Look Back To The Year of 2004 To Understand The Future Of LinkedIn

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LinkedIn has been the “talk of the town” this past week after the Microsoft-LinkedIn acquisition deal closed. Our sourcing community buzzed with tons of predictions and hints about the future of LinkedIn. We care about it because we rely on LinkedIn so much in our daily work and life.

5 Ways Facebook Builds Success Through Company Culture

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Facebook famously began in a Harvard dorm room in 2004. Now, the company is a publicly traded social and advertising behemoth that recently notched its two billionth user worldwide.

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Watch Videos: 2Cloud9 sponsors RCSA Acumen Series, hosted by Greg Savage


He was made an honorory life member of RCSA in 2004. According to Greg Savage, 2015 will be the golden year of recruiting. But only for the recruiters that can keep up with the times. One of the best ways to learn about the tools you need is to attend seminars by Greg Savage. Savage hosted the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association Acumen Speakers series and he spoke in multiple cities throughout New Zealand and Australia in February and early March.

Time on the Clock: Understanding New Overtime Rules


Concerned because overtime standards had not been updated since 2004, the administration adjusted threshold salary levels that form the basis for payment of overtime. In May, the Obama Administration announced a long-expected update to federal overtime regulations.

Use These 2 Google Tools To Recruit Smarter

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The popularity gap between Deloitte and EY has closed significantly since 2004, whereas all companies except EY have been on a general downward trend since 2004.

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Shock As Gen X’er Is Exposed As A Millennial!

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Like it’s 2004 or something. — Nothing irks more than a gross generalisation, yet people are always doing it. Being an Aussie in London, I am forever being told, “Oh you Aussies are… ” something or other. Really? I’m just the same as all 23.8 million Australians?

Turn-Around Phrases That Work

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Copyright © 2004 Scott Love. Today’s guest blogger is Scott Love, a performance coach for recruiters. He shortens the learning curve for rookies and helps experienced recruiters finally reach their full potential.

Location Matters: Top 5 Reasons to Outsource to the Philippines


In fact, the country has tripled its global market share of BPO business since 2004, from 4% to 12.3%., As early as 10 years ago, the Philippines was not the country you would think of when hearing the word outsourcing. Fast-forward to today and the Philippines has become the place to be when it comes to offshore, outsourcing services. and it’s expected to grow even more in the next decade.

How Employment Legislation Affects Recruitment

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Gangmasters (Licensing) Act (2004) – Regulates the agencies that place vulnerable workers in agricultural work, the shellfish collecting and packing industries. . There are 11 main employment laws and legislations which can directly affect the recruitment process.

7 Twitter Accounts Every Recruiter Should Start Following in 2017

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Since 2004, Bryan has watched as the digital landscape has evolved rapidly and social media and mobile have taken over from more traditional marketing methods. Start your 2017 the right way by following some great people on Twitter and adding their knowledge to your daily feed.

4 Workplace Policies That Attract Top Tech Industry Talent


That is why the company stopped tracking vacation days in 2004. A 2013 report by Australian professional services firm Deloitte revealed several trends that are forcing HR managers and recruiters to take notice.

How Healthy Is Your Workplace?

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Arnold Group Australia has been a member of NPAworldwide since 2004. Our guest blogger is Glenn Arnold of Arnold Group Australia in Melbourne, Australia.

Manufacturing Shows Fastest Improvement In Four Years

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since 2004. You may not have yet shaken off the winter doldrums, but it appears as if the American manufacturing industry has. The latest Purchasing Managers’ Index shows a sharp rebound in output and new order growth, and points to the “fastest overall improvement in U.S.

The world’s most enduring personality test is a meaningless parlor game


Recently, Annie Murphy Paul, returned to the subject of her 2004 book in a post titled: “ I Tried To Kill Personality Tests. If you work for a large organization you’re probably already aware that yours is one of 16 distinct personality types.

The Top 5 Reasons You Should be Using Assessments Today


Katherine began a career in marketing in 2004 and has worked in the human capital management industry since 2011. When you’r e hiring new employees to be your next generation of rockstars, talent assessments can be your most valuable tool in predicting success.

Counteroffers: Just When You Thought You Were Ready to Leave

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Arnold Group Australia has been a member of NPAworldwide since 2004. Our guest blogger is Tanya Sobti of Arnold Group Australia in Melbourne, Australia.

The Animal Employees You Wish You Were Responsible for Hiring!

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In 2004, Asuka, the chimp shown here, dazzled the art scene of Japan with her abstract pieces. In 2004, Asuka, the chimp shown here, dazzled the art scene of Japan with her abstract pieces.

Traffic, Transparency & Talent Technology: The Future of Online Recruiting

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In 2004, Monster (8.6%), CareerBuilder (8.1%) and HotJobs (6.1%) were responsible for approximately 22% of all external hires , according to that year’s Career XRoads Source of Hire Report.

OFCCP Compliance is So 2016

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In short, I lumped all of these together because I think the OFCCP will be evaluating (just as it did in 2004) the hiring processes and technology used by the modern employer. In the world of employment and HR technology, OFCCP and EEO compliance is, arguably, not sexy.

Centrify is Having Fun Stopping the Bad Guys

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Centrify was founded in 2004 to address a growing problem — securing organizations against the ever increasing number of cyber threats. When Centrify was notified that we were chosen by our employees to be on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work in SMB this year, we could not have been happier.

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Feeling Average? 4 Ways to Differentiate Your Recruiting Strategy


If your career site looks and feels like it’s straight out of 2004, not only are you losing candidates today, but you are inadvertently scaring off future candidates, too. What does the word average mean?

Staffing Success Story: Stressing Placements Over Profits

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Those owners started The Waters Organization in 2004, and Monaghan and a business partner purchased it in 2009.

Embracing Technology, Working Smarter: Recruiting Then vs. Now


It must seem like an eternity ago to some of my co-workers, but I started in recruitment back in 2004. A day in the life – 2004. Compare the above to my days in 2004, and I am sure you will agree this is what “working smart” should look like. I was a raw (and young) graduate with bags full of passion and determination to succeed. Believe it or not, we still did use computers back in that faraway era, but of course so much else has changed.

How to Recover from a Bad Interview


In 2004, Sonja Hastings founded Optimal Sales Search , an executive sales recruiting agency. We’ve all had one of those days. You accidentally set your alarm for pm instead of am, so you wake up late.

How I Was Wrong About Obamacare

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The result on us at TempWorks is, first, that we are seeing the fastest uptick in both customer revenue numbers and demand for our services since 2004. OK, I got it wrong, and I have my staffing customer friends to thank for setting me straight.

Head of Hiring at Time Inc. Takes Down Frustrating Millennial Myths

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Millennials (born between 1982 and 2004) have been in the workforce for more than a decade. And yet, recruiters are still struggling with how to reach this key demographic group.

Acquisition or Merger: The Benefit of Staying Single


That was 2004, and we never looked back. The Benefit of Staying Single in a time of M&A. With the completion of the Verizon acquisition of Yahoo, another telecomm just got bigger. – and then there is Amazon and Whole Foods. Merger or acquisition is the growth strategy of choice these days, enabling enterprises to double-down on supply side and customer efficiencies. However, while larger is better for some companies, independence and agility better serves others.

Suds, Staffing and Life: How do you Handle Trends?


In 2004 Metallica released the documentary Some Kind of Monster, which followed them as they recorded their St. Anger album.

The One Movie Line That Will Change Your Approach to Finding and Keeping Talent

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This true story, of course, was told in the 2004 movie “Miracle”. This blog post first appeared in EmployerBrandingAEG.com. It was the end-of-season talent show at the Kellerman’s resort. Johnny Castle (played by Patrick Swayze), the resort’s dance instructor and Frances “Baby” Houseman’s crush (played by Jennifer Grey), recently got fired by the resort for having a relationship with Baby.

Blind Recruitment: Remove Bias From Your Hiring Process


2000 to 2004) or when they graduated from college. In a perfect world, people would get hired based strictly on their work experience and the skills they bring to the table. However, that’s unfortunately not the reality.

Summer’s Hottest Cities for Hiring

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November 18, 2004. [7] While Glassdoor is often known for its company reviews and employer opportunities, it’s increasingly a place where people turn to find open jobs. In fact, Glassdoor is now the fastest growing jobs site in the U.S., [1]

The Hottest Jobs In Healthcare Staffing Are…

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Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics: Employment Outlook 2010 – 2010, 2008 – 2018, 2006 – 2016, 2004 – 2014, Employment Outlook, 2002 – 2012, and 2000 – 2010; Employment and Output by Industry, Table 2.7; As I am sure you know, the ‘Nurse Staffing’ business has been in decline as a result of the economic downturn. That said, it is also true that certain areas of the “Allied Health Staffing” business are still doing extremely well.

Staffing News of the Day, July 3, 2014

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Temp jobs far outpace full time positions in British Columbia, growing 30 percent every year between 2004 & 2013 [Vancouver]. Economists celebrate and use words like “kaboom! after BLS reports unemployment rate for June was 6.1 percent [NY Times, Business Insider].

How San Francisco's Favorite Grocery Developed a Hiring Strategy to Support Its Growth and Culture

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Sam and his brother, Raph, with business partner Calvin Tsay , started developing the Bi-Rite culture in 2004, right as they were on the cusp of significant growth. In 2003, Sam Mogannam , Founder of Bi-Rite , almost lost one of his most impactful hires. “

Obama’s DOL Overtime Rule Explained

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One regulation that many critics view as a loophole allowing employers to avoid paying overtime is the executive, administrative and professional exemption ( duties test ) introduced by the Bush administration in 2004. Overtime Rules: What You Need to Know About the New Rules.

The Rise and Fall of LinkedIn: A Recruiting Requiem.

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Back when they first launched in 2004, LinkedIn was the right product at the right time, a perfect storm of SaaS, social, social and search which filled a huge gap in the existing technology available to talent practitioners – demand which the product almost perfectly met.

Interviewing Candidates? You Need To Watch Out For These Things

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It’s safe to say the hiring process that worked for your company in 2004 is probably not going to remain effective today, and yet many hiring managers fail to modernize their approach as often as they should.