Remote Working in a Crisis: A Workplace Toolkit [White Paper]


Remote Working in a Crisis: A Workplace Toolkit [White Paper] from Sage HR. The post Remote Working in a Crisis: A Workplace Toolkit [White Paper] appeared first on Sage HR Blog | Easy to implement HR tips!

Source Effectiveness Guidelines for Talent Acquisition: ATAP White Paper


In talent acquisition, there have been times where names for source data have been used inconsistently across organizations and vendors.


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[WHITE PAPER] Lights, Camera, Apply! How to Use Video in your Recruiting Strategy

Proactive Talent

In an effort to provide our readers and followers with some tangible, helpful information, we are releasing a new white paper fully dedicated to the topic. As 2018 draws to a close, everyone is reviewing their budgets and action plans for 2019. If you’re wondering what you should be prioritizing when it comes to your recruiting strategy next year, we can tell you right now…video! Drastically improve your recruiting and talent attraction with this one simple prioritization.

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The Evolving Role of HR [White Paper]


The post The Evolving Role of HR [White Paper] appeared first on CakeHR blog. HR hr people fluent white paperThe Evolving Role of HR. New graduates starting their careers in the HR field today will find their job descriptions to be significantly different from those who took on the same position as little as a decade ago.

How Remote Work Promotes Diversity and Inclusion in Tech

Looking to increase diversity and inclusion in your workplace? Using Vettery data and industry insights we put together a white paper on how remote work can remove biases and promote diversity and inclusion in recruitment.

White Paper: Overcoming the Struggle of Hiring Auto Technicians


(Note: Below is the first section of our latest paper on attracting and hiring great automotive technicians. To skip ahead and read the entire white paper, please click on the download link at the bottom of the page.). automotive hiring Retail Automotive Dealership Hiring Retaining Employees Turnover at Your Dealership Hiring Auto Technicians

Listening To All Employees – New LGBT+ White Paper


A new white paper that I have co-authored provides the much-needed practical guidance to ensure this employee group is heard. Download the white paper: Getting LGBT+ inclusion right in employee surveys. Our new white paper guides organizations in designing and using survey content to help global organizations understand the LGBT+ voice. The post Listening To All Employees – New LGBT+ White Paper appeared first on IBM Watson Talent.

White Paper: A Sectoral Analysis of the Candidate Experience of Video Interviewing


We have published over ten volumes of our hugely popular white papers on the candidate experience of video interviewing. Read on to see what the paper covers or download for free now. For this white paper, we looked at: 96,000+ candidate surveys.

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The Cost of Disengagement to Your Company [White paper]


The post The Cost of Disengagement to Your Company [White paper] appeared first on CakeHR blog. Growth is back. Don’t let employee disengagement limit yours. Engaged employees give a company its greatest competitive advantage. But retaining top talent may require you to reconsider the way that you think about employee engagement. After all, in today’s business environment working for you isn’t the only option your employees have.


Compliance Made Fun (& a Lot Easier): New White Paper


In a white paper I just wrote, “ Having Fun with Compliance ,” I explained that you usually don’t see the word “fun” anywhere near “compliance.”. And even more fun writing a white paper that explains how just four basic questions helped us view that complex compliance quagmire from a new perspective to create this new module that’s both powerful and easy to use.

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When Recruiter Priorities Compete: Fill Speed, Growing Req Loads, and Diversity

It’s a question as old as the recruiting profession itself: How many reqs should one recruiter handle at a time? Even in our data-driven age of hard metrics and objective assessments, the answer is: It depends. Download this White Paper to discover the key factors that go into finding your answer to the req load question.

9 Must-Have Case Management Features in COVID-19 and Beyond


Immigration White Papers Whitepapers COVID-19As the pandemic’s effect ripples through the immigration landscape, it should come as no surprise that technology plays a major […].


White Paper: Top 10 Best Practices for State Health Reform Websites

Forum One

Explaining the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to consumers outside the beltway can sometimes be like translating a foreign language. Health reform and health insurance exchanges can be tricky. An authoritative, credible online resource for this information is vital for state governments to provide their populations. Explaining the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to consumers outside the beltway can sometimes be like translating a foreign language. Health reform and health insurance exchanges can be tricky.

Increasing diversity does not always require budget

Webinars White Paper Case Studies Press Release NewsletterAre your job descriptions inclusive? Sometimes, simply rewording them around the goal of the job can greatly improve diversity. ROI Podcast HR Life - NJ4U!

Hiring Will Never Be the Same

Hiring Thing

Masks, Company Culture Employers Recruiting Remote Work White Paper Applicant Tracking hiring Recruitment remote workWhere were you when the world stopped turning? In the wake of a global pandemic, every business and employee was unsettled by the unknown.

The Top 5 Principles to Design Executive Coaching for Measurable Impact

Measure and leverage your coaching investment using this two-phased, five-step process, operationalizing CMPs key coaching principles.

What makes an effective career site?


Download our white paper. We recently published a white paper that looks at the metrics from Teamtailor-powered career sites and offers tips and tricks on how to best optimize your career site for candidates. Download white paper now.

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Reflections of 2018

Right Recruiting

I also became horrified when I realized that by sending out these White Papers I actually contribute to the problem. White PapersReflections of 2018 | Right Recruiting. Like many people, I often use the end of the year to reflect on accomplishments and failures from the year and draw some conclusions that might help me make the next year a better year.

Two Suggestions To Improve Your Recruiting

Right Recruiting

In earlier White Papers, we’ve discussed corporate recruitment models and a vendor selection methodology to help you choose your recruiting partner. In this White Paper, we will give you some practical advice to help your team do a better job of landing candidates. As ever, Jeff – White PapersMost of the people receiving this are either in HR or senior management and you all know how challenging recruiting has become in recent years.

Filling the World’s Single Toughest Job

Right Recruiting

Filling the World’s Single Toughest Job | Right Recruiting White Paper. In this White Paper, we will dissect these projects and give you some bullet point suggestions that might help you through these projects. We’ve talked about this extensively in other White Papers. White PapersA few months ago, I was being interviewed for an article on recruiting.

Explaining and Evaluating Job Hoppers

Right Recruiting

Explaining and Evaluating Job Hoppers – A Right Recruiting White Paper. The definition of “too frequently” has changed somewhat in the last few years, which is something we will discuss in this White Paper. White PapersThe phrase job hopper is a way to describe people who change jobs too frequently for employer comfort. That has been an issue for employers since I started in recruiting in 1980.

3 reasons to start your job search in summer now

Right Recruiting

White PapersSummer is a great time for slowing down the pace, catching up with friends, and getting plenty of rest and relaxation. But it’s also a great time to turn up the heat on your new job search. If you’ve been thinking of changing roles or companies, don’t wait until after vacation season; you never know where and when you’ll find the perfect opportunity, says Penny Queller, senior vice president and general manager of Enterprise Talent Solutions for Monster.

3 Steps to solve a Company hiring drought

Right Recruiting

White PapersThe latest statistics show the US unemployment rate sits at a remarkable 3.8 percent. While that’s terrific news for the economy, low unemployment rates can make it exceedingly difficult to find candidates for open positions. Simply filling a seat can become a nearly impossible task — not to mention filling it with the type of talented, loyal, ambitious, and career-minded professionals you’d ideally prefer.

The Truth About Ghosting: Not Just for Dating Anymore

Gecko Recruiting

Hiring Management Tips White PapersPlus, our experts weigh in on what to do when you’re ghosted by a candidate. Ghosting interviews is as old as the recruiting process itself. For years, candidates have chosen to not show up to interviews without any communication – it’s only now that we apply a term that’s been more typically used in the dating world.

Some Modest Advice on Choosing a Recruitment Vendor

Right Recruiting

Our last White Paper analyzed the four different corporate recruitment models, at least two of which required a relationship with an external recruitment partner. Jeff – White PapersNow, we will try to provide some real world advice to help you with the vendor selection process. Many employers have trouble identifying reliable and consistent recruiting partners. It’s confusing.

Recruiting in Era and Now.

Right Recruiting

White PapersFor many people in HR and the executive row, the current candidate friendly market comes as a shock. Recruitment strategies that worked before do not work now. Ads that drew a modest, but acceptable candidate pool draw nothing now. For many companies, the well has dried up. Those ads that you bought bring recycled resumes. Half the respondents that you contact don’t even call you back. Two recent statistics explain why: 1.

Ads, Automation and Recruiting

Right Recruiting

Ads, Automation and Recruiting – A Right Recruiting White Paper. White PapersFor every problem there is someone who wants to sell you a solution. Every day I hear about a new recruiting advertising website. Every day I get a new email about how I can automate my process to find new candidates. At best these are marginal tools and, at worst, they are a waste of money. Let me break both down separately below.

Culture Capture Can Kill Your Company

Right Recruiting

However, the topic of this White Paper will put a twist on culture and, to some business owners and executives, may come as a warning. White PapersOne of the things that I like about my job is the broad nature of our client base.

Excerpt from the Tempworks White Paper on Social Media and VMS

Staffing Talk

In my white paper How Social Media and VMS Will Affect the Coming Talent Wars, I examine the most important changes taking place and how recruiting organizations can best take advantage of them. Social media and VMS are rapidly impacting recruitment processes worldwide. Although many are fretting the current recession, even a modest recovery will trigger an unprecedented talent war that only the strongest organizations will survive. Will yours be among them?

A Modest Discussion of Over Qualified Candidates – Danger Ahead

Right Recruiting

In this White Paper, I will try to lay out my concerns in a logical way. White PapersAn overqualified candidate is someone whose career has taken them beyond the open position. It is often something they have done earlier in their career before moving on to bigger things. There are two perspectives on the overqualified candidate. The first is from the candidate side and the second, of course, from the client side.

A Modest Discussion of 4 Corporate Recruitment Models

Right Recruiting

In this White Paper, we will give you 4 recruitment models to consider for your firm along with pros and cons for each. White PapersRight Recruiting is unique in two ways. Our clients include multi-billion dollar companies and small, 20 person businesses. On top of that, we have 4 decades of recruitment experience, starting from the days when resumes were mailed with a real stamp. If we haven’t seen it all, we’ve seen most of it.

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Testing and Employment – How a Good Idea Goes Bad

Right Recruiting

Let me start this White Paper with an admission. So, the purpose of this White Paper is to do two things. Tests can take over your process, as we will see in the second part of this White Paper which is a description of a good idea gone bad – The Frankenstein Test Monster. White PapersI have never been a huge fan of personality profiles and testing in general.

Some Modest Suggestions on Writing and Reading Resumes

Right Recruiting

Like most good stories, the idea behind this White Paper began in a bar. There are tools to help you visualize the person behind the paper. Hopefully, as a manager or executive tasked with making sense of a resume for a key role, the info here can help you see the person and not just the paper. Jeff – White PapersWRITING A RESUME. I have always liked to read obituaries. I know that sounds odd, and of course I don’t mean it in a macabre way.

Upgrade your Employment Process to Grow Your Company

Right Recruiting

That is what we will explore in this White Paper. As we’ve said before in other White Papers, vacation is the cheapest thing you can give. White PapersRight Recruiting excels in finding professional and executive talent for small and mid-sized firms, nationally. As the market has tightened, we’ve developed new tools and processes that help us find people that others can’t. I know that sounds like braggadocio, but facts are facts.

Recruitment Trouble? Here is Why and Here is a Solution.

Right Recruiting

The intention of this White Paper is to help you and your firm make better strategic recruitment decisions based upon today’s market. White PapersThe one, and possibly only, advantage of getting older is that you realize that déjà vu is a real thing. Most things that appear to be new are really older things wearing a new suit.

Multi-level Competencies: Building a Foundation for Strategic HR


Competency Management White Papers Best PracticesToday, virtually every organization with more than 300 people uses some form of competency-based human resource management. Why have competencies emerged as the gold standard for talent management? Download. The post Multi-level Competencies: Building a Foundation for Strategic HR appeared first on TalentGuard.

Leadership Redefined: A Competency-based Guide to Transformational Leadership


In the white paper, Leadership Redefined: A Competency-based Guide to Transformational Leadership, we explore these challenges. Competency Management White Papers Best PracticesThe way we look at leadership has changed dramatically over the years.

ATS 40

Leading Change: How to Develop Transformational Leaders Using Competencies


Competency Management White Papers Best PracticesWhat makes a good leader? The answer to that question is different today than it was a hundred years ago—or even twenty. The world changes and the qualities of those who lead it successfully must change, too. Explore how progressive companies are Leading Change: How to Develop Transformational Leaders Using Competencies. Download.

The 2013 Candidate Experience Awards Results: Our Perspective

Recruiting Toolbox

Blog Candidate Experience Employment Brand Recruiting Toolbox Team white paper By Ben Gotkin. For over 3 years now, the Talent Board has brought considerable attention to the Candidate Experience and its impact on an organization’s recruiting success.

Best Practices for Implementing Competencies


Competency Management White Papers Best PracticesThis guide provides guidance for developing policy, processes and tools to support the full and effective implementation of competency-based management across the complete talent management lifecycle, including: Recruitment and Selection, Learning and Development, Performance Management, Career Development and Succession Management, and Strategic Human Resource Planning.