organization’s employees feeling fulfilled.

Top-Rated Nonprofits to Work for in 2018


Meanwhile, 64% of CEOs say that corporate social responsibility is core to their business, with companies focusing on building it into their culture. While corporate companies can practice social responsibility through sponsorships, donations or even offering employees paid time off to volunteer, those who choose to work at nonprofit organizations spend 100% of their time dedicated to making a difference. Working at a nonprofit can be a profoundly rewarding experience.

Renewable Recruiting: Building Sustainable Recruiting Practices in the Nonprofit Sector

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It’s been applied to everything from construction methodologies to laundry detergents, so perhaps it’s not surprising to hear it used in the context of the sustainability of nonprofit organizations. What does it take to be a sustainable nonprofit organization? A sustainable nonprofit has to continue bringing in the money required to fulfill their mission, year after year. A majority of nonprofits do not, despite the important role brand plays in attracting top talent.

Renewable Recruiting: Building Sustainable Recruiting Practices in the Nonprofit Sector

Visibility Software Recruiting

It’s been applied to everything from construction methodologies to laundry detergents, so perhaps it’s not surprising to hear it used in the context of the sustainability of nonprofit organizations. What does it take to be a sustainable nonprofit organization? A sustainable nonprofit has to continue bringing in the money required to fulfill their mission, year after year. A majority of nonprofits do not, despite the important role brand plays in attracting top talent.

7 Reasons Nonprofits Need iPads

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Therefore, innovative and influential nonprofit organizations must monitor these trends carefully. To get you started, here's an initial list of ways that the iPad could prove useful to nonprofits in the coming years. It's a great way to create better understanding across language and cultural barriers. Mashable has already explored some nonprofit uses of location-based apps. Apple's new iPad tablet computer has spawned some mixed reactions.

Culture Fit: The Basics

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When I was new to the workforce, having fewer than 5 years experience in anything other than school and research consulting for nonprofits in the Balkans, it was hard to understand what company culture should be and what would fit with me. Blog Posts #HRTechWorld alex cooper basics company corportate culture HRN hrtech uber

Company Culture Top Driver of Employee Satisfaction

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Company Culture Senior Leadership and Career Opportunities Top Drivers of Employee Satisfaction. Glassdoor , one of the world’s largest job and recruiting sites, released a new survey measuring sentiment around mission and culture in the workplace today, along with the level of importance of both. Culture Is Prioritized. Millennials are more likely to place culture above salary than those age 45 and older in two of the four countries surveyed — U.S. (65

How Office Culture Should Influence Recruitment


Organizational Culture: “The values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization.” — Business Dictionary. An anthropology cliché tells us that culture is to humans what water is to fish. You probably don’t think about it, but your family has a culture. Your workplace most definitely has a culture. A business that can’t define its culture will hire the wrong people and ultimately lose clients.

Vote for Our Sessions: 2010 Nonprofit Technology Conference

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Folks are getting excited about next year's Nonprofit Technology Conference in Atlanta. Creating a Culture of Storytelling. From stories to emails, blogs to social media, you can create a culture of storytelling. Vote for "Culture of Storytelling" now ! This session will be the culmination of a webinar series leading up to the 2010 Nonprofit Technology Conference. It's that time again.

The Best Nonprofit Social Media Campaigns of 2017


Here are our picks for the best nonprofit social media campaigns of 2017 and a little bit about what made each one stand out. Back in 2007, Tarana Burke of the nonprofit Just Be Inc. Despite the fact that the hashtag was ten years old, when a chance to use it appropriately came along, the nonprofit behind it became more successful than it ever had been before. Use social media influencers to advocate for your nonprofit’s mission. It’s happening again.



For many millennials that means wanting work-life balance to take their dog for walks or working for a company whose culture embraces pet-friendly work environments. From shaping company cultures to shifting organizational values, this generation will continue to have a dramatic impact on the workforce and brands. Imagine that on a careers site where candidates could easily see what a company values and how that contributes to their company culture.

What Is Culture? Hint: It’s Not Work-Life Balance

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Define culture. And this seems to be the case with “culture” when describing the indescribable about agency life. Far too often, we resort to the term “work-life balance” as the support point for a good culture, and this has never felt right to me. I credit this ability, in part, to working at an agency with amazing “culture.”. What exists is a place where the culture is so good it makes the work good. That’s culture. The post What Is Culture?

The New Culture of Storytelling

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As we do every year, Forum One participated in the annual Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC). This year's event was held in Atlanta from April 8 - 10, and over 1,400 nonprofit tech folks attended. This live session rounded out our Online Storytelling Bootcamp webinar series with a focus on how to create a culture of storytelling within one's organization. Charity: Water : A nonprofit organization that has storytelling as central to all of its work.

How to Create a Playful Company Culture (Hint: It Doesn’t Involve Ping-Pong Tables)

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When Jill Vialet founded the nonprofit Playworks , her goal was to bring out the best in every child through the power of play, helping kids build important social and emotional skills. More recently, Jill and the team at Playworks launched a corporate consulting group, Workswell, focused on leveraging play, storytelling and design thinking as tools for intentionally building healthy workplace culture. Weaving elements of play into your culture isn’t just about making it more fun.

8 Workplace Awards to Strengthen Your Employer Brand

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With 82% of today’s candidates considering employer brand and company reputation before applying for a job, your candidates are looking for trustworthy proof of your company culture before they click “apply.” .

The Role Men Can Play in Fostering a Diverse Workplace


In today’s cultural landscape, men may find it difficult to know where they can help promote workplace diversity. Male support is essential to a diverse workplace, global nonprofit Catalyst reported. Katz explained that when men chose to fight sexism – internally and culturally – they are acknowledging that women do deserve the respect they have so long been fighting for. Culture

TSC 2021 Welcomes Industry Thought Leaders | ClearCompany

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You can attend TSC21 at no cost or choose to make a donation supporting the National Urban League , a nonprofit that provides direct services to impact and improve communities nationwide. How A ClearCompany Client Captured Employee Feedback to Improve Culture and Engagement.

Is Your Company Really Ready for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

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It’s wide, sweeping changes to the way you hire , train, and promote — and the culture your organization builds from within. DE&I Resources for Nonprofits. Nonprofit organizations are those that seek to improve the world with their work. Look into changing the culture.

24 Actionable Employee Engagement Ideas and Activities

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Start with really listening to your workforce, recognizing achievements frequently , building a culture that supports engagement, and engaging new employees from the beginning. Building a strong culture requires living those values in the course of everyday work.

Ban the Term “Culture Fit” and Other Great Diversity Tips From Pandora

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The beer test, much better known as hiring for “culture fit,” is often times the final screen to whether or not someone gets an offer letter. There’s just one problem — hiring for “culture fit” often gets in the way of increasing diversity. That’s why Pandora looks for “culture add” in candidates instead —new and unique skills and viewpoints that don’t already exist at the company. Culture add” means shaping the culture rather than fitting into it.

Making This One Thing Part of Your Company Culture Will Boost Employee Engagement and Retention

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Whether it's sweeping gestures or small but meaningful efforts, there are plenty of ways to make giving back a core part of your company’s culture and perks. The company has embodied a “ work hard, play hard, give back ” culture for more than 40 years, and employees have responded enthusiastically. During “Genentech Gives Back Week,” employees are encouraged to volunteer at nonprofits during paid work hours. Culture is] holding doors and happily going the extra mile.

Conversations with Black Talent Professionals: Ifeyinwa Walker, CEO of Offor, New Orleans

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With a background in law, education, and nonprofit administration, Ify has used her career to continuously reframe her desire to be an advocate for others–this is how her company, Offor, was born. LIZ: I love the idea of a culture audit, and I’ve never heard of anything like that before.

Why a diverse workforce requires diverse management


For example, one study conducted by Koya Leadership Partners and Education Pioneers found that while 98 percent of nonprofit organizations surveyed supported diversity, only 26 percent had a budget for programs related to supporting diversity. It’s not only the nonprofit space where this is a problem. Many companies commit to diverse hiring and actively create a welcoming, inclusive work culture. Culture

The Many Ways to Give Back to the Staffing Community

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In the staffing world, there are a number of opportunities to partner with workforce development nonprofits to give back to the community. With skyrocketing commercial rents, nonprofit organizations are feeling a squeeze. Benefiting your culture and organization.

See You (Virtually) at #21NTC!

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The Forum One team is excited to be a part of the annual Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) , which is taking place online this year. Conversational Marketing: Using Chatbots to Support Your Nonprofit’s Mission.

Navigating the Shecession: Bringing Women Back to Work

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And to support working women, we’ve also expanded our resources for employers to help them build more supportive cultures and policies. Tami : Path Forward is a nonprofit organization that is laser focused on creating opportunities for caregivers to return to their professional careers.

What Are the Top Executive Search Firms in NYC?

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Consumer, Retail & e-Commerce; Education, Nonprofit & Government; Financial Services; Industrial; Life Sciences & Healthcare; Private Equity & Venture Capital; Professional Services; and Technology. What Are the Top Executive Search Firms in NYC?

What has the Avionté Hope Foundation Been up to the Last 6 Months?


They’ve also partnered with over 50 nonprofit (and growing) organizations across the Twin Cities. . Over the course of a month, the AHF collected 145 pairs of shoes for the nonprofit, Good in the Hood , which is completely dedicated to changing lives with simple acts of kindness like donating shoes to those in need. . If you’re not familiar with FMSC, it’s a nonprofit that provides nutritionally complete meals specifically formulated for malnourished children.

18 Ways: How to Find your Dream Candidate for 2017

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Now you want to find candidates that fit your company culture and bring the right expertise to the job. Niche Job Boards: Instead of putting your job listing into the mix of the huge job sites, you can target ideal candidates by using smaller, niche job boards that service specific business sectors and categories such as creative, media, nonprofit, start up, technology, etc. Community Outreach: Approach a nonprofit organization for assistance with sourcing candidates.

Failure to Remedy Unethical Behavior Is a Real Turnoff for Jobseekers

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When it comes to Uber, the company’s culture has regularly made headlines, and not in a good way! All four of these examples circle back to one overarching theme: company culture. And new research finds that jobseekers are willing to forgo a higher salary at a company that has a toxic culture, in favor of an employer that doesn’t make headlines. Jobseekers Perspective About Company Culture. Toxic work cultures persist, however.

Alabama Enacts Law to Provide Immunity From COVID-19 Lawsuits

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The new law provides general immunity to businesses, schools, and nonprofits as well as more comprehensive protection for healthcare providers. Persons who recover from COVID-19 are believed to develop immunity from further infection for some as-yet undetermined amount of time.

4 Easy Ways to Determine If a Candidate Will Be the Right Fit

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in education, followed by a professional journey working with several business and nonprofit startups, including a couple of her own. She has traveled extensively and has a passion for learning and reflecting on matters of culture, society, and the “Information Age”.

3 Lessons Business Leaders Can Learn from Simone Biles

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A culture that de-stigmatizes mental health is one step closer to a mentally healthy work environment. Be Culturally Healthy. Daryl Tol is Executive Vice President, One Mind, a leading brain health nonprofit. COVID-19 pushed the topic of mental health out of the shadows.

Who’s Speaking at TSC20? Don’t Miss Our Must-See Virtual Conference

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ple & Culture operations. She also founded The HR Shop, LLC — a boutique human resources firm designed to support the unique challenges of nonprofits and small businesses. The Importance of a Culture of Learning with Jill Adams.

D&I Hiring: How Leaders Can Impact Organizational Change

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From a melting pot of characteristics, abilities, and innovation comes the creation of an organization’s most important asset: its culture. Actions speak louder than words: Leadership’s own attitude and execution of their statements are critical facets of a true cultural change.

The Complete List of 2021 Recruiting and Recruitment Marketing Conferences

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Price: Free (Talent Board is a nonprofit research organization and donations are welcomed. This conference is open to all HR professionals with 11 different learning tracks including culture, HR department of 1 and recruitment and talent acquisition.

4 Tips for Attracting Talent Through Sustainability Initiatives

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Over a third of both Gen Z and Millennials say it would be a deal-breaker for them to work for a company that does not have a strong sustainability culture, whereas under a quarter of Gen X and only 17% of Baby Boomers would agree. Leddy suggests informing your employees about the local causes in your area and how your company can help support these and other nonprofit organizations.

NGOs and NPOs: Investing in an ATS will help you deliver your mission


As a nonprofit organization, you are mission-driven; you care more about tirelessly delivering your mission than anything else. I heard this countless times in my years of nonprofit work. Recent research finds that only 22% of nonprofit organizations always review how technology can improve their administrative efficiency. And when it comes to nonprofit staffing tools, another survey found that only 33% of organizations said they use an Applicant Tracking System or a CRM.