How to Set Your Company’s Diversity and Inclusion Goals


Human resources teams have been put to the task of creating new processes and balanced diversity and inclusion goals in the workplace. Glassdoor reviews about diversity and racial justice have risen 63 percent since the Black Lives Matter movement took hold of the conversation in May 2020.

Gender inclusion in the workplace: Going beyond diversity


People were not happy with this comment – mainly because it’s based on the assumption that women in general don’t care about sports. She didn’t suggest banning sports talk completely; rather, it was an effort to shed light on behaviors that potentially sustain ‘bro culture’ at work.


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The Ball Is In Our Court

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PGA’s Chief People Officer Seeks Diversity Gains in Business and on the Course

Recruiting Daily Advisor

When Sandy Cross, Chief People Officer of the PGA of America , focuses on inclusion and diversity topics, she’s not just thinking about employees of the golfers’ association. Get inclusion right, and a diverse workplace is more likely to fall into place, she says.

7 Examples of a Great Commitment to Diversity Statement


What does it mean to have a commitment to diversity? A commitment to diversity statement on your career page or company website is a way to share your position on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. 7 Examples of a Commitment to Diversity Statement.

Duck Season, Wabbit Season, Conference Season, and March Madness: Part 2

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And here’s a little food for thought: do different political viewpoints fall under the umbrella of diversity and inclusiveness? Conferences Current Affairs HR HR & Sports Learning Learning and Development Mark Fogel politics Power Rankings Resumes Selection SHRM Sports The HR Profession current affairs March Madness NCAA resumesYes, it is time for March Madness. Spring is definitely in the air.

The Diversity & Inclusion Glossary [A List of 200+ Terms]


Diversity terms are all over the place. I started keeping a list of these D&I (“Diversity & Inclusion”) terms for Ongig’s clients and decided to put them all in one place in this glossary below. Diversity Glossary. Diversity Terms Starting with B.

3 Talent Trends HR Shares with The Winter Olympics

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The 2018 Winter Olympics are just beginning, but the anticipation of great competition and hyper-sports analogies are in full blast. The Olympics. The beauty. The drama. The similarities to our work world. And all the Tonya and Nancy memories. Seems like just yesterday. Therefore, it’s only fitting to highlight the talent trends between our HR lives and the Olympic scene.

How to Land The Best Sports Management Jobs through Networking

Recruiting Blogs

Networking is vital for any career field, but when pursuing highly competitive sports management jobs , the value placed on your professional network is even greater. The more people your candidate connects with and maintains an ongoing relationship with, the more opportunities your candidate will have to find new jobs in sports and learn new information. Let’s take a look at some tips for expanding your network in the sports industry: Get In The Right Mindset.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Workforce Diversity


What is workforce diversity and why does it matter? Individuals, companies and indeed the collective culture is beginning to embrace the benefits of having a diverse workforce. The Business case for Diversity & Inclusion (D&I). Diversity and financial performance in 2017.

Be better at diversity recruiting + Pipeline D&I fails + Unifying your employer & customer brand + Creating remote work boundaries


Below are weekly reads, watches, and/or listens: READ AND ATTEND (DIVERSITY & INCLUSION): This article from a few years ago via the NY Times is worth a refresher for folks still struggling to better engage diverse candidates. Hi, Sorry I missed my normal Thursday delivery.

Diversity has parents too


Joy Redmond , Head of Research at Sonru, shares her own experience and weighs in on the importance of not overlooking flexible workers when it comes to implementing a truly diverse and inclusive policy. Diversity has parents. Diversity is often thought of purely in terms of race, gender, ethnicity and or [dis]ability but lack of flexibility is a known inhibitor to certain minorities, particularly parents and carers. Accessibility, Diversity & Inclusion Super Sonru

4 Promising Ways AI Is Helping Diversity In Recruitment


The role that AI plays in diversity in recruitment is still being debated. Supporters believe AI can help us avoid unconscious bias and increase diversity in recruitment. Here are 4 promising ways in which AI is being used to help diversity in recruitment. Research has found that the wording used in job descriptions may be a barrier for attracting a diversity of candidates. In theory, this means AI will help improve diversity in recruitment.

How Atlassian Approaches Diversity and Inclusion with Balance & Belonging


”, tech recruiters and hiring managers have added “Diversity and Inclusion” to their hiring checklist. According to the 2018 Atlassian State of Diversity & Inclusion in U.S. Tech survey , 80% of respondents believe that diversity and inclusion are important. Aubrey Blanche , the Global Head of Diversity and Belonging at Atlassian, believes the decline of D&I efforts and enthusiasm is because companies are taking the wrong approach.

Diversity and Fashion: What are the Most Influential Cultures?

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The fashion world is bursting with inspiration, diversity, and creativity. That’s why the diversity of the fashion industry is something worth admiring. Famous figures including Fan Bingbing and Joe Chen often sport her collection. . With the fashion world continuing to find inspiration for next season’s clothes from cultures across the globe, diversity in the industry has never been more present.

LinkedIn’s Head of Diversity Shares Her Playbook for Creating a More Inclusive Workforce

Linkedin Talent Blog

Rosanna Durruthy says that diversity is often seen as a series of checklists: Do this, do that, and then do more of this. But as the head of global diversity, inclusion, and belonging at LinkedIn, Rosanna prefers to see diversity and inclusion as a team sport — that comes with a playbook for finding success. Most companies,” she says, “will often think of diversity in terms of head count, so talent acquisition often takes the lead. Talent on Tap Diversity

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace: removing the barriers to finding top talent


As we’re a sports betting company, candidates often want to talk about the latest game and we’re more than happy to chat about it. To reinforce diversity in the hiring process: Use inclusive language in your job ads and across all your communication. An equal opportunity employer disclaimer on your job ads is a good way to declare that you promote diversity.

Pandora’s Principal Sourcer Talks Reshaping Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives


After almost 10 years unearthing talent for the likes of Pandora and Google, Marvin Stickel has seen it all in tech sourcing – from the evolution of the candidate vetting process, to the cultural shift in diversity hiring in Silicon Valley. How misguided college recruiting is one of recruiters' biggest missed opportunities for diversity hiring. Sourcing Diversity inclusion

Why Now Is The Best Time for a Rebrand

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Around mid-May, about six weeks into the pandemic, sports teams found themselves bored. My Dallas sports teams in particular. . Diversity Employee Communications Employment Branding and Culture HR & Marketing Organizational Development employment branding inclusion leadership

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Purl: A Pink Ball of Yarn Champions Workplace D&I

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Purl’s courage and earnestness soon make her an unlikely but effective champion for diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace. Capital is now staffed by a much more diverse, collaborative, and welcoming workforce. EntertainHR diversity leave new hire workplace

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COVID-19 Will Continue to Exacerbate Gender Inequality at Work

Recruiting Daily Advisor

With this in mind, we are committed to expanding the pipeline of diverse talent by providing opportunities not only for growth within Wizeline but also for cultivating talent within the communities where we operate. Diversity & Inclusion COVID-19 DLA employees opportunities

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Staffing News of the Day, June 16, 2014

Staffing Talk

What’s wrong with diversity recruiting ? Who’s actually to blame when Amazon, Uber, or Google “ magic” results in injury or death ? Gizmodo]. Jobs that are allegedly permanent are getting less permanent , affecting almost 20 percent of U.S. workers [NY Post]. Missoula County to pay four clinic employees $189,000 to settle wrongful discharge lawsuit [Missoulian]. Ex-worker at homeless center said she was fired after filing an EEOC complaint [Insurance News Net].

Lessons for Employers from Native American Mascot Fight

Recruiting Daily Advisor

The sporting world has been abuzz recently with news the Washington NFL team is changing its name and logos to move away from their overt Native American imagery. The sports world is very different than other work settings.

Biden’s Executive Order Combats Discrimination Against LGBTQ+ Community

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Notably, the new EO specifically addresses student access to restrooms, locker rooms, and sports and confirms the Bostock holding applies to Title IX to prohibit discrimination against transgender individuals in school settings.

Workplace Training in the Remote Era: Strengthening a Culture of Inclusion with VR

Recruiting Daily Advisor

It also should require putting diversity and inclusion (D&I) at the heart of the conversation. Diversity & Inclusion Learning & Development Technology Culture diversity employees VRFor most businesses, many employees are working from home because of COVID-19.

Must follow instagram account + Creative job ads + Making peace with remote work + Discussing race in the workplace + New laws make hiring harder


Why do I keep referencing sport in this email? Head of Inclusion & Diversity (SF) – Discord. Hi there, _. TSA (Tarek Service Announcement): Could you do me a favor? Could you jump on LinkedIn and recommend this newsletter to the universe, linking to [link]. __.

Transgenderism In The Workplace: The New Not-So-New Normal

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We would chat about everything from food, life, family, sports and our love of shoes. If your objective is to create a diverse inclusive workplace for ALL you may find the following guidelines and policy changes useful: Establish guidelines prohibiting gender bias We are never as culturally fluent as we think we are. Change Management Culture Diversity employee experience Employee Relations Uncategorized gender inclusion transgenderismMany years ago I met a co-worker, Terry.

Discrimination, A Hairy Situation.

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I sported a big puffy afro for all of my childhood and most of my young adult life, and I am happy to report that I am 57 years lice free. Diversity Dress Code EEO Employee Engagement Employment Branding and Culture Employment Law Engagement and Satisfaction Executive Search Good HR HR Policies discrimination employment law Hair judgement New York City Commission On Human Rights protected classes

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How Can You Attract More Female Candidates and Boost Company Performance?


Research suggests that companies with a diverse workforce perform better than companies with less diversity. To attract more female candidates: Avoid using male connotations, such as sports metaphors, pictures that only present male workers, etc. This increases your chances of finding a great female candidate and can help you boost your company’s performance through greater diversity.

State of the Union: Recruiting Edition

Arya Recruiting Robotics

It’s like a sports team, the team that has the best individual player will often win, but then there’s a multiplier from how those players work together and the strategy they employ.”. There isn’t a day that I don’t see gender diversity, gender equality covered in the media. — Leslie Gaines-Ross , chief reputation strategist at Weber Shandwick, on the need for gender diversity in the C-Suite. “If

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How Employers are Celebrating Black History Month

Rally Recruitment Marketing

This February is an opportunity for employers to show how they’re fulfilling those commitments to achieving diversity, inclusion and equality in the workplace, in how they do business and across their communities.

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Recruiting for Culture Fit? There’s One Big Problem With Your Strategy, and It Starts With the Letter D


Instead of prioritizing admirable working qualities and values, “hiring for culture fit” is actively weeding out diverse talent from our pipelines and suppressing the diversity of opinions we need to drive innovation. I know – it can feel like a bit much, equating recruiters’ sincere attempts to evaluate talent with killing off diversity in the pipeline. Any hope for diversity in your sourcing could end there – completely unintentionally on your part – if you let it.

Five Lessons from the USWNT That Can Be Applied in Your Workplace


This is what you should strive to have in your workplace: a diverse team of employees who are committed to a common goal and work together, utilizing various members’ strengths and weaknesses, in order to achieve that goal. Failure is as inevitable in the workplace as it is in the world of sports, but keep in mind that how you deal with defeat is just as important as any successes you enjoy.

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Bias imperils Performance. Are you ready to do something about it?


Organizational performance as a team sport. Among the key insights highlighted by Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Trends Report is that organizational performance is a team sport. Diversity & Inclusion Solutions series (publishing throughout March 2020).

Jobvite’s New AI Innovation Lab


A couple of weeks ago, we sat down with our CEO, Aman Brar, for a Q&A about diversity, equity, and inclusion. What concerns me is simply not having basic diversity and inclusion (D&I) data in the first place.

150 Famous Transgender People


We found many famous transgender people as part of our research on successful diverse people. Kellie Maloney (sports promoter and TV personality). As part of this, we try to share best practices on all aspects of diversity. Diversity and Inclusion

18 Top Brands Changing Their Name to Avoid Racial Bias


The Washington Redskins franchise will undergo an evaluation of the team name according to USA Today after years of complaints about racist sports mascots and racial stereotyping. Diversity and InclusionMany companies have been accused of having racist brands for years.

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“I, Too, Am Qualified”: Are Old People The Talent World’s Most Undervalued Asset?

Fistful of Talent

That’s the sports definition of Moneyball. Business Development candidate experience Candidate Pool Culture Diversity Generations Hiring Bias Talent Acquisition ageism Bad HR inclusion INXS Older Workers Unconscious BiasesMoneyball – A term describing baseball operations in which a team endeavors to analyze the market for baseball players and buy what is undervalued and sell what is overvalued.

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” READ THIS (RELATED): As you may know, I often find parallels between sport and work when it comes to building strong cultures and effective teams. Diversity & Inclusion Employer Branding Events HR Newsletter Human Intelligence Human Intelligence Invitational Inclusion Mediabistr

A List of Minority Groups [by %]


Many companies are focusing on minority groups as a part of their diversity initiatives. If you want deeper definitions of some of these minority group terms, they are listed in The Diversity & Inclusion Glossary [a List of 200+ Terms]. Diversity Goals for Underrepresented Groups.